X360 Cheats

XBox 360 – Dead Space Cheats

Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by pausing the game and entering the corresponding codes. Note: Some codes can only be enabled once per game: CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODERefill Stasis and Kinesis energy – X, Y(2), X, Y.Refill oxygen – X(2), Y(3). 2 Nodes – Y, X(3), Y. 5 Nodes – Y, X, Y, X(2), Y, X(2), Y, X(2), Y. 1,000 credits – X(3), Y, X. 2,000 credits – X(3), Y(2). 5,000 credits – X(3), Y, X, Y. 10,000 credits – X, Y(3), X(2), Y.Completion bonuses:Unlock the following bonuses by completing the game on the corresponding difficulties:BONUS – HOW TO UNLOCKBackstory Logs – Complete the game.Impossible Difficulty Setting – Complete the game on medium difficulty.Military Suit – Complete the game on medium difficulty.10 power nodes – Complete the game on any difficulty level.50,000 credits – Complete the game on any difficulty level.New game :To unlock New Game , beat the game. Save and load your cleared save data. You

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