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XBox 360 – EA Sports MMA Cheats

Hidden announced names:
Enter any of the following names for a created character to hear it announced during a match.Almeida Alves Davis Filipovic Gomi Gonzaga Guida Hardy Mir Penn Sanders Sokoudjou Soto Swick Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKNarcissist (20 points) – Create a fighter using Photo Game Face. Weapons of Destruction Champion (15 points) – Become a Weapons of Destruction Champion in Career Mode. Renegade Fighting League Champ (15 points) – Become a Renegade Fighting League Champion in Career Mode. You Are On Your Way Kid (25 points) – Sign with a middle tier league in Career Mode. Liga de Combate Champion (15 points) – Become a Liga de Combate Champion in Career Mode. United Fighters League Champion (15 points) – Become a United Fighters League Champion in Career Mode. Big Timer (20 points) – Sign with a premiere league in Career Mode. Strikeforce Champion (50 points) – Become a Strikeforce Champion in Career Mode. Mystic Champion (50 points) – Become a Mystic Champion in Career Mode. Passport (25 points) – Travel to every gym in Career Mode. So We Meet Again… (15 points) – Win a Rematch fight in Career Mode. Bitter Until The End (15 points) – Win a Rivalry fight in Career Mode. I Feel Enlightened! (15 points) – Earn 5 Special Moves in Career Mode. Complete Fighter (25 points) – Max out your Fighter

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