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XBox 360 – F.E.A.R. Cheats

Unlock all levels:To unlock all levels, input “F3ARDAY1″ as your profile name. Note: Trophies will become disabled.Infinite dual-handgun ammo:To
get infinite ammo for the dual-handguns, equip the dual-handguns with
at least one bullet when you have all weapons slots full. Locate a
weapon that is not in your inventory on the ground(not on top of
anything). Hold Square to trade the dual-handguns for the weapon, then
switch back one handgun and grab the other. The number of bullets you
previously had for the dual-handguns will double.Incorrect spelling:”Strong Language” is spelled incorrectly when the ESRB rating is displayed at the outset of the game.
Saving Medkits:Make a mark of some sort to lead you
back on some Medkits that you could not carry before. If you so happen
to run out of your own because of a big fight you can find them again.
This is useful in Interval 11 with the armies of ghosts coming after
you. Just make sure that you are able to backtrack to get the Medkits
you left behind.Use your Medkits at the correct time. Do not use
Medkits immediately when you have about 70 to 80 health remaining. Try
using a Medkit when your health drops below 30. One Medkit can heal up
to about 30 to 45 points. If your health happens to drop below 40 and
you are in a 1v1 or 2v1 fight, do not bother using a Medkit unless you
really need to. Just run to cover while using your slow-mo abilities.
Your health will regenerate slowly back to 40 if it drops below that,
however you must be out of the firefight to regenerate your health.Saving ammunition and time:If
there are no enemies or music playing, holster your weapon. You save
ammunition and can move faster to get through quicker. This also helps
you outrun paranormal activity or get through it faster.Extra ammunition:When
you find some ammunition, drop the corresponding weapon. Collect the
ammunition, then pick up the weapon again. You will gain more ammunition
than if you had only collected the ammunition by itself.Defeating Assassin Super Soldiers:Because
the assassins are difficult to see due to their camouflage and high
speed running, try using slow-motion with L2. You will notice them
immediately once they are slowed. After that, let all of your rounds
into them.If you do not have slow-motion (for example, in the
bonus mission when playing as the demolition man), you must have a quick
finger and a good eye to notice them running around. There are two ways
to do this. The first is to toss a grenade to reveal the assassin for a
certain amount of time. Hopefully the splash radius will either hit him
or kill him. Note: The grenade has a two to four second delay before
exploding, and correct timing is required. The second way is to wait
until the assassin approaches directly in front of you. When he reveals
himself, start firing at him.How to defeat Heavy Armor:Wait
for slow motion to get up to full and make sure you have a shotgun.
When ready, activate slow motion and fire as many rounds into the armor
as possible. During this, it is also a good idea to circle around it to
throw off its fire. This tactic is not useful if slow motion is off. The
Particle weapon, Repeating cannon, and Rocket Launcher also does a
great deal of damage against them.If done correctly, Slide Kicks will kill a Heavy Armor in one hit.Use
the semi-auto rifle or plasma rifle. Zoom in and shoot it in the head,
then in the upper legs where there is no armor. The Heavy Armor solider
will double up each time and stop shooting. Repeat your shots from head
to upper legs until it is dead.How to defeat Nightmares:Pistols
can easily defeat nightmares. They can take them out in one shot,
compared to other weapons that require multiple shots (except heavy
weapons). This is also very useful, due to the fact that certain times
when Alma and Fettel take you to hell, you will lose all weapons and get
a pistol.Defeating Stealth Soldiers:Holster your weapon when they appear and use slow motion. Use a round house, slide, or bicycle kick when they are close.Use
the following trick in Interval 8, Mission 2 during a Stealth Soldier
attack. When you enter the warehouse, kill the first one that is in
front of you and allow the second one to hit you. Watch it go away and
keep an eye on it. It will come back and will jump across the ravine in
order to reach you. When it does jump, use slow motion and a round house
kick.Corner yourself so the Stealth Soldiers cannot sneak up
behind you. A wall will work, but a corner is recommended so you have a
better view.A shotgun will work nicely against any Stealth Soldier.How to defeat groups:Use the following tactics to defeat groups:Rush the enemy and take out as much enemy troops as possible, then hide.If the group has a Heavy Armor, take out the guards first then attack the armor.If
you are in a tight spot and enemies are approaching in front of you,
using slow motion and Drop Kick works nicely. Most of the time this will
kill enemy troops with one hit.If there is a lot in a group, use grenades. How to defeat enemy groups without being spotted:If
the an enemy does not know you are there, holster your weapon and melee
the guards. If you are lucky, the fallen guard will make little noise,
and they will not look at you when you do it. You can dispose of the
most of the guards without firing a shot.Interval 01: Alma crying:Before
the first apparition of Charles

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