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XBox 360 – Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Cheats

Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at the specified screen: Mission select – At the mission selection screen, while holding LT RT Back, slowly press Y, RB, Y, RB, X.Scott Mitchell invincible – Pause the game, then while holding LT RT Back, slowly press Y(2), X, RB, X, LB.Team invincible – Pause the game, then while holding LT RT Back, slowly press X(2), Y, RB, Y, LB.100% health – Pause the game, then while holding LT RT Back, slowly press LB(2), RB, X, RB, Y.Infinite ammunition – Pause the game, then while holding LT RT Back, slowly press RB(2), LB, X, LB, Y.Unlockable weapons:To unlock the Falcon weapon, destroy 100 helicopters in Multiplayer mode.To unlock the Sniper Rifle, get 500 head shots in Multiplayer mode.Warfighter difficulty:To unlock Warfighter difficulty, beat the game. Belly slide:To perform a slide on your stomach, while running click and hold the Left Analog-stick.Extra ammo:If you are running low on ammo, anytime you see a firearm laying on the ground walk over top of it. You will pick up the clip. The other Ghosts will also do this instantly if they walk over a firearm that is the same as what they are equipped with. Sluggish controls:If you are carrying a big automatic weapon, the controls will feel sluggish because of the weight of the gun. However, if you switch to a hand held gun, the controls are more responsive.Walls and barriers hint:You cannot hide behind walls or barriers in first person view unless you plan on staying at that location for some time. Unlike third person view where you can just tap Y to isntantly hide, you must hold Y in first person view to hide. Press Up to look over a barrier or to open fire. Press Left or Right (depending on how you are positioned) to look out.Battle hints:Use the following actions during battles:Rapidly press A to reload your weapon.Quickly press B to switch to your alternate weapon(s).Quickly press Y to lean up against a wall or some sort of cover in third person view.If you are running and are suddenly fired upon, click the Left Analog-stick to lie flat.Click Right Analog-stick to zoom in with a sniper or rifle. This will not work with large automatic machine guns.Xbox Live music help:Keep the music on because the tempo picks up when you are approaching the enemy and slows back down when you are at a safe distance.Fly on “GRAW”:Go by the final seen spot of the V.I.P. Dive out in front of the car and switch to assault, then call the team to regroup and go forward while lying down. You will fly a few inches above the ground. Invisible rocket launcher on “Assault On Norad”:After killing Carlos Ontiveros, run towards where his body fell off the roof. Pick up his rocket launcher. You will not be able to see it, but still see your character holding it. The rocket launcher will still fire rockets.Ghost rocket launcher on “Bulldog”:On the “Bulldog” level, after completing the first part and you are able to choose your group, select the antitank gunner. When you get the chance, kill him. Do not try to revive him and wait for him to die completely. Once he is dead, his rocket launcher will disappear but you can still pick it up. You will not see anything in your hands and you can still fire the weapon. The rockets will come from wherever you killed the antitank gunner.Get on roof on “Treasury”:In the “Treasury level, it is possible to get up on the roof of the treasury. Have your pistol or grenade equipped in order to run faster, then run directly at the back door and dive into it. Do this by running and rapidly clicking the Right Analog-stick. Do this so your head hits the door and you “teleport” to the roof. This also works on the level with the wall. You can “teleport” up into the rooms on the ends of the wall. Note: This may require some practice and should work with any building with an overhanging ledge that you can dive under.Achievements:Complete the training mission (25 points) – Beat the training mission.Heavyweight in multiplayer (24 points) – Get a total of 10,000 kills in multiplayer.Deadly in multiplayer (20 points) – Get 4 kills in 4 seconds or less in multiplayer.Unyielding in multiplayer (32 points) – Get 30 kills before being killed in multiplayer.Falcon in multiplayer (16 points) – Shoot down 100 helicopters in multiplayer.Sniper in multiplayer (36 points) – Get a career total of 500 head shots in multiplayer.Committed in multiplayer (28 points) – Play for 8 hours straight in multiplayer.Master of Ceremonies (24 points) – Host at least 1000 matches.Coop 1-1 (8 points) – Win missions in the cooperative campaign.Coop 1-2 – Win missions in the cooperative campaign.Coop 1-3 (8 points) – Win missions in the cooperative campaign.Coop 1-4 (8 points) – Win missions in the cooperative campaign.World Champion in multiplayer (40 points) – Climb to the top of the universal leaderboard.Solo champion in multiplayer (32 points) – Climb to the top of the solo leaderboard.Team champion in multiplayer (32 points) – Climb to the top of the team leaderboard.Reach Ramirez under normal (25 points) – Reach Captain Ramirez

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