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XBox 360 – Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole Cheats

Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKA Bird in the Hand (5 points) – Upgrade your owl with any Battleset. Victory! (5 points) – Defeat an enemy in a mission. Feeling Shattered (5 points) – Break an enemy?s armor. Top Speed (5 points) – Reach maximum speed in a mission. That Was Close! (10 points) – Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission. Do a Barrel Roll! (5 points) – Do a barrel roll in a mission. Team Attack (10 points) – Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble. Upgrade your Flight (5 points) – Unlock a new combat attack. Make some Noise (5 points) – Hoot 108 times. Tyto is Righto (10 points) – Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions. Kuneer or Kufaar (10 points) – Complete the Desert of Kuneer Missions. Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen (10 points) – Complete the Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions. Owls of Derisive Laughter (10 points) – Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less. O Rly? (5 points) – Replay a mission. That

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