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XBox 360 – Mirror’s Edge Cheats

Unlockable time trials:Unlock the following time trial stages by completing the corresponding tasks:TIME TRIAL STAGE – HOW TO UNLOCKArland – Complete chapter 1 in story mode.Atrium 1 – Beat a qualifying time on convoy 2.Atrium 2 – Beat a qualifying time on atrium 1.Burfield – Beat a qualifying time on heat.Chase – Complete chapter 2 in story mode.Convoy 1 – Complete chapter eight in story mode.Convoy 2 – Beat a qualifying time on convoy 1.Cranes 1 – Beat a qualifying time on burfield.Cranes 2 – Complete chapter 4 in story mode.Edge – Complete the prologue in story mode.Factory – Complete chapter 6 in story mode.Flight – Beat a qualifying time on arland.Heat – Complete chapter 3 in story mode.New Eden – Complete chapter 5 in story mode.Office – Complete chapter 7 in story mode.Playground 1 – Complete “training area” in story mode.Playground 2 – Beat a qualifying time on playground 1.Playground 3 – Beat a qualifying time on playground 2.Shard 1 – Complete Chapter 9 in story mode.Shard 2 – Beat a qualifying time on shard 1.Stormdrains 1 – Beat a qualifying time on chase.Stormdrains 2 – Beat a qualifying time on stormdrain 1.Stormdrains 3 – Beat a qualifying time on stormdrain 2.Hard mode:To unlock Hard difficulty, complete Story mode.Speed Run mode:To
unlock Speed Run mode, successfully complete Story mode. In Speed Run
mode, each level will have a target time in which to complete.Walk in mid-air glitch:Wall
Walk where there is an object of any width sticking out of a wall. You
can walk on it and remain in the air then continue climb almost any
building or structure. Bag locations:Each level has three hidden bags. Find them in the following locations:Prologue – The EdgeCheckpoint
B. Immediately after entering the building and climb up onto the vent
you will find the bag (required for level completion).Checkpoint B.
Drop down and survive the guard ambush. Run up the red stairs and go
through the first red door. Turn left and run to the end. Climb on the
storage shelving to find a bag on top.Checkpoint C. After you are
ambushed and run across the rooftops while you will reach an area with
two guards. Fight them, then go to the blue stairs and walkways. Go
underneath them to find a bag hidden between the vents. Chapter 1: FlightCheckpoint
A. When the mission starts, jump over to the first building. Jump over
the electric fence. There is a building with a locked service entrance
and satellite dish on top. Climb up on the building and go to the dish. A
bag is hidden between two vents.Checkpoint C. While chased and shot
by the helicopter you will see an orange and white building to your
right. Run around that building and jump down onto the rooftop that
follows (before jumping on the blue stairs). A bag is behind an air vent
on this roof.Checkpoint E. While running through the Centurian
plaza there is an open area that leads to train tracks. Go under the
steps to the tracks then turn left in the shadows. Climb over a fence to
reach a bag. Chapter 2: JacknifeCheckpoint A.
Go to the aqueduct when the level starts. While chased by the
helicopter look for the Mirror

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