XBox 360 – Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian Cheats

Trilobite puzzle:To start the Trilobite puzzle, get the Animal Ignot in the “Natural History Museum” level. Search the circular middle room with the “tree” object in the middle until you find a picture with trilobites on the wall. Shine your flashlight at it with the Animal power selected to start the puzzle.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBeen There, Done That (100 points) – Get all Awards in the Awards Room.Flashback (20 points) – Complete Tablet Tutorial at New York Museum of Natural History.A New Threat (20 points) – Escape Federal Archives.Monkeyshines (30 points) – Complete National Air and Space Museum – Able Chase.Fine Art (30 points) – Complete Washington Art Museum.Natural Wonder (30 points) – Complete National Museum of Natural History.Final Frontier (30 points) – Complete National Air and Space Museum – Hangar.City Pass (40 points) – Explore All Museums.Morning Comes (50 points) – Save the World.In Orbit (10 points) – Free Able from her Restraints.With a Monkey Chaser (10 points) – Navigate the Vending Machine.Fossil Fuel (10 points) – Complete the Trilobite Puzzle in the National Museum of Natural History.Anubee (10 points) – Complete Anubis Columns Puzzle.Crown Jewels (10 points) – Return the Hope Diamond.Lady Lindy (10 points) – Restore Power to Amelia Earhart

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