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XBox 360 – Overlord 2 Cheats

Infinite gold:To collect unlimited amounts of gold, after defeating the Spider Boss in Everlight Temple use the elevator to get out. Unlock the Netherworld Gate to this zone, then return and open the secret room upstairs using the Overlord switch. There are treasure chests inside this room that will give you around 1000 gold every time you visit. Warp to another gate to reset the map, then return to collect it again. Repeat as desired.Easy magic crystals:To get easy magic crystals on the “Repair the Tower Heart” quest, after collecting the tower heart sharts and returning to Faye, go to the last sanctuary in the Wasteland. In the room with the heart that is wedged in a gnome hole, position ten brown minions at the bottleneck near the Netherworld portal and 5 red minions behind them, then move the heart. Gnomes will start coming out of the hole and attack you, but will run into your minions. Collect all the crystals they drop.Easy dominance:In order to dominate a town, you must enslave at least 50% of the town. Enslave 60 villages and kill the rest for easy dominance.Free items:After the Assault on Empire city, return to find high grade armor and weapons, and 2,000 gold.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKRescuer of Kelda (15 points) – Rescue Kelda from Nordberg.Tyrant of Nordberg (25 points) – Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.Industrious Magic (10 points) – Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell.Big Chopper (10 points) – Achieve 50 melee kills.Red Rescuer (10 points) – Find the Red Minions.Green Grabber (10 points) – Find the Green Minions.Blue Bringer (10 points) – Find the Blue Minions.The Dominator (40 points) – Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating.The Destructor (40 points) – Achieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating.Scrooge (20 points) – Collect 50,000 gold.Juno

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