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XBox 360 – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats

Human Smoke:To play as Human Smoke, before the start of a round, have player one hold Left HP HK Block Run and have player two hold Right HP HK Block Run.Hidden characters:To unlock the following characters, in Arcade mode, intentionally lose your first match. When the timer reaches zero, a screen will appear where you can enter codes. Enter the corresponding codes within 10 seconds.CHARACTER – CODEClassic Sub-Zero – Press Y(8), A, RB(8), B(3), X(5) on controller one, then Y(8), A, RB(8), B(3), X(5) on controller two.Ermac – Press Y, A(2), RB(3), B(4), X(4) on controller one, then Y(4), A(4), RB(3), B(2), X on controller two.Milena – Press Y(2), A(2), RB(2), B(6), X(4) on controller one, then Y(2), A(2), RB(2), B(6), X(4) on controller two.Note: To save the hidden characters, go to the character selection screen. Pause and exit the game. When you start the game again, enter Arcade mode to load the unlocked characters. Wait until the character selection appears and then exit. You will be able to play with these characters online.”Crispy!” comment:To hear Dan Forden say “Crispy!”, hold both HP buttons. To hear Shao Kahn say “Crispy!”, hold both Run buttons.Random character select:To randomly select a character, at the “Select Your Fighter” screen, press UP A.Kombat Kodes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes before a battle begins. Player 1 and Player 2 will both have to press A, RB, and B a certain number of times. The first three numbers in code should be entered by Player 1. The second three numbers in the code should be entered by Player 2. Each number indicates how many times the corresponding button should be pressed by the specified player. For example, to activate “Fast Uppercut Recovery” which is labeled below as “788-322”, have Player 1 press A seven times, RB eight times, and B eight times. Have Player 2 press A three times, RB two times, and B two times.First number – Player one ASecond number – Player one RBThird number – Player one BFourth number – Player two AFifth number – Player two RBSixth number – Player two BCHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEInfinite Run – 466-4661/4 Energy Player 1 – 707-0001/4 Energy Player 2 – 000-7071/2 Energy Player 1 – 033-0001/2 Energy Player 2 – 000-033Fast Uppercut Recovery – 788-322Blocking Disabled – 020-020Throwing Disabled – 100-100Randper Kombat – 444-444Dark Fighting – 688-422Invisible Energy Bar – 987-123Psycho Kombat – 985-125Silent Kombat – 300-300Sans Power (UNIKORIV REFERRI) – 055-550Explosive Kombat 4 Player 2 on 2 Kombat – 227-227Explosive Kombat with throwing disabled 4 Player 2 on 2 Kombat – 022-220Galaga – 642-468Winner of round one fights Shao Kahn – 033-564Winner of round one fights Motaro – 969-141Winner of round one fights Human Smoke – 205-205Winner of round one fights Noob Saibot – 769-342The Pit 3 Kombat Zone – 820-028Shao Kahn

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