XBOX Cheats

XBox – MX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael Cheats

All the moves:
(right trigger and button command)
indian air-a
seatgrab-a a
superman indian-a a a
superfly-a a y
mulisha air-a x
rocket air-a b
cat nac-a b b
hart attack-a y
helicopter-a y y
nac nac-x
can can-x x
disco can-x x x
switchblade-x a
pendulum-x b
catwalk-x y
surfer-x y y
heel clicker-y
bar hopy y
McMetz-y y y
rodeo air-y a
saran wrap-y x
coffin-y b
no hander-b
kiss of death-b b
lazy boy-b a
nothing-b x
cliff hanger-b y
cordova-b y y

Jacuzzi Tub:
When you have unlocked the freestyle course Vulture Gulch Canyon you can see a chick in a jacuzzi like tub. To see her follow the dry river bed into the cave and go to the very back of the cave. when you are at the end of the cave get as much speed as you can and jump the jump at the right with the rock built into it and you will see a woman at the top of the rock in a jacuzzi tub

Sharp Turn:
To sharp turn or powerslide press in your analog until it clicks, hold it in while you turn. If you do this right your riders foot will stick out and you will powerslide through the corner.

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