Unlock the following COs by beating the corresponding missions:

Caulder – Mission 26
Forthsythe – Mission 14
Gage – Mission 13
Greyfield – Mission 21
Penny – Mission 24
Tabitha – Mission 25
Tasha – Mission 12
Waylon – Mission 20

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Gun – Get five medals for Talon Gun/Nest/Meteors destroyed.
Cleared – Win on 150 maps.
Maps Played – Play on 150 maps.
Multiplayer – Get four medals in multiplayer/Wi-Fi categories.
S Rank – Earn fifty “S” ranks in Campaign mode.
Tank – Produce 200 or more ground units of every type.
Time – Accrue 50 hours of game play.
Units Destroyed – Get 50 medals for units destroyed.
Units Production – Get 50 medals for units produced.

Battle animations speed:
To slow down the battle animation, hold L R. To speed up the battle animation, hold R.

Fog Of War mode strategy:
Capture any cites, airports, and anything else that gives you money. Then, create as many rockets, artillery, and anti-tank units as possible. Move them into the woods, ruins, or anything else that will give you cover. When the enemy approaches, rain fire down on them.