Cheat Codes:
While playing the game, press [Backspace] to enter message mode, then type “!when all else fails…” to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Vulcan gun – !a better tomorrow
Mines – !acme discs
Flak jacket – !aluminum foil
Armageddon – !armageddon
Sniper rifle – !beautiful nikita
End of Phoenix, etc. – !cliche ending
Healing – !doctor doctor
View FMV sequences – !fond memories
M-80 – !fourth of july
Air strike – !geronimo!
Explosives – !gnomish?inventions
Sniper rifle – !god of?gamblers
Lose mission – !i give up
Grenades – !i have a rock
Flight mode – !jumpjets
Gray disguise – !metal sheeting
Enable additional fog of war – !moleman
Bodies not scattered or melted become zombies – !night of the walking dead
Stealth?mode – !ninja arts
Bazooka – !no rocket launcher
Paratroopers – !paper dolls
Highlighted men promoted to five stars – !patton’s speach
Flaming Sarge – !phoenix!
Mine sweeper – !pooper scooper
Aerosol spray – !roach spray
Medical kit – !rubber cement
Magnifying glass – !ruby ray
Invincibility – !santini
Disguise – !shrink wrap
Disguise – !smorfs
Full?map – !spidey senses tingling
Commit suicide – !suicide kings
Overwhelmed by enemies – !surprise party
New background sound – !techno
“Go Bruins” message – !ucla
Win mission – !veni vidi vinci
Flame thrower – !village people
Mini-map objects blink faster – !warp 6
Reconnaissance flights – !watchtower in the sky