Snake in “Amazon Forest” strategy:
Go through the maze of the snake’s body. When you get to the head, it will move. When the head moves up, go under it to grab the pendant.

Yeti in “Tibet” strategy:
Evade the rocks the yeti rolls at you. When you get to the bridge, it will throw the rocks at your head. You must roll under them. Once you get close to the yeti, he will run away and you can grab the pendant.

Crocodile in “Egypt” strategy:
Jump over all the tiles and avoid falling while the crocodile chases you. Do not let him catch you.

Venus flytrap in “Babylon” strategy:
Go through all the mini flytraps until you get to the large one. He will spit seeds at you so make sure you dodge them. Go on the side of the flytrap and go through the door.