Cheat Codes:
Type?alyenya?during game play to enable cheat mode. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: The v1.66 patch will disable the codes:

Reduce enemy units to 1 health – ALT? ?E
Clear all event flags – ALT? ?Y
First tasks in all academies complete – ALT? ?U
Toggle visibility of all units – ALT? ?I
Toggle fake times – ALT? ?J
Enable all buttons and mouse – ALT? ?F
Win current mission – ALT? ?M

Easy win hints:
-Reconnaissance is very useful. Lead a blind assault into enemy territory with medium Vulcan tanks and you will quickly learn how fragile they can be.

-Avoid attacking piecemeal. Instead, take the extra turn to make sure everything is in place before you assault serious fortifications.

-Use combined arms since artillery is useful for taking out enemy infantry before they can use rocket launchers on your vehicles. By the same token, your tanks are the best weapons against enemy tanks.