Bronze trophies
*Wheeze*…Just Getting Started – Invest in yourself…literally. [Abyss].
About Half Way – Defeat the boss at level 500 of the [Abyss].
Artwork?! Gimmie! – Unlock 50% of the items in the [Gallery].
Breaking in the New Guys – Finish Makoto’s, Valkenhayn’s, Platinum’s and Relius’s scenarios in [Story] mode.
Eye of the Tiger – Practice makes perfect in [Training]…well, sometimes.
Feels Like the First Time – Win your first team match. [Player Match].
I can’t Stop Winning – Keep wining those [Ranked Matches].
I See What You Did There – Watch what others do, and learn. [Replay Theater].
Just the Beginning – Defeat the boss at level 100 of the [Abyss].
Kaka-kaze – Beware of the kaka kittens. [Unlimited Mars]
Level 20 – Keep on leveling.
Like a Boss – Victory comes to those who keep on fighting. [Ranked Match].
Mars Needs Winnin’ – Never stop reaching for Mars.
Mastered the Basics – Complete over 50 missions in [Challenge] mode.
Mind on my Money – Just keep saving that cash.
Oh…NOW I Get It…! – Understand what happened in Calamity Trigger. [Story].
Plays Well With Others – Fight alongside your allies more than 10 times. [Player Match].
That Will Suffice – Learn everything Rachel has to teach in [Tutorial] mode.
There’s No “I” In Team – Ride your teammate’s coattails in a team elimination match.
Time to Hit the Arcades – Just finish [Arcade] mode.

Silver trophies
Getting Down to Abyss-ness – Defeat the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss].
Just Getting Used to it – Raise any character’s PSR to over 200.
Mastered the…Master? – Complete over 100 missions in [Challenge] mode.
Murakumo…AWAKEN! – Defeat the hidden boss in [Arcade] mode.
The Beginning of the End – Finish [Score Attack] mode.
To Be Continued…! – Witness the true ending in [Story] mode.

Gold trophies
Abyssmal Shopaholic – Hoard everything you possibly can from the item shop…in the [Abyss].
Gallery Guru – Unlock everything you can in the [Gallery].