Bronze trophies
Spoorer – Find 20 tracks in Story.
Detective – Spend 15 minutes total in detection mode.
Bushman – Spend one continuous minute fully covered by vegetation.
Anatomy Saved My Life – Win 10 skillshots in Story.
Paparazzi – Take 30 pictures in Story.
Archer – Hunt a bird using the Compound Bow.
Good Reflexes! – Hunt 10 Target of Opportunity animals.
Hunting The Hunters – Shoot 10 predators during a single player Arcade Shooting Gallery.
Demolition Expert – Shoot 10 exploding cans in single player Target Shooting Galleries.
True Hero – In any 1 Player Arcade Shooting Gallery make your Hunter Award reach five stars.

Silver trophies
Pump It Up – Hunt 300 birds with the Shotgun in Story
Hungry for Fame – Upload 20 pictures.
Gun Slinger – Shoot 10 trophy animals while using the Trophy Gun.
Shadow – Finish any location in Story without alerting any trophy animal.
Heartbreaker – Hunt 10 big game trophies by shooting them through the heart.
Secret Seeker – Find 7 hidden locations in Story.
Close and Personal – Shoot any big game from less than 15 yards.
Devarminator – Hunt 200 small game land animals in Story.
Skill Or Luck? – Hunt any trophy with one shot over 280 yards.
Bow Master – Hunt 15 big game trophies while using the Compound Bow.
Lucky Luke – Hunt an animal from at least 40 yards without using your scope or sights.
Adrenaline Seeker – a trophy animal while it’s alerted and running away.
King of Reflexes – Win any 1 Player Reflex Shooting Gallery hunting all animals in the correct order.
Deadeye – Win any single player Shooting Gallery while not missing a shot and scoring 20000 or more.
Let Them Fall – 100 birds in single player Shooting Galleries.
Clean! – Hunt at least 75% of male animals in any single player Arcade Shooting Gallery.

Gold trophies

Pimp My Gun – Unlock and fully upgrade all the firearms.
Hunting for Money – Earn more than $50,000 in Story
Gun Master – Finish every Story map using only the Trophy Gun and the Compound Bow.
Become a Legend – Finish Story Mode.

Platinum trophy
Platinum trophy – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.