New Game :
Complete the game and load your cleared saved game file to start a new game with your previously earned items, gear, Materia, and more.

Stat boost:

To be given a stats boost, when you meet Hojo in the laboratory, talk to him, then go to the glass pod near him and enter it. This is the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in Final Fantasy 7. After entering, Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions. Based on your answers, you will be given a stat boost by Hojo.

Easy gil:
To easily gain gil, defeat Minvera, the goddess of the planet that Genesis sees after his last defeat. She is also an optional Boss that you can fight. She is extremely difficult to defeat. She has 1,000,000 HP and can kill you with one hit if you are not careful. She is under the final “Great Cavern of Wonders” mission. You must have at least 70,000 HP because she has an attack that does damage of at least around 60,000 to 68,000 if you have Barrier and are guarding. You can steal 99 Phoenix Downs from her though. You can use these for unlimited gil and Soldier Points. Steal the Phoenix Downs, wait for her to attack (because you will die), then sell the Phoenix Downs. They are worth a lot of gil. For the Soldier Points, use the gil you got from selling them to buy Materia, then convert it to Soldier Points.

Easy SP, Materia,