Unlockable Equipment Items:
Unlock the following equipment items by performing the corresponding
tasks. Note: To get the Mark of the Brave, you must also have Takeru
(piloting Godmars) attack Rose (green haired woman) during Stage 41 at
least once, but defeating her with Takeru is not required:

Auto-Repair Machine (10% HP Regen) – During Stage 13, move Crowe (piloting Blaster) to the bottom right of the satellite tower.
Haro ( 2 Move Range, 25 Evasion, 25 Accuracy, 1 Attack Range) –
Lockon must have a kill count of 70 or higher before the end of Stage
Mark of the Brave ( 25 Evasion, 25 Accuracy, 25 Critical Chance, 200
Defense) – During both Stage 31 and Stage 41, Takeru (piloting Godmars)
must convince Marg (green haired man) and then defeat him.
Super Alloy Z ( 1200 Max HP, 250 Defense, 10% EN Regen) – During Stage
41, move Kouji (piloting Mazinger Z) to the middle of the three
buildings surrounded by forest.
Super Repair Kit (Refill all HP, EN, and Ammo once per battle.) – During
Stage 30, move Crowe (piloting Blaster) to the panel where Zenitori
(bald man) was. (13 right and 6 up from the bottom left corner of the
Yggdrasil Drive ( 150 Max EN) – Suzaku must have a kill count of 40 or higher before the end of Stage 33.