Death Decree note:
Go to Dunroot Burrow and find the slabs of stone on a hilltop. On those slabs of stone is a dead person, with a Potion of Nighteye nearby, some skeletons, and a note. The note is called “Death Decree”. Pick it up and read it. It says that a man named “Robert Wisnewski” was sentenced to death by Sheogorath. Robert Wisnewski is on the Bethesda staff list. He was sentenced to death for trying to grow a beard (you cannot have a beard except for Sheogorath in Elder Scrolls).

Duplicating Items after downloading Shivering Isles:

Perform the following steps to duplicate items:

Step 1: Go to your inventory.
Step 2: Equip any scroll that you have more than one of.
Step 3: After you equip the scrolls, press A again while still in the inventory.
Step 4: Drop the item you wish to duplicate. Note: You must have less items than scrolls in order for it to work.

You will now have the same number of items as scrolls.

Unlimited money:
After completing the main quest, talk to haskill about defending the realm. He will tell you about a settlement being attacked by some creatures. Choose to take care of it yourself. Defeat all of the creatures and you will receive message saying that all of the creatures are dead. Fast travel back to the new sheoth palace and speak to haskill again about defending the realm. He tells you that the towns people are thankful and have given you a gift. If you kill the creatures alone, you will get 1000 gold per save, and if you send the army and then help, you will only get 500 gold. Repeat as desired to gain unlimited amounts of gold. Note: If haskill says there is peace in the realm, just ask him again until he tells you about another attack.