A friend in need – Play an online multiplayer game.
A Friend Indeed – Finish all levels in the campaign in multiplayer online mode.
A Lady with an Attitude – Rescue Marie d’Ibelin.
An Honorable Enemy – Defeat muzafar.
Arsenal – Find all collectible weapons in the game.
Beast Slayer – Defeat the beast.
Bull Rush – Hit 4 enemies with your charge attack at the same time.
Byzantine ways – Complete the Arena.
Charge! – Acquire all Charge skills for Celian.
Chronicles of the Temple – Collect all Templar Chronicles.
Crowd favorite – Complete all bonus objectives in the Arena.
Daggermistress – Acquire all Dagger throw skills for Marie.
Dance of blades – Kill 15 opponents with Cyclone strike in the Arena.
Dedicated – Complete all bonus objectives on all levels.
Destructive – Smash 5 enemy shields.
Down, boy! – Save your partner from a dog attack.
Elite Gladiator – Complete the second Arena round without taking damage.
Executor – Finish off 30 fallen enemies.
Expert Tracker – Successfully track 20 trails to their end.
Fight back – Succesfully perform 10 counter moves.
Friday the 13th – Survive the events of Friday the 13th.
Gladiator – Complete the first Arena round without taking damage.
Healing hands – Heal your partner with the Mass Prayer skill.
Juggernaut – Advance a character to 5 health orbs.
Just a flesh wound – Finish a whole level without both characters dropping below 1 health orb.
Long Ranged – Kill 20 enemies with a ranged attack.
Look out below! – Kill an enemy by knocking him from a ledge.
Master Gladiator – Complete the third Arena round without taking damage.
Miracle Worker – Use the “Revive” action to help your teammate.
No escape – A fleeing enemy is killed with a siege weapon by you or your partner.
No Stone Unturned – Destroy a breakable wall.
Not a Scratch – Kill 5 enemies in less than a minute without taking damage.
Observant – Discover a clue.
Pyromaniac – Set 50 objects on fire.
Savior of Acre – Survive the siege of Acre.
Siege Operator – Kill all opposing squads with a siege weapon.
Silent and deadly – Perform 50 stealth kills.
Strenght of two – Finish a level in an online multiplayer game.
Team Tactics – Kill an enemy grabbed by the other character.
Templar Grand Master – Complete all levels on hard difficulty.
Templar Knight – Complete all levels on casual or higher difficulty.
Templar Master – Complete all levels on normal or higher difficulty.
The Cup of Christ – Find the Grail.
The Duelist – Win a duel.
The Hero of Cyprus – Rescue the messenger of King Philip.
The Lost Temple – Explore the Temple of the Nine.
Thorough – Complete all bonus objectives in a single level.
Treasure hunter – Discover all chests in a single level.
Vigor – Advance a character to 5 stamina orbs.
Wardrobe – Find all collectible outfits in the game.
Watch Your Step – Disarm a Bear trap.
What was that? – Distract and then stealth kill an enemy.
Whirlwind strike – Hit 4 enemies with your all-around attack at the same time.?