-Check the TV Shopping Channel regularly and purchase uniforms to unlock additional Jobs. These jobs will also appear in Career Mode.

-Certain uniforms only become available after speaking with some characters. Make sure to explore on Sundays and occasionally talk to various characters.

Easy money hints:

-Practice jobs in Career mode to receive more money in the Employment Office Story mode.

-You will gain experience as you play the different Job mini-games in Employment office. When you are promoted from Novice to Pro, you will get a $500 bonus. When you level from Pro to Expert, you will get a $1,000 bonus. Leveling your jobs will also unlock more challenging mini-games which are worth more money.

Easy points hint:
Buying items give you points, which allows you to purchase items to defeat the meteor(s). Memorial Channel items give you the most amount of points (15%).

Completing Jobs:
Complete the following jobs by performing the corresponding tasks:

TV Shopping Crew – When the host throws fruit and vegetables at you to swing at, wait until they are slightly behind your character before swinging.
Fisher – Try to catch multiple schools of fish for easy money. Wait until the fish cross paths before you throw the net.
Courier – If you fall down notice that your character flashes briefly. When that happens, your character cannot be harmed.
Firefighter – Use short bursts of water to put out fires. Do not spray the water constantly.
Security Guard – Always watch the man with the Mohawk.
Haunted House Crew – To get more money, change the outfit to the same color as the person you are trying to scare by pressing D-pad Left?or?Right.