Bronze trophies
First Day On Set! – Finished your second level.
Movie Maker! – Upload a level.
Movie Buff! – Receive a level.
Five Star! – Grab five stars in one run!
Action Hero! – Earn all Movie Mode stars!
Cupcake King! – Finish the Cupcake Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Totemic! – Finish the Totem Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Lucky Mclucky! – Finish the Mclucky Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Mr Roboto! – Finish the Roboto Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Flawless! – Achieve 6 Combo stars!
Winter is Coming! – Finished the second act of Movie Mode!
I AM the Law! – Finished the third act of Movie Mode!
King of the Swingers! – Finished the fourth act of Movie Mode!
Speed Star! – Collect 5 Time stars!
That’s a Wrap! – Earn all Deleted Scene stars!
24 Carat Joe! – Grab all the Pro Medals!
Monkey Business! – Collect 4 Banana stars!

Silver trophies
Tea-Rex! – Finish the Dino Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Rocket Man! – Finished the fifth act of Movie Mode!