Cheat Codes:
Unlock the following bonuses by entering the corresponding codes at the main menu:

Cabaret girl item “Blazer (beige)” in Don Quijote – 32631925
Cabaret girl item “China Dress” in Don Quijote – 40187701
Cabaret girl item “Maid Outfit (pink)” in Don Quijote – 32145222
Edit parts Ace Cook Cap, Ace Cook T-Shirt – 09566953
Edit parts Ace Cook Parker (sweater), Ace Cook Pants – 75323457
Edit parts Cap Front D, B-type Tank Top Logo, B-type Half – Color Fading – 91376721
Edit parts Doo-rag, B-type Long Sleeves – Checkered, B-type Tongue Sticking Out Camouflage – 01831970
Edit parts Long C, Popped-up Collar Short Sleeved Shirt – Flower Pattern, Cargo Half Pants Cargo – 96315103
Edit Parts Long D, Tank Top – Leopard Pattern, Tights – Colored Pants – 83326310
Edit parts Onii-style C, 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt Hanya, Cargo Pants in – 54507515
Edit parts Onii-style G, Parker (sweater) – Skull, Tight-In Zipper Denim – 99438053
Edit parts Onii-type D, Long Sleeved Shirt – Leather, Cropped Pants – Denim – 09626414
Edit parts Pony Tail A, Collar Jacket – Leather, Leather Pants – 77966173
Edit parts Rockabilly A, School Uniform rolled-up, School uniform sneakers – 25953543
Edit parts Sides-Cropped Hair, Down Vest, Cargo Pants Cargo – 97888599
Ability to learn special attack “Brazillian Kick” at the dojo – 15683494
Ability to learn special attack “Marshall Blow” at the dojo – 50870985
Ability to learn special attack “Shousuida” at the dojo – 84208433
Ability to learn special attack “The Abaisio” at the dojo – 66651977