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Battle Dex Cheats

Easy experience hint:
Create an main account and make a second account. Log into the second account in another browser tab and play a public match with both accounts. Click “Submit” with your second account during the match. Kill his base or get the control points.

Battle Chess Cheats

Capture Queen:
Type distractionpiece during game play to have one of your bishops move around the screen before landing on the board, removing the opposing Queen. Note: This code may only be enabled once per game and only works in some versions.

Change settings:
Start the game with the cdchess /help command line to list several command line parameters that can be used to change your sound card and COM port settings.

Battle Beast Cheats

Cheat Codes:
To enable cheat mode, click on the newspaper ad for a Battle Beast and type in?yoyoyo?when the options for the number of players appears. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Fight all opponents – erhne
Enables Tadpole attacks in lab – oivnnfof
Open bonus doors – aofreoio
Bonus room auto-fly – ehrtrr
Bonus room 2x limit – ofovh
Bonus room invincibility – orufo
Weaken Toadman – erhyhrly
Disables Morphing – eatee
Enables Auto-fly in lab – oaoaeioa
2 out of 3 bouts – itihfo
Reset all codes – reset

Battle Arena Toshinden Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Fight as Bosses1 – gimmejim
First person viewpoint – virtual1
Big heads – funnyheads
Number keys executes combos – lifeisunfair

Battery Check Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Flight mode – hhklm
No enemies – hhzondertanden
All machines activated – hhzonderhanden
Full energy – hhstroom
All Super Batteries – hhsupbat
Level skip – hhvolgende
Extra life – hhpluseen
Suicide – hhsterf

Battalion Nemesis Cheats

“Halo” secret mission:
Complete any level to unlock the secret “Halo” mission.

Easy wins:

Do not move around “blindfolded”. Instead, wait for them to come to you and use your rocket truck.

Level 6 hint:
This is an ambush and are going to come to you. Study the landscape. Tanks cannot cross mountains, and your rocket launcher must be defended. Look for places that are difficult to attack. Place the rocket launcher where there are mountains on three sides. Put a tank on the fourth side and do not move it. Invisible tanks still behave like normal tanks. They cannot move after they attack. However, you can only see them when you have a unit next to them. Send out one or two units to “scout” for tanks. If you find some, attack them with the rocket launcher or the other tanks. Your enemy will run out of tanks before you do. Do not extend too far from your “base”.

Batman: Vengeance Cheats

Batman can find hidden envelopes throughout the game: the first is on the Rooftop Battle level, the second is on the Bridge level, the third is on the Plant Electrocution 2 level, the fourth is on the Gasworks Level, and the fifth is on the SWAT Chase level. If you find one, it will have a letter on it. They unlock infinite weapons, charge bar, and health as well as double damage, and invisibility. They are awarded by the order found, and not the letter. For example, if you collect Envelope E furstm you will get infinite weapons instead of invisibility.

Envelope B on Bridge:
Knock out the thug at the beginning of the level. You will see the glowing item on the left when you start. Climb the ladder and jump/glide around the crate onto the other crate, then glide onto the platform with the letter.

Envelope E on Gasworks:
You will find a room with two levels, each floor with two goons on them. First, take out the goons and look around on the lower floor until you see a sewer pipe with boxes in the sewage. Carefully glide down and land on the first box. Jump over the next few boxes and pick up the envelope with an “E” on it. Complete the game and the “Infinite Health” cheat will be unlocked.

To fly, press JUMP then press B twice. You cannot increase your altitude or fight while in the air.

Smoke bombs:
During the level after the Batcave training, look around the big square when you get to the area with a Joker thug. You will eventually find a ladder. Climb up the ladder, then look around for a box. Pick it up to get smoke bombs.

Hacking into Issac Evers files:
Find the second wire of the color you need (that is not powered). You must make the powered wire reach the non-powered one. For example, if you work on blue, you need to connect the live blue wire to the dead one.

Blimp puzzle:
Look in your inventory and examine the disc Batman picked up before fighting Mr. Freeze to reveal possible colors that work with the Blimp puzzle. The combination is Purple and Green. Make the color purple, “mix tubes”, then make the color green.

Mr. Freeze strategy:
Do not charge at him or you will be thrown and likely get frozen. Enter first-person mode and equip your demolition charges, then make sure Mr. Freeze is following you. Look up to find glass tanks moving on a hook. When he is under one, fire at it with your charges then detonate it so that it lands on him. Repeat this until you get a move where Batman grabs Mr. Freeze’s gun and freezes him to stop him from burning.

Joker’s thugs strategy:
You must be fast to knock out thugs after the Joker’s death. Use your block once your attack is over. One combo is to go back a few steps, move forward and punch, then quickly kick two times. This is useful when knocking thugs out while they are blocking your attacks.

Batman: The Movie Cheats

Cheat mode:
Type jammmm at the title screen to enable cheat mode and have infinite lives.

Level select:
Enable cheat mode and press F10 during game play.

Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu Cheats

Making Of Sin Tzu:
Defeat Sin Tzu at the end of the game to unlock a video of the game’s development.

Alternate costume:

Complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock a new costume.

Scarecrow strategies:

-Scarecrow is a master of fear and creates a chemical to heighten it. Actually, in this battle, he has very few attacks. You start off in a gas-filled room. You will see ghost-like things flying around. One hit will kill them. Look at the blue gas surrounding the room. Notice that the gas seems to part in some areas, and footsteps can be heard. Run around, rolling where the gas clears. If you are lucky, Scarecrow (who was invisible), will appear. After that, beat him up and repeat.

-Scarecrow is pretty easy since he rarely attacks. To start off, look down at the floor. It is covered with some sort of blue gas. First, avoid or destroy all of the ghosts flying around. Notice how the gas seems to part in certain areas (but not your own). This is Scarecrow walking, so roll into him. He is invisible, and this lets you see and beat him up. Eventually he turns invisible again. Repeat the steps until he is defeated.

Clayface strategies:
-This Boss has many attacks. If you get too close, he makes a brick wall out of his chest then rams it at you. He also can turn his arms into sledge hammers of razor blades and lunge at you. The trick here is to evade until the lights turn green on the pipe-like electricity things on either side. After that, throw a Batarang at both as fast as you can, or hit them. The electricity will activate, and Clayface will get shocked. Go up and attack him. When he gets back, run to the far side. He will likely launch some kind of muck thing at you, which produce more muck monsters. Beat them up, then repeat step two. After a couple hits of electricity, dodging the attacks, you will win.

-Clayface can shoot muck that spawns little muck monsters, turn his arms into sledgehammers/razor blades, or ram you with a brick wall if you get too close. The trick is in the two electric outposts-like things on either side. Dodge until they turn green. Then, quickly hit each with a Batarang or your fists. This will turn on the electricity. He will be stunned. Hit Clayface’s face and repeat this until he is defeated.

Bane strategies:
-Bane powerful but lacks IQ. Unfortunately, he starts off invincible to your attacks. Stand back and wait for him to charge. Evade, and he will be off balance. Then, beat him up. He will do the same, except now you have to make him run into a wall, hitting him. Unfortunately, this causes rocks to fall from the ceiling. Dodge them. Also, he will start using some kind of earthquake attack — stay back if he is not advancing on you. After you beat him up, he will heal. Repeat the previous steps.

-Bane starts off invincible to any attack. Avoid him until he rams you and evade him to put him off balance, then strike. Afterwards, you must make him ram into a wall. After beating him up, he will stomp to make strange boulders fall from the ceiling. After those attacks are dodged, repeat. Once you knock out his health, he returns stronger. Repeat the previous steps to defeat him.

Sin Tzu strategies:
-Sin Tzu is immune to non-special attacks and is quick and powerful. Start by watching him run around. He will go into a series of four rushes. Evade all four of them, and he will backflip. Hit him then. Repeat, but do not stay around to long, until you get a full power meter. When he backflips, hit him with a power attack. Do this for some time. He will then run into his tower and summon enemies. Beat them up. Meanwhile he will be recovering health and shooting fire at you. After taking out his allies, get your power meter back up and repeat the previous steps. He will now sometimes go into a super-nova attack. Block it at all costs and repeat until he is defeated.

-Sin Tzu is insanely fast, amazingly strong, and invincible to any non-Power Attack. Start by letting him run at you. He will do a four-hit dash. Dodge all times and he will do a backflip. Hit him. Repeat this until your Power Meter is full. Then when he backflips, hit him hard. After a couple attacks, he will jump into his tower. He will summon units, regain health, and shoot fire at you. Once you defeat the enemies, he will stop healing and fight you. This part is all the same, except he will occasionally move to the room’s center and do a crazy attack. The only hope to dodge this is to block.

Batman Forever Cheats

Cheat mode:
Type lullaby when the phrase “Game activated” is spoken to access level select and all weapons. Press F10 to kill opponents with one hit.

Bass Landing Cheats

Catching fish:
Cast over 80 feet and? start reeling the line in. Pause at regular intervals for at least three seconds before reeling the line in again. When a fish bites, let the line remain there for a minimum five seconds before pulling it in.

Bass Avenger Cheats

Recommended bait:
Catch the following fishermen by using the corresponding bait:

Fat man with orange vest – Pizza
Crazy man – Marbles
Old European woman – Moonshine
Rich man in yacht – Six-pack of beer
Skinny man with blue vest and hat in boat – Magazine
Old man in speedboat – Bra
Fat man with red tank top in speedboat – Money
Bigfoot – Toilet paper or Money

Barbie Secret Agent Cheats

Jet pack:
Type?jet?in action mode to get a jet pack, then press JUMP?to fly. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

Robot dog:
The robot dog is a tool that can distract or lead guards away, and has the same controls used for Barbie.

Guards normally watch an entrance to a place you need to reach. If you get too close to them they will ask you to leave. To get past them, get near them and blow your blush in his face. This gives you time to sneak past him. On the map is a square with a semi-circle around it. This represents the guard and where he can see.

Barbie Pet Rescue Cheats

Bonus level:
Complete the game with all certificate earns. After every certificate have been printed, return to the Playroom. Stacie will no longer be here, and you can play a Stacie search and rescue level.

Barbie Magic Hair Styler Cheats

Hidden icons:
Examine the properties of the game’s .EXE file in Windows Explorer. In the icon section are also icons of the South Park characters and the game’s developers.

Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride Cheats

Completion bonus:
Complete the game after saving Lucky the horse to get a pony.

Barbie Explorer Cheats

Snake in “Amazon Forest” strategy:
Go through the maze of the snake’s body. When you get to the head, it will move. When the head moves up, go under it to grab the pendant.

Yeti in “Tibet” strategy:
Evade the rocks the yeti rolls at you. When you get to the bridge, it will throw the rocks at your head. You must roll under them. Once you get close to the yeti, he will run away and you can grab the pendant.

Crocodile in “Egypt” strategy:
Jump over all the tiles and avoid falling while the crocodile chases you. Do not let him catch you.

Venus flytrap in “Babylon” strategy:
Go through all the mini flytraps until you get to the large one. He will spit seeds at you so make sure you dodge them. Go on the side of the flytrap and go through the door.

Barbarian Cheats

Cheat mode:
Type 04-08-59 during game play. The screen will change to gray to confirm correct code entry. Invincibility and infinite lives are now available.

Bap Cheats

Level Passwords:
Enter the following passwords to access new levels:


Banzai Bug Cheats

Hidden bug room:
During level 1, use the switch behind the cabinet and the muffler in the car opens. Enter the muffler to access a secret room where you can change into other bugs.

Banshee Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding names at the high score screen:

Enable gore mode – MARY WHITEHOUSE
Invincibility – KANNIJADE KREW

Bang, Boom, Splat Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All levels unlocked – go
New levels unlocked – go2
All weapons – bang
Unlimited ammunition – ammo lol
God mode – i did not die

Unlockable Levels:

Unlock the following levels by entering the corresponding tasks:

Level 2 – Complete level 1 with at least 30,000 points.
Level 3 – Complete level 2 with at least 40,000 points.
Level 4 – Complete level 3 with at least 30,000 points.
Level 5 – Get Bronze or higher in levels 1 to 4.
Level 6 – Get Bronze or higher in level 5.
Level 7 – Get Silver or higher in levels 1 to 4.
Level 8 – Get Silver or higher in level 7.
Level 9 – Get at least five Platinum scores.
Level 10 – Get at least six Platinum scores.

Bang! Howdy Cheats

Easy gold:
Use a dirigible when in a quest to take tons of gold. Always take shields to protect your dirigible.

Bananoid Cheats

Level skip:
Press the RIGHT MOUSE button during game play to skip a level.

Banana Dash 2 Cheats

When rolling, always use LEFT and RIGHT and not just one of those two keys.

Grinder wheel:
Eventually you will come towards a grinder wheel. Keep pressing RIGHT and wait until you get to the opening. When you see the gap open by the ladder-like object, press RIGHT to get out and jump.

Bambuzle Cheats

Level Passwords:
Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

42 – SAMOS

Balls Of Steel Cheats

Cow and easy points:
On the following tables, perfromg the corresponing tasks to display a picture of a cow on the scoreboard dot panel. When it appears, quickly press HOME before it disappears to get a large number of points.

Darkside – Bounce the ball between the slingshot bumpers many times.
Barbarian – Light the “K” in the “K-E-Y” targets, then shoot the Blade of Power.
Firestorm – Spell “BOB” with the “BOMB” targets. Note – Rotating the lights will not work.
Duke Nukem – Knock the ball back down the elevator from the upper table.
Mutation – Have both in-lane lights lit when you get the kickback.

Warcraft easter egg:
Press PRINT SCREEN repeately to enable the cheat screen. The Genie will make some Warcraft references. Note: Doing this too many times will disable the cheat screen.

Cheat Codes:
Press?PRINT SCREEN, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during game play on the indicated tables:

Toggle ball blocker – (Any) – grand canyon
Set to final ball – (Any) – last legs
Time increased – (Any) – morlock
Time reduced – (Any) – eloi
Points added – (Any) – pitchfork
Video modes ready – (Any) – couch potato
Powerball enabled – (Any) – warp core
Decision ready – Darkside – whodunnit
Kickbacks recharged – Darkside – bucket
2-ball ready – Darkside – evil twin
Extra ball lit – Darkside – freakshow
Super cannon ready – Darkside – nerf gun
Super pops lit – Darkside – popcorn
Crawler attack lit – Darkside – roach motel
Target practice ready – Darkside – t-minus 1
Bug hunt ready – Darkside – t-minus 2
Guard duty ready – Darkside – t-minus 3
Xenophobia ready – Darkside – t-minus 4
Meteor storm ready – Darkside – t-minus 5
Rescue ready – Darkside – t-minus 6
Showdown ready – Darkside – t-minus 7
Final assault ready – Darkside – t-minus 8
3-ball ready – Darkside – triplets
Mystery ready – Duke Nukem – whodunnit
Kickbacks recharged – Duke Nukem – bucket
Extra ball lit – Duke Nukem – freakshow
All keys – Duke Nukem – gatekeeper
Pickups – Duke Nukem – meat market
Come get some mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 1
Let god sort’em out mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 2
Nukem’ til they glow mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 3
Blast’em into space mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 4
Hail to the King, Baby mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 5
More guts, more glory mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 6
Final Duke mode – Duke Nukem – t-minus 7
3-ball ready – Duke Nukem – triplets
Mystery lit – Firestorm – whodunnit
Kickbacks relit – Firestorm – bucket
2-ball ready – Firestorm – evil twin
Extra ball lit – Firestorm – freakshow
Car chase ready – Firestorm – road rage
Countdown – Firestorm – t-minus 1
Freeway chaos – Firestorm – t-minus 2
Bomb Scare – Firestorm – t-minus 3
Waterfront mode – Firestorm – t-minus 4
Airport mode – Firestorm – t-minus 5
Subway Alert – Firestorm – t-minus 6
Arson Attack – Firestorm – t-minus 7
Firestorm – Firestorm – t-minus 8
3-ball ready – Firestorm – triplets
Gift of the Gods – Barbarian – whodunnit
Death Savers lit – Barbarian – bucket
Extra ball lit – Barbarian – freakshow
Earth mode – Barbarian – dry
Air mode – Barbarian – cool
Fire mode – Barbarian – hot
Water mode – Barbarian – wet
Portal mode – Barbarian – yorick
Citadel ready – Barbarian – new york
Diamond mode – Barbarian – t-minus 1
Sapphire mode – Barbarian – t-minus 2
Ruby mode – Barbarian – t-minus 3
Opal mode – Barbarian – t-minus 4
Emerald mode – Barbarian – t-minus 5
Blade mode – Barbarian – t-minus 6
3-ball ready – Barbarian – triplets
Mystery award lit – Mutation – whodunnit
Kickbacks relit – Mutation – bucket
2-ball ready – Mutation – evil twin
Extra ball lit – Mutation – freakshow
Super pops lit – Mutation – popcorn
Toxic Spores lit – Mutation – toadstool
Red Alert lit – Mutation – t-minus 1
Atom smashing lit – Mutation – t-minus 2
Feed the Beasts lit – Mutation – t-minus 3
High Voltage lit – Mutation – t-minus 4
Radiation leak lit – Mutation – t-minus 5
Mutation lit – Mutation – t-minus 6
Outbreak lit – Mutation – t-minus 7
3-ball ready – Mutation – triplets

Ballgame 2 Cheats

Cheat mode:
Start with the “BALGAME2 wxyz” command line, where “w” is actually the ASCII graphic character created by holding ALT while typing 210; “x” is actually the ASCII graphic character created by holding ALT while typing 211; “y” is actually the ASCII graphic character created by holding ALT while typing 212; and “z” is actually the ASCII graphic character created by holding ALT while typing 213.

Ballerena Cheats

Level Passwords:
Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

4 – VL 86 C 010
12 – 32 BIT POWER

Ballad Of Ketinetto Cheats

Follow these steps to complete the game:

-Click the bottom right corner and get the eye from the skull.

-Get the rib, then click the bottom left corner to return to the original screen.

-Use the stick on the mushroom to obtain a sticky substance on the stick.

-Combine the stick and the eye.

-Return to the mouse and click on the mouse to hear the notes.

-Use the stick on the ribs to match the notes.

-First part: 111, 4, 6

-Second part: 44, 33, 22, 1

-Watch the short intermission sequence, then get the scissors.

-Return to the original screen and use the scissors on the wall to escape.

Ball Attack Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: You must re-enter the code during every level to have it available in that level:

Big ball – F3
Big paddle – F4

Baldies Cheats

Many Baldies:
While holding F8, click?the?Mouse?on a location with to make tons of Baldies.

Secret levels:
Start the game at level four or higher at the game speed set to the slowest option. Drop a sheep in the water. Drop ten dolphins on your Science Lab, then complete the current level. Secret levels will replace levels 1 and 2.

Many Baldies:
Constantly breed and make sure you have plenty of soldiers and strong houses.

Countering helicopters:
When you see an opponent build a Helipad in a net game, destroy it as soon as possible or begin inventing a Stage 3 storm to down the helicopter that will soon appear.

-If two people are attacking you in a net game, keep a constant Rainstorm on one of the players while you concentrate on the other one. This is an very effective on the Hell level set, because the Rainstorm kills Baldies in hell.

-Whenanother player is using those Rainstorms on you, keep the Stage 1 storm charged. Once someone hits you with the storm, trigger the Stage 1 in an out of the way location. The new storm will cancel the old one.

Aerial assault:
If an enemy keeps countering your aerial assaults with Rainstorms or Angel Dust, make Cannons and target them on an enemy house. After that, drop a group of Soldier Baldies into the cannons. They will fly into the enemy house through Rainstorms and Angel Dust.

Prevent enemy house upgrades:
Place a mine field above the house to prevent enemy house upgrades.

Gathering energy:
Its tough keeping Baldies alive outside of a house when they are gathering energy in a net game. Make a small two square island in the corner of the map. Move a group of Baldies there and hope that they are unnoticed.

Easy kills:
-The Stage 3 mine is great and can be created after you have built a Stage 2 Breeder house. Send a group of flying soldiers at an enemy house, then place the large mine next to that same house. Right before the first soldier gets to the house, drop a sheep on top of the mine. This will kill twenty of the Hairies inside and clear the way for your Baldies to take it over.

-A fast way to kill an enemy house is with your grenade soldiers. After you have built a Stage 2 Barracks, put a shield over the target house, then place a rock in front of the house to prevent the soldiers from entering. All of your soldiers outside of the house will barrage the house with grenades.

Baku Baku Cheats

Bigger combos:
-Line up blocks of the same types of food.

-Do not immediately match animals with food. Wait until bigger animal food combination can be made.

-Drop a big combo on your opponent if they are about to complete a big combo.

More combo capabilities:
Turn on the option to have the mouse as a fifth animal to get more combos.

Automatically win:
Perform a combo of 50 or greater.

Baerrchen’s Adventures Cheats

Level Passwords:
Access the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

5 – BANK
13 – UWE
15 – 04.01.00
17 – ANNE
20 – HERZ
23 – 6 MONATE
Bonus – 200 JAHRE

Bad Toys Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press?6?to display the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Level skip – skip
Level select – skip

Bad Onion Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding keys:

Level skip – L
Extra life – K
Extra emeralds – J

Bad Mojo Cheats

Alternate endings:
Actions taken during the last timed sequence determine which ending will appear. The last sequence starts after Roger the cockroachhas visited his human body for the first time and has returned to the sewer pipes through the vent on the upper right corner of the wall covered with eyes.

Worst ending
Run out of time by remaining idle for about ten minutes.

Slightly better ending
Roger has to save the landlord. As hinted by the oracle in the start of the timed sequence, his pill-induced stupor requires setting off a fire alarm. The only working alarm is located in the bathroom. Climb on to the top of the urinal, continue further upwards to the top of the bulletin board, then move to the right and up through the unpainted area. Test the fire alarm by placing yourself over the test button. Climb down to the urinal and push the flaming cigarette to the floor. Climb down and push the flaming end to the chain of paper towels. After that, wait for time to run out.

Even better ending
Roger must save himself. Go back to your own room and find your human body on the floor. You must hitch a ride from the butterfly to get to the table before you can get down to the floor. Climb on top of the amulet. The ending sequence will immediately start.

Best ending
Roger has to save both the landlord and himself. Save the landlord first as described in the “Slightly better” ending. Then immeiately find your way back to your own room as described in the “Even better” ending. The best ending will begin once you crawl over the amulet.

Bad Boys 2 Cheats

Cheat mode:
Press SPACE, DDAAQ at the “Press Start” screen before the main menu appears. The sound of a gun will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, press SPACE, RIGHT(2), LET(2), Q at the “Press Start” screen.

Mendoza strategy:
Eliminate Mendoza with an AK47 in Act 5: “Finishing Business”. Move left and right, and use mostly iron body as a cover rather thansand bags. When Mendoza’s gun is pointed towards your partner, target Mendoza’s body and start firing to get his attention back towards you and save your partner. When your partner is on the left side you must be on the right side and vice versa.

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition Cheats

Play against the “Indoor Off The Wall Invitational” teams:
Win the “Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament” to play against the “Carpet Sweepers”, “Turf Mowers”, “Rug Burners”, and “Abominable Cherry-Pickers”.

Play against other teams:
Get to the P Division to play against the “Salty Sea Cows”, “Screaming Chihuahuas”, “Ticklish Tornadoes”, “Spiffy Penguins”, “Lumpy Gravies”, and all the MLS Teams.

Play against the “International Tournament” teams:
Win the “International Tournament” in The P Division to play against every one of the International teams including the “Fancy Pandas” from China, “Garlic Gladiators” from Rome, “Funky Pharos” from Egypt and many more.

Backyard Soccer 2004 Cheats

Complete all levels:
Kick the ball out of bounds then press SHIT TAB ENTER.

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Mr. Clanky – Win the “Astonishingly Shiny Cup Of All Cups” trophy.
Ricky Johnson – Complete the Boss challenge in level 1
Pete Wheeler – Complete the Boss Challenge in level 2
Jocinda Smith – Complete the Boss Challenge in level 3
Old School Andy – Complete the Boss challenge in level 4
Erik Stream – Complete the Boss challenge in level 4

Backyard Soccer Cheats

Play as Mr. Clanky:
Win the Astonishingly Shiny Cup Of All Cups, then hold?SHIFT?and click on Mr. Clanky. Go to the pick up window to play as him.

All levels won:
Kick the ball out of bounds, then press?SHIFT? ?TAB? ?ENTER.

Skip opening sequence:
Press?ESC?to skip the opening sequence.

Performing power-ups:
When you have a power-up and are in control of the ball, hold?SHIFT?key and then kick the ball. After that, you will perform the power up that has be given to you.

Penalty shot in the goalie box:
For a penalty shot in the goalie box, get the ball to the other team’s goal. Wait until someone steals it. You may be fouled when they try to steal it.

Backyard Skateboarding 2006 Cheats

Game Of The Year edition: Cheat Codes:
Load a tour profile, choose a level, and select the “Start Game” option. After the “Loading” screen disappears a “flyby” opening sequence of the level will begin. Enter one of the corresponding codes during the “flyby” sequence. Do not press?ENTER?after code entry. Any codes entered will be in effect during that level. The code must be re-entered after completing or quitting the current level:

Unlimited Mega Ollie power-ups – hophi
Unlimited slow motion – slomo
Double Speed Spins – dizzy
Enable all codes – getall

Backyard Skateboarding (2005) Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Load a tour profile and select a level, then select the “Start Game” option. After the “Loading” screen disappears, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during the “flyby” cinematic of the level. Note: Do not press?ENTER after code entry. Also, the codes will only remain active for that level:

Double Speed Spins – dizzy
Unlimited Mega Ollie power-ups – hophi
Unlimited slow motion – slomo
Enable all codes – getall

Backyard Skateboarding Cheats

Cheat Codes:
After you perform a trick combo of 100 or more, activate the following cheats by typing one of the corresponding codes during the introduction sequence (when Sunny and Eric are talking) before any level. Note: Only one code can be enabled at one time.

All cheats – nofair
Higher Ollies – kaboing
Unlimited Molasses Time – slowmo
Unlimited Spin Cycle – dizzy

XBox 360 – Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise Cheats

Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAlly (70 points) – Summon Giant Guard once.Air-Dancer (10 points) – Use a Chi Move in mid-air.Challenge (40 points) – Clear 8 levels in Co-op Campaign.Skill Exchanging (15 points) – Play V.S. mode once.Shopper (30 points) – Spend a total of 20,000 Gold on items and moves.Enhancement (10 points) – Equip an item in the Item Store.New Journey (50 points) – Clear all Campaign levels.Duo (20 points) – Clear a level in Co-op Campaign.Beginning (15 points) – Clear the first 3 levels.Breaker (30 points) – Perform 50 “Critical Hits” in any mode.Ranker (30 points) – Get 3 “S” ranks.Nirvana (80 points) – Get 20 “S” ranks.

XBox 360 – Dogfight 1942 Cheats

Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWar Hero (75 points) – Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Act I and II).The Onslaught (50 points) – Finish act I (single player).The Road To Victory (50 points) – Finish act II (single player).V for Victory (25 points) – Finish all missions on HARD difficulty level (Act I and II).Air Superiority (25 points) – Shoot down 300 fighters in Campaign mode.A Private Party (25 points) – Shoot down all V-1 rockets headed for London (single player).God Save the King (15 points) – Fly under every bridge in London (single player).Divine Thunder (25 points) – Defend all battleships at Iwo Jima (single player).Ace of the Skies (15 points) – Shoot down 6 planes in under a minute.Moving Target (25 points) – Drop a bomb on a plane during takeoff.A Confirmed Kill (15 points) – Shoot down an enemy fighter with a rocket.Trigger Happy (15 points) – Launch more than 100 rockets in a single mission.Two Heads are Better Than One (15 points) – Play a co-op mission.Test Pilot (25 points) – Finish a single mission in Simulation mode (other than Baptism of fire).

Pinball FX 2: Plants vs. Zombies Cheats


Bronze trophies
Letter from Mom – Lock three balls and start You Have Mail Multiball on the Plants vs. Zombies table.

Silver trophies
Malfunction – Confront Dr. Zomboss and triumph over his giant Zombot on the Plants vs. Zombies table.

Buzz! Junior: Monster Rally Cheats


Bronze trophies
Last Monster Sitting – Win a round of Musical Chairs when only one chair remains.
Monster Pirate – Knock every other computer controlled monster into the water in Treasure Hunt.
Mummy Madness – Win a game of All Wrapped Up.
Play it Safe – Don’t lose any points in a game of Ghoulish Golf.
Wonky Donkey – Hit every Zombie Donkey and still win a game of Boo!

Silver trophies
Crackshot – Hit every Zombie in Boo! including the Zombie Master. But make sure you don’t hit the Donkeys!
Dry as a Whistle – Win a game of Treasure Hunt without getting wet.
Gifted Golfer – Get 20 hole-in-ones during a game of Ghoulish Golf.
Musical Monster – Win every round in a game of Musical chairs.
Naked Mummy – Completely unwrap a mummy within the time limit in All Wrapped Up.

Gold trophies
An Amazing Monster – Win a standard single player game with the Monsters set to hard.

BMX Star Cheats

Quick turn around:
Press?SPACE?to turn around rapidly.

Extra speed:
-Lean backwards while riding to get some extra speed.

-While going up a quarter pipe with the intention of turning around and using it to gather speed, keep your back wheel down slightly longer and use it to keep your -front wheel against the wall. After turning around, your back wheel will be against the wall and you can make a smooth and speed-increasing transition.

Riding on the walls and ceiling:
Ride a wheelie almost vertical and hit the wall. You will stay in the wheelie on the wall and ceiling while still accelerating.

Recoveries hints:
-When sliding upside down, if you have some speed, tap the brakes to flip yourself upwards. Note: You need to be facing the way you are sliding or this may not work.

-When you flip over onto your back, try finding a slope or jump to go off.

-When you land on your back, accelerate then hit the brake while leaning forward. With practice, you can usually get back up again.

-If you lean too far and start to go over backwards, hit the brakes. This quickly corrects your angle at the cost of some speed. You can use this technique to do extreme wheelies. Note: Your front brakes also work and are very helpful in some situations.

-When you jump and are about to hit the ledge above you, flip so your wheels hit the ledge instead of your head. By doing this you will keep your health.

Easy experiences:
Play BMX backflips to earn riding experience.

Easy points:

When you see the red star near you, but think your score is low, try doing backflips to earn points then collect the star.

Slippery Slopes II: Frontflip:
Use the drop time at the start to do a frontflip. Note: This only works with frontflips and not backflips.

Better jumps hints:
-When attempting to get to high places, hit the jump as hard as you can. Once in mid-air, be completely vertical. When you get close to the landing, lean forward and it will push you further to your landing.

-When you rotate, you will do so primarily around the back wheel. When you are going for a large jump and are spinning, use?SPACE?to change which wheel is your back one, then use that to propel you farther.

-When you go off a quarter pipe and are going straight up, but need to get over a ledge at the top, make sure your back wheel is facing down.

-If you are attempting to get up on a high ledge but only manage to clear your front wheel, you can still make it. With your front wheel on the ledge, quickly hit and hold your brakes. Start leaning onto the ledge, then press?SPACE?to change directions. Keep leaning and holding your brakes. Lean all the way back, pulling your wheel up onto the ledge and over your head. Once you start to tip over, change directions again and start pedaling. Once the other wheel touches the ground, get some speed then hit the brakes to flip yourself upright. This will take most of your health, but usually works.

High ramps:
To go up a high ramp and come down properly, place your front wheel so it only barely touches the ramp and press?SPACE. This will put your back wheel in its place.

BMX Backflips Cheats

Ditch landings:
While going in a ditch, try making a smooth landing. Land on the downward side for special momentum, especially in Beat The Bird and Time Trial modes.

Extra points:
-Lose one or two lives on purpose when you are sure you can complete the final level or when on a level you are sure you cannot complete.

-Keep your front wheel up to gain points and increase speed.

On the wheelie level, keep your bike as vertical to the ground as possible. This make your upper body parallel to the ground. Avoid leaning too far back to avoid falling. By doing this you will not fly forward after landing, and can continue your wheelie.

BC Racers Cheats

Bonus points:
For bonus points, wipe out the other riders.

Nitro usage:
Use Nitro at the end of a race.

BC Kings Cheats

General strategies:
-Build plenty of guard towers around your town and keep your hero in the back of the town for protection. Have tons of warriors; keep half of them in your village and send the others to destroy your enemy’s village.

-Get plenty of workers in groups of four to build and fully upgrade lots of towers around the outer edge of your camp. As you advance, build more towers and tear down the old ones to get half the materials back for reuse. This will give you more time to harvest and upgrade other buildings without having to purchase a huge army.

-Send Catapults, Archers, and Birds to do most of the work. Have them stay far enough away; they can take out enemy towers and other buildings undetected. This requires more time since a small amout of those units can gather without being detected.

-Make tons of Knights,Warriors, Archers, and Stone Throwers. Divide the Dinosaur Riders into three groups, and the Stone Throwers, Warriors, Archers, and Knights into two groups. Keep a group of Dinosaur Riders to defend your place. The next two groups of Dinosaur Riders should be kept for the fight of enemies. Have one group of the Warriors, Archers, Stone Throwers, and Knights to defend your place, and the other group to fight. For the three groups of Dinosaur Riders, have two groups for fighting and keep one group for defending. One of the fighting groups of Dinosaur Riders should be used for leading the enemy monsters away. For example, first take them around the enemy village and let all their fighters be taken away from their village. Then, take the group of fighters to attack the enemy’s village. You will win since all their fighters are lost somewhere else.

Backyard Hockey 2005 Cheats

Play as Steve Yzerman:
Enter Stevie Y as a custom player name to play as Steve Yzerman.

Mini players:

Get a one-timer to unlock mini players.

Jeremy Roenick:

Score 50 goals in Season mode to unlock Jeremy Roenick.

Cheat Codes:

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Tech State T-Squares team – CHEQUE ME
Tibeti Yetis team – BRING IT ON
Continuos power-ups – CANT GET ENOUGH
Hot shooting – BIG SHOTS
Speedy kids – SWIFTY SKATES
Air hockey puck – AIR PUCK
Mini players – SMALLERER
Renudo Renaldo – NAISE
Kentucky DeRoche – PITBULL
Paul Lee – STAN
Drew Barrie – STINK
Peewe Kovich – MIRK
Davie Hitney – CRASH
Maggie May – SOMETHING
K.C. Burparino – BURP
Darrick Mac – DMAC
Jonathan Michael-Little – SQUASH
Morris Morrissey – BROTHER
Scott Eggashira – EGGS
Geoff Odenkirk – CAPTAIN

Backyard Football 2004 Cheats

Bonus players:
Enter?REELSTARZ?as a coach name to unlock new players like Randy Moss and Terrel Owens.

Perfect player:
Enter?THOR HERRINGTON?as a name when creating a player in Season mode. Enter?03/01or?March 1st?as a birthday and set him to throw right-handed to make him have all perfect skills.

Thor Herring:

Have a custom player get 500 rushing yards in one game to get Thor Herring.

Zoo stadium:
Win the BFL championship game to unlock the Zoo stadium.

Secret power-up:
For a secret power-up, get a custom player in the Hall Of Fame in the top ten in rushing.

Super team:
In season play and when you are selecting players, scroll down to the very bottom. Look for a blank face with a question mark. Click it and when you get to your skills, make one skill maxed out. The other skills don’t matter much. Do the same thing with all of your other players that you create. You should eventually have an awesome player for each position on your team.

Make Mr. Clanky’s head fall off:

Select Mr. Clanky to go on your team then let the other team score a touchdown.

Spin you player:
Hold the LEFT MOUSE button and then press the RIGHT MOUSE button. This will help you avoid being tackled by a defender when you run the ball.

Recommended player:
A good lineup includes Marshall Faulk. He is fast enough to outrun a player that is about to tackle him.

Backyard Football 2002 Cheats

Easy touchdowns hints:
-Choose Rich Gannon as your QB, Pete Wheeler as your RB, and any wide receivers of your choice. On offense, select #1 and choose “Outside Handoff”. Give the ball to Pete Wheeler and have him run it up the sidelines. Usually he will break away for a TD if you use it all four downs.

-With two receivers on each side, make one do a slant route and one a fly. The one doing the slant will be wide open.

-Choose a running play that has a receiver running a route to the opposite side of the field as the run. Hike the ball, then run backwards with the quarterback. He should not give the ball to the running back, but the running back will still make his run like a route. He will be uncovered. Wait for the running back to get down the field a gooddistance, then throw. If he catches the ball and is fast enough, it will be a touchdown. This is the best way to get yards catching for your custom to increase skill points.

Save season mode game:
To save during a game in season mode, call a timeout and go to “Change Playbook”. When that screen appears, choose the “Save” button. A screen should appear with a list of saved games. Select to save again. You can now quit the game and return to that point at any time.

Recommended teams:
Select the following players:

Drew Bledsoe: QB
Pablo Sanchez: RB
Junior Seau: Blocker
Vikki K.: WR