Unlockable Modes:
Unlock the following modes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Challenge mode – Beat Story mode.
Bunny Hunt Time mode – Beat all games in Bunny Hunt Score mode.
Bunny Hunt Survival mode – Beat all games in Bunny Hunt Time mode.

Unlock the following bonuses in Story mode by completing the four tests in the corresponding rounds:

“Misirlou” jukebox song – Round 1
Dee-Jay costume – Round 2
“Good Time” jukebox song – Round 3
Gothic costume – Round 4
“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” jukebox song – Round 5
Rock ‘n’ Roll costume – Round 6
“Hip Hop Hooray” jukebox song – Round 7
Caramba costume – Round 8
“La Bamba” jukebox song – Round 9
Raymaninho costume – Round 10
“Dark Iron Bunnies” jukebox song – Round 11
Bunny costume – Round 12
“The Butcher Deejay” jukebox song – Round 13
“Ubisoft Montpellier Choir” jukebox song – Round 14
Gold Cow trophy – Round 15

Score Mode Unlockables:
Earn the following numbers of points in Score mode to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

48,000 points – Bunnies Can’t Infiltrate Games Convention
57,000 points – French Bastille Day
84,000 points – Bunnies Can’t Cook Eggs
1,000,000 points – Alternate ending

Dancing rabbids:
In the rabbid shootout games, you can make rabbids dance by shooting anything that plays music if the rabbid gets close to it.