Cheat Codes:
Travel to MJ’s Face-R-Us, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Play as Destructoid Staff – Enter DTOID as a code.
Play as Mojang Staff – Enter MOJANG as a code.
Gawd mode – Press UP(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN(2), R, X during game play.
$100.000 – Press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, DOWN(2), R, CIRCLE during game play.
Red Sweat mode – Press X, CIRCLE, X, TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE(2) during game play.
Speed Shoes – Press RIGHT(2), UP, DOWN, LEFT(2), UP, DOWN, R, X during game play.


Bronze trophies
You Broke The Law! – Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention.
Broken Chain – Reach a 99X chain multiplier.
Feeling Groggy – Get “sick” on “milk”.
The Cosplayer – Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars.
Rocky Road Tire Crunch – Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping.
8-bit Overflow – Kill 256 civilians within a single life.
Eco-friendly Fire – Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast.
Bike Bounce – Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs.
Dance Player, Dance! – Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage.
Master of Your Domain – Dethrone GLC’s high score.
Death Cam, No Death – Beat Death Cam VHS without dying.

Silver trophies

Daily Grind – Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls.
Tool Time – Collect all of the time machine parts.

Gold trophies
A Winner Is You! – Get gold medal scores in all sprees.