Ace Ace – Ace 10 levels in Daily Dungeon.
Astronaut – Play all Astro levels.
Blitz Master – Use all Powers in levels.
Boss Buster – Beat all bosses in Boss battles.
Brave of Tiki Island – Beat Adventure Mode.
Chain Star – Get a 30-ball chain.
Combo Hero – Get 5 combos in one game.
Dungeon Master – Complete clear all three challenges in Daily Dungeon.
Fruit Mania – Collect 100 fruits.
Gap Soldier – Get 10 gap shots in one game.
Hall of Fame – Complete Adventure mode without losing a life.
Mastership – Fill out the whole Tiki Temple.
Perfect Attendance – Fill out the Daily Dungeon Calendar.
Time Attacker – Beat Adventure or Boss stage within 1 minute.
Top Scorer – Get a 500,000 high score.