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Avadon: The Black Fortress Cheats

Cheat Codes:
In game, press Shift D and a prompt will ask “What do you want?” During this, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: The use of codes disables earning medals unless you leave the region that you are currently in:

Allows you to see all NPC’s on the map, even in areas that haven’t been covered. – showmeall
Disables showmeall. – dontshowmeall
Gives your main character a cake. – giveasnack
Instantly gives your party 500 gold. – iampoor
Instantly gives your party a level. – iamweak
Provides War/Resistance/Shield Chant as well as Haste. – shieldsup
Resets your characters skill points and abilities; allowing you to change how your character is. – retrain
Restores everone’s Vitality to full as well as resets the cooldown of all of their abilities. – rechargeme
Restores everyones HP to full. – healmenow
Restores Jenell’s loyalty if you’ve made her unhappy. – sorryjenell
Restores Nathalie’s loyalty if you’ve made her unhappy. – sorrynathalie
Restores Sevilin’s loyalty if you’ve made him unhappy. – sorrysevilin
Restores Shima’s loyalty if you’ve made him unhappy. – sorryshima
Shows your current frames per second. – fps
Teleports your party back to Avadon. – backtoavadon
Tells you where you are currently at, the zone, and the x/y coordinates. – whereami

Steam achievements:
Anvil Apprentice – Augment ten items.
Avadon’s Gaze – In the Farlands, no foe of the Pact can be left standing.
Back In the Fold – Bring all four of your allies back to Avadon.
Big Game – Hunt down the greatest prey. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Big, Bigger, and Biggest – Eliminate the threat to the Kva.
Craftmaster – Augment 50 items.
Don’t Bug Me With Your Issues! – Reach the endgame without ever making one of your companions happy. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Don’t Taunt Dragons – Showed the ogres just how foolish they were.
Employee of the Month – Prove your loyalty to Redbeard.
Experiments Concluded – Purged a tower of its unspeakable experiments.
Eye of Avadon – Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Hard difficulty or higher.
Hand of Avadon – Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Normal difficulty or higher.
Heart of Avadon – Complete Avadon: The Black Fortress on Torment difficulty.
Irritable Reptile – Calm the dragon Zhethron. For the first time.
Leave Them Where They Lie – Reach the endgame without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Lone Justice – Cleansed the Beraza Woods of bandits.
Nathalie Will Be Pleased – Send Beloch the Scourge back where it came from. (Hard difficulty or higher.)
Pay Your Respects – Locate the crypt of the Keepers.
Peace Within the Pact – Show that Holklandans and the Kellem can work together.
Perfection Achieved – Get your main character to level 30.
Quality of Your Enemies – Fight your way back into the castle.
Shadow of the Woods – Hunted down the Shadow Beast.
Take Only What You Need – Reach the endgame and never have more than one character beside yourself in your party. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Terminal Insubordination – Claim Avadon for your own. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Tested By Fire – Get your main character to level 10.
True Power – Get your main character to level 20.
Wall Spots – Found a secret door.
Well-Read – Find all codex entries.
Without a Scratch – Reach Castle Vebeaux without one of your characters ever going unconscious. (Hard difficulty or higher.)
Your New Employer – Meet redbeard.

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