BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 (3DS) Cheats

Unlock Arcade mode credits:
Complete Arcade mode to unlock the option of replaying the credits at the “Gallery” menu.

Unlockable Medals:
Unlock the following medals at the “Gallery” menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

All You Need Is Love – Don’t buy any items when starting Abyss.
Don’t Get Cocky, Kid! – Earn one victory.
Fatality – Land more than 30 Fatal Counters.
Ice-Ten – Using Jin, freeze your opponent more than 10 times in a match.
It’ll Only Hurt for a Minute – Crush your opponent’s guard.
Level One…! – Watch ‘Previously On’ and ‘Opening’ in Story Mode.
Other Fish In The Sea – Use over 9 characters.
We Have to Go Deeper – Defeat the boss on Depth 300 in Abyss.
Welcome to the Abyss Hole – Defeat the boss on Depth 100 in Abyss.
Who’s Got Next? – Complete Arcade Mode.

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