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Steam achievements:
Above and Beyond – Get 10 stars on one level.
Admiral – Get at least 100 stars in the campaign.
Bot Buster – Win 5 deathmatches with Bots.
Captain – Get at least 60 stars in the campaign.
Death Proof – Beat every level without dying.
DieHard – Beat a level without dying.
Ensign – Get at least 40 stars in the campaign.
Excavator – Find all secrets in the campaign.
First Impressions – Kill 50 enemies.
Frenemies – Finish a duel match with a local player.
Hidey-Hole – Find a secret area.
Maximum Synergy – Complete all levels in COOP.
Pacifist – Complete 5 levels without firing a shot.
Rookie – Get at least 20 stars in the campaign.
Stone Age – Complete a level in the Armless arcade mode.
Survivalist – Get at least 4000 points in Survival arcade mode.
Synergy – Complete a level in COOP.
Xenocide – Kill all enemies in 5 levels.?

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