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Cloning Clyde Cheats

Unlock Mutant-Clyde option
Complete the game to unlock the “Mutant-Clyde” option from the the “Cheat” menu.

Steam achievements:
Absurd Amphibian – Become a Frog-Clyde.
Ancestorial Antics – Become an Ape-Clyde.
Becoming Baaaad – Become a Sheep-Clyde.
Boom-shakalaka – Destroy a security bot with a rocket.
D.N.Ain’t – Become a Mutant-Clyde.
Duh Iunno – Confuse clyde with extraneous input 15 times.
Dupliclone Dash – Complete levels 1-24 and 10 Challenge levels under par time.
Fastest clone on earth – Ride a rocket.
Foolish Freedom – Exit 75 clones through the ventilation shafts.
Got a bunch! – Collect 100 of the cloned killer kenn action figures.
Kenn Collection – Collect 50 of the cloned killer kenn action figures.
Killer Kudos – Collect all of the cloned Killer Kenn Action Figures.
King Clyde – Complete all of the Challenge Levels.
Machinicide – Destroy 50 security bots.
Master of all Clyde-Dumb – Win the game!.
My other belt is black – Super attack five machines.
Oh the bot-manatee! – Destroy 100 secuirty bots.
One Man Army – Clone yourself 50 times.
Ponderous Procreation – Clone yourself 25 times.
Poultry Party – Become a Chicken-Clyde.
Rescue.. me? – Rescue 40 clydes.
Security Hole – Destroy 10 security bots.
Wheely tired – Run in wheels for 30 minutes (cumulative over a level, but not the game.).
Worth Saving – Rescue a clyde.
Yee-Haw! – Ride a sheep in the cowboy outfit.

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