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Dream Trigger 3D Cheats

Unlockable challenges:
Unlock the following challenges by completing the corresponding tasks:

Achiever – Get a High Score in every stage.
Antagonist – Play a game in VS Mode.
Astronomer – Obtain 50 Stars.
Big Bada Boom – Score 20,000 points in one Sonar Ping.
Blast Master – Place more than 1,500 Sonar Pings in one stage.
Boss Buster – Defeat all bosses.
Cats – Finish in a tie in VS Mode.
Childlike Dreamer – Clear 10 different stages without dying in World Map Mode.
Collector – Collect 500 Score Items.
Completionist – Unlock 100 Challenges.
Conductor – Keep a full music track going for 1 minute.
Delta Surfer – Collect 50 Dream Points in current stock.
Dream Disciple – Unlock 25 Challenges.
Dream Knight – Unlock 50 Challenges.
Dream Master – Complete all 55 stages on World Map Mode.
Dream Warrior – Clear a stage without collecting any HP items.
Drowsy – Complete 10 stages on World Map Mode.
Edible – Collect 100 HP Items.
Erebus – Clear all 5 ranks of the Purity stages in a row.
Finder – Unlock another main route.
Flash Bang – Clear Time Attack Mode in under 60 seconds.
Glutton – Clear a stage while collecting all HP items.
GOOOOOOAL! – Clear a stage while collecting all Score items.
Hunter Gatherer – Collect 200 Dream Points in World Map Mode.
Insomniac – Complete 30 stages on World Map Mode.
Know The Ropes – View all four Demos.
Loner – Complete a Stand Alone stage.
Micro Boss – Defeat 10 Mini-Bosses.
Minimalist – Clear a stage without setting off a Sonar Ping.
Narcoleptic – Complete 20 stages on World Map Mode.
None Shall Pass – Complete every enemy in a stage.
Pristine – Clear a stage without taking any damage.
Promise Maker – Unlock 10 Secret Challenges.
Racer – Clear 3 stages within 10 minutes on World Map Mode.
She Loves Me… – Collect every other Score item in a stage.
Speed Freak – Beat a Mini-Boss within 60 seconds.
Square Eyes – Draw a 5×5 square with Sonar.
Stocker – Set off 10,000 Sonic Pings.
Take Five – Set off a Sonar Ping each measure for 5 measures.
Traveler – Travel down 100 dream pathways.
Vagrant – Move 10 times before selecting a stage.
Wanderer – Score over 2,500,000 points in Free Play Mode.
Warrior – Defeat 1,000 enemies.
What, Me Score? – Clear a stage without collecting any Score items.
You Are Winner – Win 10 games in VS Mode.?

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