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Dungeon Siege 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press [Enter] during game play and type [Plus] followed by one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. To disable a code, type [Minus] followed by the code.

Developer gallery teleports – twilightzone
Glittering Ring of Knowledge – opnauticus
Silver Ring, weapon, garment – imalittalteapot
500 gold – gold
Less chunky – extracreamy
More chunky – superchunky
Instant kill – quwhba
Invincibility [NOTE 1] – drlife
Record a movie – movie
Display version – version

NOTE 1: This code must be reactivated every time you complete a task.

Veteran difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the merchant difficulty setting.

Elite difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the veteran difficulty setting.

Act I: Secondary Quests: A Family Heirloom:

Use the following trick if you are having trouble figuring out the riddle to the statue that Master Thestrin sends you to in the Azunite Desert. When the options of the spirits appear, click on the third one. It will then disappear, leaving three more options. This is the correct order: third, first, second. After that, the door behind the statue will open up and you have to fight a very tough mage Boss. Make sure you are ready for the battle.

Act III: Secondary Quests: The Lost Jewels of Seranith:
This secondary quest sends you on a mission to find the two rings of Seranith; Gold, and Silver. It is initiated by talking to Kavarre the Explorer in the Tavern of Kalrathia. After you open the North Gate and keep heading that way, you will reach a teleporter. Go east the only way you can until you find the ruins. Once in there, you will reach the first of the two light puzzles. You must first choose a Pillar and it will allow every other pillar connected to it via the paths on the floor to be used. The trick is making sure that each time you choose a pillar you are going to have another one to select until all the lights are on. The first is easy, but the second is more difficult. The solution is as follows:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? R

?????????????????????? P 6th??????????? P 1st
??????????????????????????????????????????? 5th
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? P 2nd
???????????????????????????????? P 4th???????????????????????????????? 12th ?
?????????????? Key:
?????????????????????????????????? 7th
????????????????????????????????????????????????????? P 3rd??????????? P
13th???????????????????? P = Pillar
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 9th??????????????? ?
??????????????????????? R = Reset Statue
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
??????????????????????? # = Order

??????????????????????????????????? P 8th??????????? P 10th?????????? P 11th
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 14th

After this is completed, go to the new doorway and get your second ring. Then, return to Kavarre back at the Tavern to get your Amulet. It turns out to be Soranith’s Amulet. Required Chr. Lvl 32: 15 Intelligence 15% Mana Regeneration 15% Death Resistance.

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