PC Cheats

Elder Scrolls 4, The: Oblivion Cheats

Duplicate items glitch:
Get two or more of the same magic scrolls and press X on them twice. Go to whichever item you want to duplicate and drop it. You must have one of the items on you for it to work.

Infinite recharge w/ duplicate items glitch:

Perform the “Duplicate items” glitch on a soul gem. When an item is low on charge you can fully recharge it without having to buy more soul gems or doing soul trapping.

Easy money w/ duplicate items glitch:

Have already completed the quest Misoga the Orc and do the quest from the king to kill a guy of the Black Bandits taking a black bow from them. The King will give you 100 gold for the black bow, but when he asks you if you have one tell him no. Use the Duplicate Item Glitch with the black bow and give it to the king. Repeat as desired.

Easy stealing with Gray Fox’s mask:

Put on the Gray Fox’s mask. Steal something then wait for the guards to say something like “So you are the Gray Fox, I am going to kill you”. Select “Resist Arrest” and take off the mask. Exit the menu, then yield to the guard by holding Block and pressing X to talk to him at the same time. He will walk away and you will not have a bounty. You will retain the stolen item.

Orc merchant easy money glitch:

In the camp outside of Kavach there is a lady Orc merchant inside a tent. Pull out a valuable weapon and hop on a horse. Try to sell the weapon you are holding and it will tell you that you can’t, but you will still get the money while keeping the weapon.

Get Brotherhood invitation:

To join the Dark Brotherhood, you must kill somebody for no reason. Find a hobo by a tree or behind a house and wait until night time. When they go to sleep go into sneak mode and attack from behind. There will be text in the top left hand corner that says, “Your killing has been observed by forces unknown…”.


The Unicorn is northeast of the Inn of Ill Omen and east of the Mingo Cave at Harcane’s Grove. It is protected by four Minotaurs. To reach it move west/southwest from Fort Variela, which is on the coast of the upper Niben river. If you do this you will see the Unicorn before the Minotaur sees you.

Escape from jail:

To escape from jail, you must have a very high rank in stealth. When in your cell, walk to the jail door. crouch and wait for the guard to pass by. While he passes and the eye turns transparent, pickpocket him and steal the key.

Open doors without breaking lockpicks:
Walk up to a door and Save the game. If you break a lockpick just load the saved game and try again.

Level up sneak:
On the first mission for the Dark Brotherhood, when you are at the Inn of ill Omen, go to the basement where Rufio lives. Get in sneak position and repeatedly run against the wall. Rufio is sleeping and will never wake up. Keep running against the wall until your sneak levels up.

Level up alteration:
Go to a Mage Guild Hall and buy a lock opening spell. Find a door that is locked. Repeatedly use the spell on the door and your alteration skill will go up.

Easy level ups:
In Leyawin, talk to some people in the streets. They will mention Rosinta Gallentus and how her house smells bad. Do the easy quest and take the staff to Darkfathom Cave just outside of Leyawin. At the shrine, after you drop the staff, you can kill the Scamps forever.

Enable Screenshots:

To enable screenshots, you will need to edit a game file; create a backup of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “oblivion_default.ini” file in the “my documentsmy gamesoblivion” directory. Change the “bAllowScreenShot=0” to “bAllowScreenShot=1”. While playing the game, press [PrtScn] to save a .BMP file of the active screen.

Cheat Codes:

To activate the following cheats, press ~ to bring up the console window, then enter the corresponding codes:

List console – commands?? ?help
Invincibility, if nothing is targeted – tgm
Level up – advlevel
Force skill level up – advskill [skill]Revive target – resurrect
Complete all quest stages – caqs
All map locations displayed – togglemapmarkers
Give all spells to player – psb
Move to current quest target – movetoqt
Lock selected door or container with indicated lock level – lock [1-100]Unlock selected locked door or container – unlock
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted – kill
Add 100 gold – player.additem 0000000f “100”
Add 100 lockpicks – player.additem 0000000a “100”
Add 100 repair hammers – player.additem 0000000c “100”
Add 100 skeleton keys – player.additem 0000000b “100”
Add indicated amount of points to specified skill [Note 1] – modpcs [skill], [number]Add indicated amount of points to indicated attribute [Note 2] – modpca [attribute], [number]Add indicated amount of points to indicated stat [Note 3] – player.setav [stat] [number]Add spell to character’s spell list – player.addspell [spell code]Remove spell from character’s spell list – player.removespell [spell code]Set player level – player.setlevel [1-255]Set all quest stages – completeallqueststages
Set hair color – hairtint [red] [green] [blue]Set character’s fame – setpcfame
Set character’s infamy – setpcinfamy
Move to current quest target – movetoquesttarget
Free camera movement – tfc
Teleport [Note 4] – player.coc [location code]Spawn indicated item – player.additem [item code] [amount]Get indicated spell – addspell [spell code]Toggle no clipping – tcl
Toggle full help – tfh
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles – showsubtitle
Toggle AI – tai
Toggle combat AI – tcai
Toggle AI detection – tdetect
Toggle debug display – tdt
Toggle grass – tg
Toggle land – tll
Toggle leaves – tlv
Toggle menus – tm
Toggle fog of war – togglefogofwar
Toggle sky – ts
Toggle trees – tt
Toggle wireframe – twf
Toggle water – tws
Save game – savegame [filename]Quit game – qqq
Set camera field of view in degrees; default is 75 – setcamerafov [degrees]Set fog start and end depths – setfog [start] [end]Change your gender – sexchange
Change your birthsign – showbirthsignmenu
Change your class – showclassmenu
Change weather instantly – fw [weather code]Change weather naturally – sw [weather code]Release locked weather – releaseweatheroverride
Show sign selection screen – showbirthsignmenu
Show class selection screen – showclassmenu
Show all log entries for indicated quest – showfullquestlog [quest id]Show quest log – showquestlog
Show current quest log – showquestlog 0
Show completed quest log – showquestlog 1
Show current quest targets – showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen – showracemenu
Window with the full game scene – graph?? ?ssg

Note 1: For example, enter “modpcs blade, 10” to increase your blade skill by 10 points; it will not set it to 10. Raising your skills in this manner will cause you to level up, but will not give you any attribute bonuses when you pick which attributes you want to increase on the level up screen.

Note 2: For example, enter “modpca strength, 10” to increase your strength by 10; it will not set it to 10.

Note 3: For example, enter “player.setav strength 60” to set your Strength to 60. This works for all statistics and skills including derived stats, such as Magicka and Fatigue. When you use this code to alter Magicka or Fatigue, you are changing the base value of the stat. For example, “player.setav magicka 80” will add 80 points of Magicka to your character’s base Magicka score. Changes made to skills using this code will not affect your character’s level progression in the same manner as using the “modpcs”.

Note 4: Enclose the destination name in parenthesis if it contains a space.

Spell code:
To create a lightining bolt, input “000A97F8” as a value into the “player.addspell [spell code]” or “player.removespell [spell code]” code.

Weather codes:

Use one of the following values with the “fw [weather code]” or “sw [weather code]” code. If you add “,1” after the code (the weather override switch), the weather will stay like that until you either change it manually with the “fw [weather code]” or “sw [weather code]” code again, or enable the “releaseweatheroverride” code:

Clear – 00038EEE
Cloudy – 00038EFE
Fog – 00038EEF
Overcast – 00038EEC
Rain – 00038EF2
Snow – 00038EED
Thunderstorm – 00038EF1
OblivionStormTamriel – 000836D5
OblivionStormTamrielMQ16 – 0006BC8B
CamoranNatural – 000370CE
Default – 0000015E

Location codes:
Input any of the following values into the “player.coc [location code]” code:

A Fighting Chance – ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance
A Fighting Chance Basement – ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceBasement
A Fighting Chance Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceUpstairs
A Warlock’s Luck – BravilaWarlockluck
Abandoned Basement – CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement
Abandoned House – AnvilAbandonedHouse
Abandoned House – CheydinhalAbandonedHouse
Abandoned Mine – AbandonedMine
Abandoned Mine Caverns – AbandonedMine02
Abandoned Shack – ICWaterfrontAbandonedShack
Adrian Decanius’ Basement – ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseBasement
Adrian Decanius’ House – ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouse
Adrian Decanius’ Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseUpstairs
Aengvir’s House – HarlunsWatchAengvirsHouse
Agarmir’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseBasement
Agarmir’s House – ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouse
Agarmir’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseUpstairs
Ahdarji’s House – LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse
Ahdarji’s House 2nd Floor East – LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorEast
Ahdarji’s House 2nd Floor West – LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorWest
Alberic Litte’s Basement – ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement
Alberic Litte’s House – ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse
Aldos Othran’s House – CheydinhalAldosOthransHouse
Aleron Loche’s House – BravilAleronLochesHouse
Aleswell Inn – AleswellInn
Algot’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictAlgotsBasement
Algot’s House – ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouse
Algot’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouseUpstairs
All Things Alchemical – SkingradAllThingsAlchemical
Alval Uvani’s Basement – LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement
Alval Uvani’s House – LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse
Alval Uvani’s House 2nd Floor – LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor
Amantius Allectus’ Basement – ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusBasement
Amantius Allectus’ House – ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouse
Amantius Allectus’ Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouseUpstairs
Ambroise Canne’s House – SkingradAmbroiseCannesHouse
Amelion Tomb – AmelionFamilyTomb
Ancestor Moth Crypt – TempleOfTheAncestorMothCrypt
Andragil’s House – BravilAndragilHouse
Anga – Anga
Angelie’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseBasement
Angelie’s House – ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouse
Angelie’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseUpstairs
Anutwyll – Anutwyll
Anutwyll Inner Chambers – Anutwyll02
Anvil Castle – AnvilCastleGreatHall
Anvil Castle Caverns – AnvilCastleNecromancerLair
Anvil Lighthouse – AnvilLighthouse
Anvil Lighthouse Cellar – AnvilLighthouseBasement
Anvil Lighthouse Tower – AnvilLighthouseUpperRoom
Anvil Mages Guild – AnvilMagesGuild
Applewatch Farmhouse – ApplewatchInterior
Arborwatch – ChorrolHouseForSale
Arborwatch Bedrooms – ChorrolHouseForSale2floor
Arborwatch Suite – ChorrolHouseForSale3floor
Arch-Mage’s Lobby – ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerLobby
Arch-Mage’s Quarters – ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters
Arch-Mage’s Tower Council Chambers – ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerCouncil
Areldil’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseBasement
Areldil’s House – ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouse
Areldil’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseUpstairs
Arena – ChorrolArena
Arena – ArenaMatchCell
Arena Bloodworks – ICArenaBloodworks
Arkved’s Death Quarters – ArkvedsTower07
Arkved’s Hall of Changes – ArkvedsTower04
Arkved’s Lost Halls – ArkvedsTower03
Arkved’s Rending Halls – ArkvedsTower06
Arkved’s Retreat – ArkvedsTower05
Arkved’s Tower – ArkvedsTower01
Arkved’s Void – ArkvedsTower02
Armand Christophe’s House – ICWaterfrontArmandChristopheHouse
Armor Warehouse – WarehouseArmor
Armor Warehouse – WarehouseMagicArmor
Armory – ICImperialLegionHQArmory
Arnora’s House – BrumaArnorasHouse
Arpenia – Arpenia
Arrowshaft Cavern – ArrowshaftCavern
Arrowshaft Cavern Subtarrane – ArrowshaftCavern03
Arvena Thelas’ Basement – AnvilArvenaThelasBasement
Arvena Thelas’ House – AnvilArvenaThelasHouse
Arvin Dalvilu’s House – BleakersWayArvinDalvilusHouse
Astante’s Home – BrindleHome02
Astinia Atius’ Basement – ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseBasement
Astinia Atius’ House – ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouse
Astinia Atius’ Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseUpstairs
Atatar – Atatar
Atatar Haelia Anga – Atatar03
Atatar Haelia Dagon – Atatar02
Atatar Loria – Atatar04
Baenlin’s Basement – BrumaBaenlinsBasement
Baenlin’s House – BrumaBaenlinsHouse
Barren Cave – BarrenCave
Barren Mine – BarrenMine
Barthel Gernand’s House – CropsfordBarthelGernandsHouse
Bawn – Bawn
Bawn Latta – Bawn03
Bawn Loria – Bawn02
Bay Roan Stables – BravilStable
Bazur Gro-Gharz’s House – CheydinhalGharzHouse
Bedrock Break – BedrockBreak
Belda – Belda
Belda Lor – Belda02
Beldaburo – Beldaburo
Beldaburo Anga – Beldaburo02
Belletor’s Folly – BelletorsFolly
Belletor’s Folly Cavern – BelletorsFolly03
Belletor’s Folly Mines – BelletorsFolly02
Beneath the Bloodworks – ImperialSewerSystemArena
Benirus Manor – AnvilBenirusManorHaunted
Benirus Manor Basement – AnvilBenirusManorBasement
Bernadette Peneles’ House – SkingradBernadettePenelesHouse
Best Goods and Guarantees – LeyawiinBestGoodsAndGuarantees
Betto Plotius’ House – LeyawiinBettoPlotiusHouse
Biene Amelion’s House – WatersEdgeBieneAmelionsHouse
Bincals’ House – CropsfordBincalsHouse
Black Balconies of Fieldhouse – FieldhouseCave03
Black Horse Courier – ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier
Black Horse Courier Basement – ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement
Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices – ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs
Black Rock Caverns – BlackRockCaverns
Black Rock Caverns – BlackRockCavernsLight7
Black Rock Main Chamber – BlackRockCaverns02
Black Waterside Stables – CheydinhalBlackWatersideStables
Blackwood Company Hall – LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyHall
Blackwood Company Hall Basement – LeyawiinBlackwoodTreeRoom
Blackwood Company Training Hall – LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyTrainingHall
Bleak Flats Cave – BleakFlatsCave
Bleak Flats Cave – XXXRANDOMCave01
Bleak Mine – BleakMine
Bleaker’s Way Goodwill Inn – BleakersWayGoodwillInn
Blood Well – DAPeryiteSmallTower01
Blood Well – MS13OblivionSmallTower01
Blood Well – OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower04
Blood Well – OblivionRD001Tower02
Blood Well – OblivionRD003Tower02Left
Blood Well – OblivionRD003Tower02Right
Blood Well – OblivionRD006TowerLeft
Bloodcrust Cavern – BloodcrustCavern
Bloodmayne Cave – BloodmayneCave
Bloodmayne Cave Labyrinth – BloodmayneCave02
Bloodrun Cave – BloodRunCave
Book Warehouse – WarehouseBooks
Borba’s Goods and Stores – CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStores
Borba’s Goods and Stores Basement – CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStoresBasement
Border Watch Inn – BorderWatchInn
Boreal Stone Cave – BorealStoneCave
Bradon Lirrians Basement – BrumaBradonLirriansBasement
Bradon Lirrian’s House – BrumaBradonLirriansHouse
Bramblepoint Cave – BramblepointCave
Bravil Chapel Undercroft – BravilChapelUndercroft
Bravil Fighters Guild Basement – BravilFightersGuildBasement
Bravil Fighter’s Guild Second Floor – BravilFightersGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Fighter’s Guild Third Floor – BravilFightersGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild – BravilMagesGuild
Bravil Mages Guild 2nd Floor – BravilMagesGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Mages Guild 3rd Floor – BravilMagesGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild Basement – BravilMagesGuildBasement
Bravil Wizard’s Grotto – BravilWizardsGrotto
Bravil Wizard’s Lair – BravilWizardsLair
Breakneck Cave – BreakneckCave
Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber – BreakneckCave03
Brina Cross Inn – BrinaCrossInn
Brittlerock Cave – BrittlerockCave
Brittlerock Lower Passages – BrittlerockCave02
Broken Promises Cave – BrokenPromisesCave
Brotch Calus’ House – BrumaBrotchCalusHouse
Bruma Caverns – BrumaCaverns
Bruma Fighters Guild – BrumaFightersGuild
Bruma Mages Guild – BrumaMagesGuild
Bruma Mages Guild – BrumaMagesGuildDestroyed
Cadlew Chapel – CadlewChapel
Capstone Cave – CapstoneCave
Capstone Great Cavern – CapstoneCave02
Captain’s Cabin – ICWaterfrontMarieElenaCaptainsCabin
Carac Agaialor – ParadiseCamoranFortress
Carandial’s House – BravilCarandialHouse
Casta Scribonia’s Basement – ChorrolCastaScriboniasBasement
Casta Scribonia’s House – ChorrolCastaScriboniasHouse
Castle Barracks – AnvilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Barracks – BravilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Dining Hall – BravilCastleDiningHall
Castle Bravil Dungeon – BravilCastleDungeon
Castle Bravil Great Hall – BravilCastleGreatHall
Castle Bravil Servant’s Quarters – BravilCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Bruma Barracks – BrumaCastleBarracks
Castle Bruma Dungeon – BrumaCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol Arch Tower – ChorrolCastleTowerBL2
Castle Chorrol Barracks – ChorrolCastleBarracks
Castle Chorrol Dungeon – ChorrolCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol East Tower – ChorrolCastleTowerFR
Castle Chorrol Great Hall – ChorrolCastleGreatHall
Castle Chorrol North Tower – ChorrolCastleTowerBR
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters – ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters – ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters02
Castle Chorrol South Tower – ChorrolCastleTowerFL
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View – ChorrolCastleTowerR2
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View – ChorrolCastleTowerR1
Castle Chorrol West Tower – ChorrolCastleTowerBL
Castle Kvatch Passageway – KvatchCastlePassageway
Castle Leyawiin Basement – LeyawiinCastleBasement
Castle Leyawiin County Hall – LeyawiinCastleCountyHall
Castle Leyawiin Dungeon – LeyawiinCastleDungeon
Castle Leyawiin Servants’ Quarters – LeyawiinCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Skingrad Barracks – SkingradCastleBarracks
Castle Skingrad County Hall – SkingradCastleSkingrad
Castle Skingrad Courtyard – SkingradCastleCourtyard
Castle Skingrad Dining Hall – SkingradCastleDiningHall
Castle Skingrad Dungeon – SkingradCastleDungeon
Castle Skingrad Living Quarters – SkingradCastleLivingQuarters
Castle Skingrad Lord’s Manor – SkingradCastleLordsManor
Castle Skingrad South Hall – SkingradCastleSouthHall
Castle Skingrad Wine Cellar – SkingradCastleWineCellar
Castle Varaldo Interior – CastleVaraldo
Catacombs – JakbenTombInterior
Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth – TempleMothCatacombs02
Cave Exterior entrances – WarehouseCaveEntrance
Cave Tomb Warehouse – WarehouseCaveTombNecro
Caverns – TestCameronCave
Caverns – TestCave01
Caverns – TestCave02
Caverns – TestCave03
Caverns of the Abused – OblivionRD001Caves
Ceyatatar – Ceyatatar
Ceyatatar Gorigarlas – Ceyatatar02
Ceyatatar Gorihame – Ceyatatar03
Chair testing – TestChairs
Chamber of the Lost – SkingradCastleChamberOfTheLost
Chapel Hall – AnvilChapelHall
Chapel Hall – BravilChapelGreatHall
Chapel Hall – BrumaChapelHall
Chapel Hall – CheydinhalChapelHall
Chapel Hall – ChorrolChapelHall
Chapel Hall – KvatchChapelHall
Chapel Hall – LeyawiinChapelHall
Chapel Hall – SkingradChapelHall
Chapel of Akatosh – KvatchChapelofAkatosh
Chapel of Dibella – AnvilChapelofDibella
Chapel of Stendarr – ChorrolChapelOfStendarr
Chapel of the Brethren – HackdirtChapel
Chapel Undercroft – AnvilChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – BrumaChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – CheydinhalChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – ChorrolChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – KvatchChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – LeyawiinChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft – SkingradChapelUndercroft
Charcoal Cave – CharcoalCave
Charcoal Cave – Abandoned Tunnels – CharcoalCave02
Charcoal Cave – Bandit Lair – CharcoalCave03
Chestnut Handy Stables – ICChestnutHandyStables
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn – CheydinhalBridgeInn
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement – CheydinhalBridgeInnBasement
Cheydinhal Castle County Hall – CheydinhalCastleCountyHall
Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon – CheydinhalCastleDungeon
Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall – CheydinhalCastleGreatHall
Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks – CheydinhalCastleGuardBarracks
Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters – CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters
Cheydinhal Fighter’s Guild – CheydinhalFightersGuild
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement – CheydinhalFightersGuildBasement
Cheydinhal Lords’ Private Quarters – CheydinhalCastleLordsQuarters
Chironasium – ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenter
Chironasium Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenterUpstairs
Chorrol Castle Gate Tower – ChorrolGateBRandBL
Chorrol Fighters Guild Basement – ChorrolFightersGuildBasement
Chorrol Fighters Guild Tower – ChorrolFightersGuildTower
Chorrol Mages Guild – ChorrolMagesGuild
Cingor’s House – LeyawiinCingorsHouse
City Swimmer’s House – BravilCitySwimmerHouse
City Watch Barracks – AnvilTownGuardBarracks
City Watch Barracks – LeyawiinCityWatchBarracks
Clarabella Lower Deck – AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaLowerDeck
Clarabella Mid Deck – AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaMidDeck
Claudius Arcadia’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseBasement
Claudius Arcadia’s House – ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouse
Claudius Arcadia’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseUpstairs
Clothing Warehouse – WarehouseClothes
Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing – CloudRulerTempleEastWing
Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall – CloudRulerTempleGreatHall
Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing – CloudRulerTempleWestWing
Clutter Crates and Boxes – WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrCrates
Coast Guard Station – LeyawiinCoastGuardStation
Collapsed Mine – CollapsedMine
Collapsed Mine – Breakthrough – CollapsedMine02
Colovian Traders – SkingradColovianTraders
Combat AI Warehouse – WarehouseCombatAI
Corridors of Dark Salvation – MQ10BrumaHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation – MS13OblivionHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRD002Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRDCitadel01Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRDCitadel03Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRDCitadel04Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation – OblivionRDCitadel05Hall01
Count’s Quarters – KvatchCastleKingsQuarters
Cracked Wood Cave – CrackedWoodCave
Crayfish Capillaries – CrayfishCave02
Crayfish Cave – CrayfishCave
Crayfish Soggy Bottom – CrayfishCave05
Crayfish Steep – CrayfishCave04
Crayfish Vents – CrayfishCave03
Crime Warehouse – WarehouseCrime
Crowhaven – Crowhaven01
Crowhaven Burial Halls – Crowhaven02
Crumbling Mine – CrumblingMine
Crypt of Rielle – Rielle02
Crypt Of The Night Mother – BravilCryptOfTheNightMother
Culotte – Culotte
Cursed Mine – CursedMine
Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers – CursedMine02
Cursed Mine Lower Galleries – CursedMine03
Cyronin Sintav’s Basement – ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseBasement
Cyronin Sintav’s House – ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouse
Cyronin Sintav’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseUpstairs
Dagon Shrine – LakeArriusShrineDagon
Damian Magius Quarters – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeUpstairs
Dar Jee’s House – LeyawiinDarJeesHouse
Dareloth’s Basement – ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseBasement
Dareloth’s House – ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouse
Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters – CheydinhalSanctuaryQuarters
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary – CheydinhalSanctuary
Dark Brotherhood Training Room – CheydinhalSanctuaryTrainingRoom
Dark Fissure – DarkFissure
Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum – DarkFissure03
Dark Fissure Tunnels – DarkFissure02
Darkfathom Cave – DarkfathomCave
Dasek Moor – DasekMoor
Dasek Moor Maleboge – DasekMoor03
Dasek Moor Tombs – DasekMoor02
Dead Halls – OblivionRDCitadel01Hall02
Dead Halls – OblivionRDCitadel03Hall02
Deep Bramblepoint Cave – BramblePointCave03
Deetum-Ja’s House – HarlunsWatchinteriorDeetumJasHouse
Derelict Mine – DerelictMine
Derelict Mine – DerelictMine03
Derelict Mine Tunnels – DerelictMine02
Deserted Mine – DesertedMine
Deserted Mine Caverns – DesertedMine02
Desolate Mine – DesolateMine
Desolate Well – OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower03
Desolations End – OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall02
Dining Hall – AnvilCastleDiningHallandServantQuarters
Dining Hall – KvatchCastleDiningHall
Divine Elegance – ICMarketDistrictDivineElegance
Divine Elegance Basement – ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceBasement
Divine Elegance Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceUpstairs
Doomed Mine – DoomedMine
Dorian’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseBasement
Dorian’s House – ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouse
Dorian’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseUpstairs
Dovyn Aren’s Basement – ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseBasement
Dovyn Aren’s House – ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouse
Dovyn Aren’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseUpstairs
Drakelowe – DrakeloweFarm
Drakelowe – DrakeloweFarmCOPY0000
Drakelowe Basement – DrakeloweFarmBasement
Drarana Thelis’ House – HarlunWatchinteriorDraranaThelisHouse
Dro’shanji’s House – BravilDroshanjisHouse
Dul gro-Shug’s Basement – ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseBasement
Dul gro-Shug’s House – ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouse
Dul gro-Shug’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseUpstairs
Dungeon – AnvilCastleDungeon
Dust Sumps of Fieldhouse – FieldhouseCave02
Dynari Amnis’ Basement – ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseBasement
Dynari Amnis’ House – ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouse
Dynari Amnis’ Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseUpstairs
Dzonot Cave – DzonotCave
Dzonot Main Cavern – DzonotCave02
Earthquake – OblivionRD002Tower02Left
Echo Cave – EchoCave
Echo Mine – EchoMine
Echo Necromancer’s Chamber – EchoCave03
Echo Passages – EchoCave02
Edgar’s Basement – ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsBasement
Edgar’s Discount Spells – ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpells
Edgar’s Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsUpstairs
Eduard Retiene’s House – WatersEdgeEduardRetienesHouse
Elder Council Chambers – ICPalaceElderCouncilChambers
Elder Scrolls Library – ICPalaceLibrary
Elder Scrolls Library – ICPalaceLibraryBackup
Elenglynn – Elenglynn
Emma May Captain’s Cabin – EmmaMayCaptainsCabin
Emma May Lower Deck – EmmaMayLowerDeck
Emma May Mid Deck – EmmaMayMidDeck
Emma May Upper Deck – EmmaMayUpperDeck
Empty Mine – EmptyMine
Empty Mine Lair – Emptymine03
Empty Mine Tunnels – Emptymine02
Eruption – OblivionRD002Tower01Left
Eugal Belette’s Basement – ChorrolEugalBelettesBasement
Eugal Belette’s House – ChorrolEugalBelettesHouse
Exhausted Mine – ExhaustedMine
Exhausted Mine Bottom Section – ExhaustedMine03
Exhausted Mine Spent Works – ExhaustedMine02
Eyes of the Serpent – PalePass01
Fallen Rock Cave – FallenRockCave
Fanacas – Fanacas
Fanacasecul – Fanacasecul
Fangs of the Serpent – PalePass02
Faregyl’s Interior – FaregylInterior
Fatback Cave – FatbackCave
Fatback Deep Basins – FatbackCave03
Fatback Great Chamber – FatbackCave02
Fathis Ules’ Basement – ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseBasement
Fathis Ules’ House – ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouse
Fathis Ules’ Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseUpstairs
Felgageldt Cave – FelgageldtCave
Felgageldt Wishbone Vault – FelgageldtCave02
Fieldhouse Cave – FieldhouseCave
Fighters Guild – AnvilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild – BravilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild – ChorrolFightersGuild
Fighter’s Guild – LeyawiinFightersGuild
Fighter’s Guild 2nd Floor East – LeyawiinFightersGuildTraining
Fighter’s Guild 2nd Floor West – LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom01
Fighter’s Guild 3rd Floor West – LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom02
Fighters Guild Basement – BrumaFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Basement – SkingradFightersGuildBasement
Fighter’s Guild Basement – LeyawiinFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Company Offices – AnvilFightersGuildCompanyOffices
Fighters Guild Dining Hall – AnvilFightersGuildDinningHall
Fighters Guild Upstairs – SkingradFightersGuildUpstairs
Fighting Dojo – WarehouseFight
Fingerbowl Cave – FingerbowlCave
Fingerbowl Cave – Lord Crypt – FingerbowlCave04
Fingerbowl Cave – Noble Crypt – FingerbowlCave03
Fingerbowl Cave – Servant Crypt – FingerbowlCave02
Fire and Steel – ChorrolFireAndSteel
First Edition – ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition
First Edition Basement – ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionBasement
First Edition Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionUpstairs
Five Claws Lodge – LeyawiinFiveClawsLodge
Five Riders Stable – LeyawiinFiveRidersStable
Flooded Mine – FloodedMine
Floyd Nathan’s House – BlankenMarchHouse01
Forsaken Mine – ForsakenMine
Forsaken Mine Lost Passages – ForsakenMine02
Fort Alessia – FortAlessia
Fort Alessia Assembly Hall – FortAlessia02
Fort Ash – FortAsh01
Fort Ash Stockade – FortAsh02
Fort Aurus – FortAurus
Fort Black Boot – FortBlackBoot
Fort Blueblood – FortBlueBlood
Fort Blueblood Halls – FortBlueBlood02
Fort Blueblood Halls – FortBlueBlood02Backup
Fort Caractacus – FortCaractacus
Fort Carmala – FortCarmala
Fort Cedrian – FortCedrian01
Fort Cedrian Mausoleum – FortCedrian02
Fort Chalman – FortChalman
Fort Coldcorn – FortColdcorn
Fort Cuptor – FortCuptor
Fort Cuptor Battlemains – FortCuptor02
Fort Dirich – FortDirich
Fort Doublecross – FortDoublecross
Fort Doublecross Battlemage Muster – FortDoublecross03
Fort Doublecross Caves – FortDoublecross02
Fort Empire – FortEmpire
Fort Empire Barracks Block – FortEmpire02
Fort Entius – FortEntius01
Fort Entius Sepulcher – FortEntius02
Fort Facian – FortFacian
Fort Facian Vaults of Honor – FortFacian02
Fort Farragut – FortFarragut
Fort Flecia – FortFlecia
Fort Gold-Throat – FortGoldThroat
Fort Hastrel – FortHastrel01
Fort Hastrel Keep – FortHastrel02
Fort Homestead – FortHomestead01
Fort Homestead Heroes’ Hall – FortHomestead03
Fort Homestead Passages – FortHomestead02
Fort Horunn – FortHorunn
Fort Horunn Hall of the Eternal Flame – FortHorunn02
Fort Horunn Legate Assembly – FortHorunn03
Fort Irony – FortIrony
Fort Istirus – FortIstirus
Fort Istirus Barracks – FortIstirus03
Fort Istirus Sanctuaries – FortIstirus02
Fort Linchal – FortLinchal
Fort Linchal Hall of Knights – FortLinchal03
Fort Linchal Temple of War – FortLinchal02
Fort Magia – FortMagia
Fort Magia Garrison Blocks – FortMagia03
Fort Magia Memorials – FortMagia02
Fort Naso – FortNaso
Fort Nikel – FortNikel
Fort Nomore – FortNomore
Fort Nomore Bunker – FortNomore02
Fort Ontus – FortOntus
Fort Ontus Understreets – FortOntus02
Fort Rayles – FortRayles
Fort Rayles – FortRayles02DUPLICATE000
Fort Rayles Hall of Winter – FortRayles02
Fort Redman – FortRedman01
Fort Redman Hall of Judges – FortRedman02
Fort Redwater – FortRedwater01
Fort Redwater Halls of Glory – FortRedwater02
Fort Roebeck – FortRoebeck01
Fort Roebeck Winter Station – FortRoebeck02
Fort Ruins Clutter Mausoleum – WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTER
Fort Scinia – FortScinia01
Fort Scinia Hall of Legends – FortScinia02
Fort Sejanus – FortSejanus01
Fort Sejanus Catacombs – FortSejanus02
Fort Strand – FortStrand01
Fort Strand Great Dome – FortStrand02
Fort Sutch – FortSutchInterior
Fort Teleman – FortTeleman
Fort Teleman Order of the Black Rose – FortTeleman02
Fort Urasek – FortUrasek
Fort Urasek – FortUrasek02DUPLICATE000
Fort Urasek Company Billets – FortUrasek02
Fort Variela – FortVariela
Fort Variela Staff Quarters – FortVariela02
Fort Virtue – FortVirtue
Fort Vlastarus – FortVlastarus
Fort Wariel – FortWariel
Fort Wooden Hand – FortWoodenHand01
Fort Wooden Hand Stockade – FortWoodenHand02
Francois Motierre’s Basement – ChorrolFrancoisMotierresBasement
Francois Motierre’s House – ChorrolFrancoisMotierresHouse
Frostfire Cave – FrostFireCave
Fyrelight – Deep Canyon – FyrelightCave02
Fyrelight – The Lost Sump – FyrelightCave03
Fyrelight Cave – FyrelightCave
Ganredhel’s House – CheydinhalGanredhelsHouse
Garlas Agea – GarlasAgea
Geem Jasaiin’s Basement – ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseBasement
Geem Jasaiin’s House – ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouse
Geem Jasaiin’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseUpstairs
Gilen Norvalo’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosBasement
Gilen Norvalo’s House – ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouse
Gilen Norvalo’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouseUpstairs
Glademist Cave – GlademistCave
Glarthir’s Basement – SkingradGlarthirsBasement
Glarthir’s House – SkingradGlarthirsHouse
Goblin Jim’s Cave – GoblinJimsCave
Goblin Jim’s Pantry – GoblinJimsCave03
Goblin Jim’s Whiteskin City – GoblinJimsCave02
Gogan’s House – AnvilGogansHouse
Gottlefont House – GottlefontHouse
Gottlefont Priory – GottlefontPrioryMonastery
Gottshaw Inn – GottshawInnTavern
Graman gro-Marad’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsBasement
Graman gro-Marad’s House – ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouse
Graman gro-Marad’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouseUpstairs
Grateful Pass Stables – SkingradGratefulPassStables
Grayrock Cave – GrayrockCave
Grayrock Shambles – GrayrockCave02
Great Chapel of Mara – BravilChapelofMara
Great Chapel of Talos – BrumaChapel
Great Hall – KvatchCastleRooms
Great Wold Interior – GretWold
Greenmead Cave – GreenmeadCave
Greenmead Inky Grottos – GreenmeadCave03
Greenmead Soggy Hollow – GreenmeadCave02
Greyland – Greyland
Grey-Throat’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsBasement
Grey-Throat’s House – ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouse
Grey-Throat’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouseUpstairs
Guard House – ICElvenGardensGuardHouse
Guard House Basement – ICElvenGardensGuardHouseBasement
Guard House Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensGuardHouseUpstairs
Guildmaster’s Quarters – ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs
Gutted Mine – GuttedMine
Gweden Farm – GwedenFarmInterior
Gweden Farm Basement – GwedenFarmBasement
Hackdirt Caverns – HackdirtCaverns
Hagaer’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictHagaersBasement
Hagaer’s House – ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouse
Hagaer’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouseUpstairs
Hall of Combat – WarehouseCombatHall
Hall of Epochs – ImperialSewerSystemTG11c
Hall of Epochs – ImperialSewerSystemTG11d
Halls of Dark Hate – OblivionRD002Hall02Lava
Halls of Eternal Twilight – OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall01
Halls of Eternal Twilight – OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall01
Halls of Nonungalo – Nonungalo02
Halls of Shame – OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall02
Halls of Shame – OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall02
Hame – Hame
Hame Silasel – Hame03
Hame Wendesel – Hame02
Hammer and Axe – BrumaHammerAndAxe
Hammer and Tongs – SkingradHammerAndTongs
Hammer and Tongs Basement – SkingradHammerAndTongsBasement
Hanz gro-Hubrag’s House – BlankenMarchHouse02
Harborside Warehouse – AnvilHarborsideWarehouse
Harm’s Folly – HarmFolly
Hastrel Ottus’ Basement – ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseBasement
Hastrel Ottus’ House – ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouse
Hastrel Ottus’ Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseUpstairs
Haunted Caverns – HauntedMIne02
Haunted Mine – HauntedMine
Haynote Basin Galleries – HaynoteCave02
Haynote Cave – HaynoteCave
Haynote Winding Sump – HaynoteCave03
Heinrich Oaken-Hull’s House – AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouse
Helvius Cecia’s House – BrumaHelviusCeciasHouse
Helvo Atius’ Basement – ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseBasement
Helvo Atius’ House – ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouse
Helvo Atius’ Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseUpstairs
Henantier’s Dream – DreamHub
Henantier’s House – BravilHenantiersHouse
Herminia Cinna’s Basement – ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseBasement
Herminia Cinna’s House – ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouse
Herminia Cinna’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseUpstairs
Hidey-hole for Wabbajack target – WabbajackHole
Honditar’s House – ChorrolHonditarsHouse
Honmund’s House – BrumaHonmundsHouse
Horn Cave – HornCave
Horn Cave Grottoes – HornCave03
Horn Cave Still Pools – HornCave02
Horse Whisperer Stables – AnvilHorseWhisperer
House For Sale – BravilHouseforSale
House for Sale – BrumaHouseForSale
House for Sale – CheydinhalHouseForSale
House for Sale – LeyawiinHouseForSale
Howling Cave – HowlingCave
Howling Cave Lower Galleries – HowlingCave02
Hrol Ulfgar’s House – BleakersWayHrolUlfgarsHouse
Hrota Cave – HrotaCave
Hrotanda Vale – HrotandaVale
Hrotanda Vale Sanctum – HrotandaVale02
Hurricane – OblivionRD002Tower02Right
Ida Vlinorman’s Basement – ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseBasement
Ida Vlinorman’s House – ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouse
Ida Vlinorman’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseUpstairs
Imperial Battlemage’s Chambers – ICPalaceOcatoChambers
Imperial Bridge Inn – ImperialBridgeInnTavern
Imperial City Arena – ICArena
Imperial City Arena – ICArenaGrandChampion
Imperial City Arena – ICArenaSpectators
Imperial Guard Quarters – ICPalaceGuardQuarters
Imperial Legion Barracks – ICImperialLegionHQBarracks
Imperial Legion Basement – ICImperialLegionHQBasement
Imperial Legion Offices – ICImperialLegionHQMessHall
Imperial Orrery – ICArcaneUniversityImperialOrrery
Imperial Prison – Dark04Dungeon01
Imperial Prison – ImperialDungeon01
Imperial Substructure – ImperialDungeon04
Imperial Subterrane – Dark04Dungeon02
Imperial Subterrane – ImperialDungeon02
Imperial Trading Company Office – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOffice
Imperial Trading Company Office Basement – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeBasement
Imperial Trading Company Private Storage – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02WarehouseUpstairs
Imperial Trading Company Private Storage – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03WarehouseUpstairs
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Basement
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement – ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Basement
Imperial Villa – ImperialVilla
Imperial Watch Barracks – ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtowerGuardsQuarters
Imperial Watch Barracks – ICWaterfrontLighthouseGuardQuarters
Imperial Watchtower – ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtower
Infested Mine – InfestedMine
Infested Mine Old Works – InfestedMine02
Infested Mine Spent Galleries – InfestedMine03
Iniel Sintav’s Basement – ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseBasement
Iniel Sintav’s House – ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouse
Iniel Sintav’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseUpstairs
Inn of Ill Omen – InnIllOmen
Inn of Ill Omen Private Quarters – InnIllOmenBasement
Inner Bramblepoint Cave – BramblePointCave02
Irene Metrick’s Basement – ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseBasement
Irene Metrick’s House – ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse
Irene Metrick’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseUpstairs
Irroki the Wide’s House – PellGateIrrokitheWidesHouse
Isolated House – IsolatedHouse
Istrius Brolus’ Basement – BrumaIstriusBrolusBasement
Istrius Brolus’ House – BrumaIstirusBrolusHouse
Jair’s Shack – ICWaterfrontJairsShack
Jakben Imbel’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseBasement
Jakben Imbel’s House – ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouse
Jakben Imbel’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseTop
Jakben Imbel’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseUpstairs
Jastia Sintav’s Basement – ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseBasement
Jastia Sintav’s House – ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouse
Jastia Sintav’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseUpstairs
J’Bari’s House – LeyawiinJBarisHouse
J’Bari’s House 2nd Floor East – LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorEast
J’Bari’s House 2nd Floor West – LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorWest
Jearl’s Basement – BrumaJearlsHouseBasement
Jearl’s House – BrumaJearlsHouse
Jeetum Ze’s Room – LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom01
Jensine’s “Good as New” Merchandise – ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasNewMerchandise
Jensine’s Basement – ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasBasement
Jensine’s Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasUpstairs
Jerall View Inn – BrumaJerallView
Jerall View Inn – BrumaJerallViewBasement
Jesan Sextius’ House – AnvilJesanSextiusHouse
J’Ghasta’s House – BrumaJGhastasHouse
Jirolin Doran’s Basement – ChorrolJirolinDoransBasement
Jirolin Doran’s House – ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse
Jiv Hiriel’s House – HackdirtJivHirielsHouse
J’mhad’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictJmhadsBasement
J’mhad’s House – ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouse
J’mhad’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouseUpstairs
J’Riska’s House – BorderWatchJriskasHouse
Kastus Sintav’s Basement – ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseBasement
Kastus Sintav’s House – ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouse
Kastus Sintav’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseUpstairs
Kemen – Kemen
Kemen Varlasel – Kemen02
Kindred Cave – KindredCavern
Kindred Cave Runways – KindredCavern02
Kindred Cave Winding Hollows – KindredCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern – KingscrestCavern
Kingscrest Cavern Basin Chambers – KingscrestCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern Chert Galleries – KingscrestCavern02
Kingscrest Withered Forest – KingscrestCavern04
Knights of the Thorn Basement – CheydinhalKnightsBasement
Knights of the Thorn Headquarters – CheydinhalKnightsoftheThorn
Kvatch Castle Great Hall – KvatchCastle
Kvinchal’s Shack – ICWaterfrontKvinchalsShack
Lair of Anaxes – ParadiseAnaxesCave
Lake Arrius Caverns – LakeArriusCaverns
Landslide – OblivionRD002Tower03Left
Lazare Milvan’s Basement – SkingradLazareMilvansBasement
Lazare Milvan’s House – SkingradLazareMilvansHouse
Leafrot Cave – LeafrotCave
Leafrot Hollow – LeafrotCave02
Lelles’ Quality Merchandise – AnvilLellesQualityMerchandise
Lelles’ Quality Merchandise Basement – LellesQuailityMerchandiseBasement
Leyawiin Mages’ Guild – LeyawiinMagesGuild
Lighthouse – ICWaterfrontLighthousePrivateQuarters
Lighting Warehouse – WarehouseLight
Lindai – Lindai01
Lindai Inner Tombs – Lindai02
Lipsand Tarn – LipsandTarn
Lipsand Tarn Lorsel – LipsandTarn02
Llevana Nedaren’s House – CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensHouse
Llevana Nedarens House Basement – CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensBasement
Lockpick Warehouse – WarehouseLock
Lord Drad’s Estate – LordDradsEstateFarm
Lords Manor – BrumaCastleLordsManor
Lord’s Manor North Wing – BravilCastlePrivateQuartersNorthWing
Lords’ Manor Private Quarters – LeyawiinCastlePrivateQuarters
Lords Rugdumph’s Estate – LordRugdumphEstate
Lorkmir’s Basement – ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseBasement
Lorkmir’s House – ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouse
Lorkmir’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseUpstairs
Lost Black Rock Chasm – BlackRockCaverns03
Lost Boy Canyon – LostBoyCaverns02
Lost Boy Cavern – LostBoyCaverns
Lost Boy’s Hidden Bastion – LostBoyCaverns05
Lost Boy’s Yawning Halls – LostBoyCaverns03
Lower Arrowshaft Cavern – ArrowshaftCavern02
Lower Breakneck Cave – BreakneckCave02
Lower Class Clutter Warehouse – WareHouseLowerClass
Luciana Galena’s House – BravilLucianaGalenaHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsBasement
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s House – ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsUpstairs
Lustratorium – ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquarters
Lustratorium Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquartersUpstairs
Luther Broad’s Boarding House – ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBoardingHouse
Luther Broad’s Boarding House Basement – ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBasement
Luther Broad’s Boarding House Rooms – ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsRooms
Lyra Rosentia’s House – BrumaLyraRosentiasHouse
Mach-Na’s Books – CheydinhalMachNasBooks
Mackamentain – Mackamentain
Mage Quarters – ICArcaneUniversityMageQuarters
Mage Quarters Basement – ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersBasement
Mage Quarters Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersUpstairs
Mages’ Guild – CheydinhalMagesGuild
Mages Guild 2nd Floor East – LeyawiinMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild 2nd Floor West – LeyawiinMagesGuildLaboratory
Mages Guild 3rd Floor East – LeyawiinMagesGuildPrivateQuarter
Mages Guild Basement – CheydinhalMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement – ChorrolMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement – LeyawiinMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement – SkingradMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Library – AnvilMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Library – ChorrolMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Living Quarters – AnvilMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters – BrumaMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Living Quarters – BrumaMagesGuildBasementDestroyed
Mages Guild Living Quarters – ChorrolMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters – SkingradMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Well – CheydinhalMagesGuildWell
Magrum gra-Orum’s Basement – CheydinhalOrumHouseBasement
Magrum gra-Orum’s House – CheydinhalOrumHouse
Mahei’s House – LeyawiinMaheisHouse
Mahei’s House 2nd Floor East – LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorEast
Mahei’s House 2nd Floor West – LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorWest
Malada – Malada01
Malada Aldmerisel – Malada02
Malintus Ancrus’ House – ChorrolMalintusAncrusHouse
Malyani Dalvilu’s House – BleakersWayMalyaniDalvilusHouse
Marana Rian’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansBasement
Marana Rian’s House – ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouse
Marana Rian’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouseUpstairs
Margarte’s House – LeyawiinMargartesHouse
Marie Alouette’s House – WatersEdgeMarieAlouettesHouse
Marie Elena Lower Deck – ICWaterfrontMarieElenaLowerDeck
Marie Elena Mid Deck – ICWaterfrontMarieElenaMidDeck
Marinus Catiotus’ Basement – ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseBasement
Marinus Catiotus’ House – ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouse
Marinus Catiotus’ Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseUpstairs
Marlena Brussiner’s Basement – HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersBasement
Marlena Brussiner’s House – HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersHouse
Matthias Draconis’ Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseUpstairs
Matthias Draconis’ Basement – ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseBasement
Matthias Draconis’ House – ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouse
M’dasha’s House – BorderWatchMdashasHouse
M’dirr’s House – BorderWatchMdirrsHouse
Meat Harbor – OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower02
Meat Harbor – OblivionRD007SmallTower01
Melus Petilius’ House – MelusPetilusHouse
Memorial Cave – MemorialCave
Methredhel’s House – ICWaterfrontMethredhelsHouse
Middle Class Clutter Warehouse – WarehouseMiddleClass
Mingo Cave – MingoCave
Mire of Ash – OblivionRDCavesEnd01
Mire of Ash – OblivionRDCavesEnd03
Mire of Ash – OblivionRDCavesEnd05
Mire of Ash – OblivionRDCavesEnd07
Miscarcand – Miscarcand01
Miscarcand Welkynd Stone Room – XXXMiscarcand05
Miscarcand, Morimath – Miscarcand03
Miscarcand, Sel Vanua – Miscarcand02
Modryn Oreyn’s House – ChorrolModrynOreynsHouse
Molten Halls – OblivionRD004Caves
Molten Halls – OblivionRDCavesMiddleA01
Molten Halls – OblivionRDCavesMiddleA03
Molten Halls – OblivionRDCavesMiddleA05
Molten Halls – OblivionRDCavesMiddleA07
Mongrel’s Tooth Cave – MongrelsToothCave
Monk’s Quarters – TempleOfTheAncestorMothFarm
Morahame – Morahame
Moranda – Moranda
Moranda Abaspania – Moranda03
Moranda Aratasel – Moranda02
Morvayn’s Peacemakers – AnvilMorvaynsPeacemakers
Moslin’s Basement – HackdirtMoslinsDryGoodsBasement
Moslin’s Dry Goods – HackdirtMoslinsDryGoods
Moslin’s Guest Rooms – HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom02B
Moslin’s Inn – HackdirtMoslinsInn
Moslin’s Room – HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom01
Moss Rock Cavern – MossRockCavern
Moth Priest’s Quarters – ICPalacePrivateQuarters
Mouth of the Serpent – PalePass
Muck Valley Cavern – MuckValleyCavern
Mystic Archives – ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchives
Mystic Archives Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchivesUpstairs
Mystic Emporium – ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporium
Mystic Emporium Basement – ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumBasement
Mystic Emporium Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumUpstairs
Myvryna Arano’s House – ICWaterfrontMyvrynaAranoHouse
Nagastani – Nagastani
Nagastani Sedorsel – Nagastani02
Narfinsel – Narfinsel
Natch Pinder’s House – HackdirtNatchPindersHouse
Natural Caverns – ImperialDungeon05
Necromancer’s Asylum – Mackamentain03
Nenalata – Nenalata
Nenalata Sel Aran Arpena – Nenalata03
Nenalata Wendesel – Nenalata02
Nenyond Twyll – NenyondTwyll
Nenyond Twyll Riellesel – NenyondTwyll02
Nerastarel’s House – SkingradNerastarelsHouse
Nerastarel’s House Upstairs – SkingradNerastarelsHouseUpstairs
Newheim the Portly’s House – AnvilNewheimThePortlysHouse
Newlands Lodge – CheydinhalNewlandsLodge
Newt Cave – NewtCave
Newt Cave Breezeways – NewtCave03
Newt Cave Chapels of Light – NewtCave02
Ninendava – Ninendava
Niryastare – Niryastare
Niryastare Silaseli – Niryastare02
Nisin Cave – NisinCave
Nivan Dalvilu’s House – BleakersWayNivalDalvilusHouse
Nonungalo – Nonungalo
Nonwyll Cavern – NonwyllCavern
Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans – NonwyllCavern02
Nord Winds – BrumaNordWinds
Nornal – Nornal
Nornal Ageasel – Nornal02
Nornal Goriluch – Nornal03
Nornal Varlasel – Nornal04
Nornalhorst – Nornalhorst
Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevla – Nornalhorst02
North Country Stables – ChorrolNorthCountryStables
North Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNGuardQuarters
North Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNTopGuardQuarters
North Watch Captain’s Quarters – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNCaptainsQuarters
North Watch Tower – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerN
Northeast Wall Tower – ChorrolCastleWallTowerNE
Northeast Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNEGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNETopGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Captain’s Quarters – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNECaptainsQuarters
Northeast Watch Tower – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNE
Northern Goods and Trade – ChorrolNorthernGoodsAndTrade
Northwest Wall Tower – ChorrolCastleWallTowerNW
Northwest Watch Tower – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNW
Northwest Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Barracks – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWTopGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Captain’s Quarters – ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWCaptainsQuarters
Novaroma – BrumaNovaroma
NPC Combat AI Warehouse – WarehouseNPCCombatAI
Oaken-Hull’s Private Rooms – AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouseSecondFloor
Object Avoidance Warehouse – WarehouseObjectAvoid
Odiil Farm – OdiilFarm
Office of Imperial Commerce – ICMarketDistrictOfficeofImperialCommerce
Office of Imperial Commerce Basement – ICMarketDistrictOfficeBasement
Office of Imperial Commerce Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictOfficeUpstairs
Oghash Gra-Magul’s House – CheydinhalMagulHouse
Ohtimbar’s House – CheydinhalOhtimbarsHouse
Olav’s Tap and Tack – BrumaOlavsTapAndTack
Ondo – Ondo
Ondo Canohaelia – Ondo02
One Stop Bandit Shop – WarehouseCaveBandit
Ongar’s House – BrumaOngarsHouse
Ontus Vanin’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseBasement
Ontus Vanin’s House – ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouse
Ontus Vanin’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseUpstairs
Onyx Canyon Bridge – OnyxCaverns02
Onyx Caverns – OnyxCaverns
Ormil’s Cabin – ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatCabin
Othrelos’ Basement – ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseBasement
Othrelos’ House – ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouse
Othrelos’ Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseUpstairs
Otumeel’s House – LeyawiinOtumeelsHouse
Outlaw Endre’s Cave – OutlawEndresCave
Outlaw Endre’s Hideout – OutlawEndresCave02
Palace Basement – ICPalaceCrypt
Pennus Mallius’ Basement – ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusBasement
Pennus Mallius’ House – ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouse
Pennus Mallius’ Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouseUpstairs
Perennia’s Ghost Holding Cell – DarkGhostCell
Peryite World TEMP – PeryiteWorldTEMP
Philip Franc’s House – BlankenMarchHouse03
Pillaged Mine – PillagedMine
Pillaged Mine Limestone Works – PillagedMine02
Pinarus Inventius’ House – AnvilPinarusInventiusHouse
Piukanda – Piukanda
Piukanda Ceyede – Piukanda03
Piukanda Edesel – Piukanda02
Plundered Mine – PlunderedMine
Plundered Mine Abandoned Works – PlunderedMine02
Portals of Natural Disaster – OblivionRD002Citadel
Pothole Caverns – PotholeCaverns
Practice Rooms – ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRooms
Practice Rooms Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRoomsUpstairs
Praxographical Center – ICArcaneUniversitySpellmaker
Praxographical Center Upper Level – ICArcaneUniversitySpellmakerUpstairs
Private Quarters – AnvilCastlePrivateQuarters
Private Quarters East Wing – BravilCastlePrivateQuartersEastWing
Quake Ruin – OblivionRD004SubmergedTower
Quickwater Cave – QuickwaterCave
Quickwater Sump – QuickwaterCave02
Quill-Weave’s House – AnvilQuillWeavesHouse
Ra’Jahirr’s House – LeyawiinRaJahirrsHouse
Ra’jhan’s Basement – ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseBasement
Ra’jhan’s House – ICElvenGardensRajhansHouse
Ra’jhan’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseUpstairs
Ra’jiradh’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseBasement
Ra’jiradh’s House – ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouse
Ra’jiradh’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseUpstairs
Ranaline’s House – BravilRanalineHouse
Ravaged Mine – RavagedMine
Reapers Sprawl – OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower01
Reapers Sprawl – OblivionRD006TowerRight
Reapers Sprawl – OblivionRD007SmallTower02
Red Diamond Jewelry – ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelry
Red Diamond Jewelry Basement – ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryBasement
Red Diamond Jewelry Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryUpstairs
Red Ruby Cave – RedRubyCave
Red Ruby Hollows – RedrubyCave02
Redas Dalvilu’s House – BleakersWayRedasDalvilusHouse
Redguard Valley Cave – RedguardValleyCave
Redwater Slough – RedwaterSlough
Reedstand Canyon – ReedstandCave02
Reedstand Cave – ReedstandCave
Regner’s House – BrumaRegnersHouse
Reman Broder’s House – SkingradRemanBrodersHouse
Rending Halls – MQ10BrumaHall01
Rending Halls – MS13OblivionHall01
Rending Halls – OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRD002Hall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRDCitadel01Hall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRDCitadel02Hall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRDCitadel03Hall01
Rending Halls – OblivionRDCitadel04Hall01
Renoit’s Books – ChorrolRenoitsBooks
Reynald Jemane’s Basement – ChorrolReynaldJemanesBasement
Reynald Jemane’s House – ChorrolReynaldJemanesHouse
Ri’bassa’s House – BorderWatchRibassasHouse
Rickety Mine – RicketyMine
Rickety Mine Bottom Section – RicketyMine02
Rielle – Rielle
Rimalus Bruiant’s Basement – ChorrolRimalusBruiantsBasement
Rimalus Bruiant’s House – ChorrolRimalusBruiantsHouse
Rindir’s Basement – ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsBasement
Rindir’s Private Quarters – ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsUpstairs
Rindir’s Staffs – ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffs
Riverview – CheydinhalRiverview
Riverview Basement – CheydinhalRiverviewBasement
Ri’Zakar’s Room – LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom02
Robber’s Glen Cave – RobbersGlenCave
Rock Bottom Caverns – RockBottomCaverns
Rockmilk – Blackbow Camp – RockmilkCave04
Rockmilk Cave – RockmilkCave
Rockmilk Haven – RockmilkCave02
Rockmilk Haven – RockmilkCave03
Roderic Pierrane’s Basement – ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouseBasement
Roderic Pierrane’s House – ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouse
Roderic Pierrane’s Private Quarters – ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesUpstairs
Roland Jenseric’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsBasement
Roland Jenseric’s Cabin – RolandJensericsCabin
Roland Jenseric’s House – ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse
Roland Jenseric’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouseUpstairs
Rosentia Gallenus’s House – LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse
Rosentia Gallenus’s House 2nd Floor – LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse2ndFloor
Rosethorn Hall – SkingradHouseforSale
Rosethorn Hall Basement – SkingradHouseForSaleBasement
Rosethorn Hall Top Floor – SkingradHouseForSaleUpperFloor
Roxey Inn – RoxeyInn
Royal Quarters – AnvilCastleRoyalQuarters
Ruslan’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictRuslansBasement
Ruslan’s House – ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouse
Ruslan’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouseUpstairs
Rythe Lythandas’s Basement – CheydinhalRythesBasement
Rythe Lythandas’s House – CheydinhalRythesHouse
Sage Glen Hideaway – SageGlenHollow02
Sage Glen Hollow – SageGlenHollow
Sakeepa’s House – AleswellSakeepasHouse
Salmo The Baker’s Basement – SkingradSalmoTheBakersBasement
Salmo the Baker’s House – SkingradSalmoTheBakersHouse
Salomon Geonette’s Basement – ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesBasement
Salomon Geonette’s House – ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouse
Salomon Geonette’s Private Quarters – ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouseUpstairs
Samuel Bantien’s Basement – ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseBasement
Samuel Bantien’s House – ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouse
Samuel Bantien’s Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseUpstairs
Sancre Tor – SancreTor01
Sancre Tor, Catacombs – SancreTor04
Sancre Tor, Catacombs – xMikeBackupSancretor04
Sancre Tor, Entry Hall – SancreTorHub
Sancre Tor, Hall of Judgement – SancreTor02
Sancre Tor, Prison – SancreTor03
Sancre Tor, Tomb of the Reman Emperors – SancreTorTomb
Sandstone Big Rooms – SandstoneCavern02
Sandstone Cavern – SandstoneCavern
Sarcophagus Chamber – AmelionFamilyTomb02
Sardavar Leed – SardavarLeed
Sardavar Leed Lattasel – SardavarLeed02
Satha Dalvilu’s House – BleakersWaySathaDalvilusHouse
Savlian Matius’s Tent – KvatchTentSavlianMatius
Scales of the Serpent – PalePass04
Secret Room – LeyawiinCastleSecretRoom
Secret Training Room – BrumaJGhastasHouseTrainingRoom
Sedor – Sedor
Sercen – Sercen
Seridur’s House – ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouse
Seridur’s House Basement – ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseBasement
Seridur’s House Bedroom – ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseUpstairs
Serpent Hollow Cave – SerpentHollowCave
Serpent Hollow Chillers – SerpentHollowCave02
Serpent’s Trail – SerpentsTrail
Serpents Wake Cargo Hold – AnvilTheSerpentsWakeLowerDeck
Serpents Wake Mid Deck – AnvilTheSerpentsWakeMidDeck
Servant’s Quarters – LordRugdumphServants
Service Hall – BrumaCastleServiceHall
Sevarius Atius’ Basement – ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseBasement
Sevarius Atius’ House – ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouse
Sevarius Atius’ House Private Quarters – ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseUpstairs
Sewer Waterworks – ImperialSewersElvenGardens03
Sewers – Dark04Sewers01
Sewers – Dark04Sewers02
Sewers – Dark04Sewers03
Sewers – ImperialSewers03
Shack for Sale – ICWaterfrontShackForSale
Shadow’s Rest Cavern – ShadowsRestCavern
Shadow’s Rest Rocky Run – ShadowsRestCavern02
Shafaye’s House – PellGateShafayesHouse
Shagol gro-Bumph’s House – AleswellShagolgroBumphsHouse
Shameer’s House – SkingradShameersHouse
Shardrock Interior – Shardrock
Shattered Mine – ShatteredMine
Shattered Mine New Galleries – ShatteredMine02
Shattered Scales Cave – ShatteredScalesCave
Shattered Scales Long Run – ShatteredScalesCave02
Shetcombe Farm – ShetcombeFarm
Shinbone Cave – ShinboneCave
Shinbone Galleries – ShinboneCave02
Shrine Antechamber – LakeArriusShrineAntechamber01
Shrine Living Quarters – LakeArriusShrineAntechamber02
Shrine of The Moth – TempleMothCatacombs04
Sideways Cave – SidewaysCave
Sideways Cave – SidewaysCaveNEW
Sideways Cave – Hidden Lake – SidewaysCaveNew02
Sideways Cave – Lost Abagarlas – SidewaysCaveNew03
Sideways Cave – Muttering Pool – SidewaysCave02
Sigillum Sanguis – MQ10BrumaCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis – MQ14OblivionCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis – MS13OblivionCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis – OblivionMqKvatchCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis – OblivionRD002CitadelLordB
Sigillum Sanguis – OblivionRD004CitadelMainLord

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