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Escape From Paradise Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the text files in the “edit” directory in the game folder. Various stats such as build, chop, dig, and others can be modified as desired.

1. Collect 50 wood. This unlocks the ability to build a hut.
2. Marble toss. This unlocks the shovel.
3. Build well. This unlocks levels in the shipwrecked mini-game.
4. Build 5 huts. This unlocks level 2 skills in lumberjack.
5. Chop down tiki, This unlocks the ability to build food storage.
6. Game. This unlocks level 2 carpenter.
7. Hint.
8. Build a food hut. This unlocks fishing.
9. Game. This unlocks medium hut.
10. Build 12 huts. This unlocks higher skill levels.
11. Gather 1,000 food. This unlocks Tribal Feast levels.
12. Checkers game. This unlocks wood storage.
13. Build wood storage hut. This unlocks levels in the shipwrecked mini-game.
14. Mini-game Pegs.
15. Complete bridge. This unlocks skill level 3 for carpenter.
16. Mini-game Shuffleboard.
17. Gather 5,000 wood. This unlocks level 3 skills.
18. Gather 5,000 food. This unlocks level fishing dock.
19. Chinese checkers.
20. Build fishing dock. This unlocks hunters to reach level 3.
21. Get 20 castaways. This unlocks large hut to build.
22. Max a castaway. This unlocks firewalk game and allows entrance to fourth area of game.
23. Game Aces High. This unlocks spear.
24. Gather 5,000 wood. This unlocks spear hunting.
25. Game War. This unlocks levels in the shipwrecked mini-game.
26. Reach 30 castaways.

Radio part locations:

1. X on ground. Drag a castaway to the X’s to dig up the radio part.
2. Push the rock in first area over with four or more castaways.
3. Go to the right side of lake in second area near waterfall the go fishing.
4. Crack in ground, second area right of Diner mini-game. Cut down a tree to reveal it.
5. Fish in the pond just over the bridge in the third area.
6. Stare at the Tiki in grove of trees located in third area.
7. Bottle on beach next to original crash site. Word jumble game.
8. In the pond in the fourth area south of volcano. It is almost completely surrounded by rocks.
9. In three Tikis between levels 3 and 4. One man and one woman maxed in respective skill.
10. Crab on ground in fourth area. One man and one woman maxed in each skill.?

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