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Gunstar Heroes Cheats


Bronze trophies
Bravoo Man – Defeat bravoo man in the ancient ruins.
Colonel Red – Rescue yellow by defeating Smash Daisaku.
Crab Attack – Defeat crab force on the underground mine.
Locked and loaded – Begin the game with each weapon.
Not quite Red – Defeat orange on the battleship.
OMG 11 Bosses – Complete the Dice Palace and defeat Black Beat Stepper.
Papaya Dance – Defeat Papaya Dance in the ancient ruins.
Pink – Defeat pinky roader in the ancient ruins.

Silver trophies
Golden Silver – Defeat super boss Golden Silver.
Greedy Fly – Defeat black fly.
O Brother – Defeat green.

Gold trophy
Complete the game – Play Through the final scene of Gunstar Heroes.

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