PC Cheats

Halloween Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ to display the console window. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Toggle God mode – god
Display game version – version
Level select – map

Level skip – mapcomplete
Toggle no clipping – noclip
Toggle monster from respawn – respawn
No monsters – monster
Toggle developer mode – developer
Start recording demo – record
Stop recording demo – stoprecord
Play recorded demo – play
Stop playing recorded demo – stopplay
Change the current music track – musictrack
Last music track played – prestrack
Toggle drawing of texture faces – drawface
Draw map sections – drawtris
Toggle drawing of weapons held – drawgun
Toggle outlining of portals and doors – drawportal
Toggle drawing wall normals – drawnormal
Toggle third person or static view – pview
Toggle highlighting of bound objects – drawbound
Toggle highlighting of individual cells – drawcell
Change field of view – fov
Change jumpstep value – jumpstep
Accelerated speed on ground – groundacc
Slower speed on ground – groundslow
Gravity – gravity
Quit game – exit
Maximum movement speed – maxspeed
Accelerated speed in air – airacc
Slower speed in air – airslow
Change current sound system – soundsys
Speed at which bombs slow – bombslow
Set music volume – musicvol
Set sound volume – soundvol
Toggle auto-switch weapons mode – autoswitch
Toggle full screen or windowed mode – fullscreen
Change current bit depth – colordepth
Change current video mode – videomode
Toggle HUD display – statutbar
Animation speed – animspeed
Toggle lightmapping – lightmap
Toggle backface culling – cullface
Toggle rendering of entities – renderent
Toggle scripting in game engine – noscript
Reset internal game state – resetgame
Save current configuration to file – saveconfig
Load configuration from file – loadconfig
Change amount of offset pixels during mipmapping – picmip
Change gamma – gamma
Toggle framerate display – drawfsp

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