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Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats

TV Sprites:
Unlock the listed Sprites by performing the corresponding tasks:

Earth – Save twenty Helper Sprites.
Jupiter – Purchase five records.
Mars – Ship 300 of the same produce item.
Pluto – Ship 100,000 of the same produce item.
Saturn – Participate in five festivals.
Uranus – Reach at least 100 friendship with a villager.
Venus – Purchase items from Karen’s store for ten consecutive days.

Create the listed recipes by combining the corresponding ingredients:

Apple Souffle – Apple
Cornflakes – Corn Milk
Croquette – Potato Onion Egg Flour Oil
Curry Bread – Bread Curry Powder Oil
Doughnut – Egg Milk Butter Flour Oil
Dry Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder
French Fries – Potato Oil
French Toast – Egg Bread Oil
Fried Noodles – Buckwheat Noodles Oil
Fried Rice – Riceballs Oil Egg
Fried Thick Noodles – Noodles Oil
Grilled Fish – Medium Fish
Happy Eggplant – Eggplant
Omelet – Egg Milk Oil
Omelet Rice – Egg Milk Oil Riceballs
Pancake – Egg Milk Flour Oil
Popcorn – Corn
Pot Sticker – Cabbage Onion Flour Oil
Risotto – Tomato Onion Riceballs Oil
Savory Pancake – Cabbage Flour Egg Oil
Scrambled Eggs – Egg Oil
Stir Fry – Oil Cabbage
Tempura – Egg Flour Oil

Cooking Pot
Apple Jam – Apple
Black Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Black Grass
Blue Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Blue Grass
Bodigizer – Orange Grass Black Grass Red MagicRed flower
Boiled Egg – Egg
Boiled Spinach – Spinach
Buckwheat Noodles – Buckwheat Flour
Candied Potato – Yam
Cheese Fondue – Cheese Bread
Curry Noodles – Noodles Curry Powder
Curry Rice – Riceballs Curry Powder
Dumplings – Cabbage Onion Flour Oil
Egg Over Rice – Egg Riceballs
Finest Curry – Rainbow Curry White Curry burnt Frypan dish burnt Pot dish burnt Oven dish burnt Mixer dish burnt Steamer dish burnt No Utensil dish
Fish Stew – Medium Fish or Large Fish
Grape Jam – Grape
Green Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Green Grass
Hot Chocolate – Milk Chocolate
Hot Milk – Milk
Indigo Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Indigo Grass
Marmalade – Orange
Mountain Stew – Carrot Bamboo Shoots Shiitake
Noodles – Flour
Orange Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Orange Grass
Porridge – Milk Riceballs
Pumpkin Stew – Pumpkin
Purple Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Purple Grass
Rainbow Curry – Blue Curry Green Curry Red Curry Yellow Curry Orange Curry Purple Curry Indigo Curry Curry Rice
Red Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Red Grass
RelaxTea – RelaxTea Leaves
Rice Soup – Riceballs
Stew – Milk Flour
Strawberry Jam – Strawberry
Tempura Buckwheat Noodles – Buckwheat Noodles Tempura
Tempura Noodles – Tempura Noodles
Tempura Rice – Riceballs Tempura
Turbojolt – Orange Grass White Grass Red MagicRed flower
Ultimate Curry – Rainbow Curry Black Curry burnt Frypan dish burnt Pot dish burnt Oven dish burnt Mixer dish burnt Steamer dish burnt No Utensil dish
White Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder White Grass
Wild Grape Wine – Grape Wine Purple Grass
Yellow Curry – Riceballs Curry Powder Yellow Grass

Apple Pie – Apple Egg Butter Flour
Baked Corn – Corn
Baked Yam – Yam
Buckwheat Ball – Egg Flour Buckwheat Flour
Cake – Egg Flour Butter a fruit
Cheesecake – Egg Cheese Milk
Chocolate Cake – Egg Flour Butter Chocolate
Chocolate Cookies – Cookie Chocolate
Cookies – Egg Flour Butter
Dinner Roll – Egg Milk Butter
Doria – Onion Butter Milk Riceballs Flour
Gratin – Onion Butter Milk Cheese Flour
Jambun – Milk Egg Jam
Pizza – Cheese Flour Ketchup
Roasted Rice Cake – Ricecakes
Sweet Potatoes – Egg Butter Yam
Toast – Bread
Toasted Rice Balls – Riceballs

Apple Juice – Apple
Banana Juice – Banana
Bodigizer XL – Bodigizer Blue Grass
Fish Sticks – Medium Fish or Large Fish
Fruit Juice – Srawberry (Apple or Orange or Pineapple or Peach or Banana or Grape or Wild Grape)
Fruit Latte – Fruit Juice Milk
Grape Juice – Grape
Ketchup – Tomato Onion
Mixed Juice – (Apple or Orange or Pineapple or Peach or Banana or Grape or Wild Grape) (Carrot or Cucumber or Cabbage) or Fruit Juice Vegetable Juice
Mixed Latte – Milk (Apple or Orange or Pineapple or Peach or Banana or Grape or Wild Grape) (Carrot or Cucumber or Cabbage) or Milk Mixed Juice or Milk Fruit Juice Vegetable Juice
Orange Juice – Orange
Peach Juice – Peach
Pineapple Juice – Pineapple
Strawberry Milk – Strawberry Milk
Tomato Juice – Tomato
Turbojolt XL – Turbojolt Green Grass
Vegetable Juice – Carrot OR Cucumber OR Cabbage
Vegetable Latte – Vegetable Juice Milk

Bamboo Dumplings – Bamboo Shoots Rice Cake
Cheese Steamed Bun – Cheese Flour Oil
Chinese Bun – shiitake Flour Bamboo Shoots Carrot
Curry Bun – Flour Curry Powder
Green Dumplings – Rice Cake a weed
Moon Dumplings – Dumpling Powder
Pudding – Egg Milk
Pumpkin Pudding – Egg Milk Pumpkin
Shaomi – Onion Cabbage Egg Flour
Sponge Cake – Egg Flour
Steamed Bun – Flour Oil
Steamed Cake – Egg Milk Oil
Steamed Dumplings – Cabbage Onion Flour Oil
Steamed Egg – Egg shiitake Bamboo Shoots

No Utensils
Bamboo Rice – Bamboo Shoots Riceballs
Buckwheat Chips – Buckwheat Flour
Chirashi Sushi – Sashimi Scrambled Eggs Riceballs (Carrot or Cucmber or Pumpkin)
Elli Grass – Turbojolt XL Bodigizer XL burnt Frypan dish burnt Pot dish burnt Oven dish burnt Mixer dish burnt Steamer dish burnt No Utensil dish
Fruit Sandwich – Orange or Banana or Apple or Strawberry or Peach or Pineapple Bread
Ice Cream – Milk Egg
Large Mayonnaise – Large Chicken Egg Oil
Matsutake Rice – Matsutake Riceballs
Medium Mayonnaise – Medium Chicken Egg Oil
Mushroom Rice – Shiitake Riceballs
Pickled Cucumber – Cucumber
Pickled Turnips – Turnip
Raisin Bread – Grape Bread
Salad – Cucumber or Cabbage or Tomato or Carrot
Sandwich – Tomato or Cucumber or Boiled Egg Bread
Sashimi – Medium Fish or Large Fish
Small Mayonnaise – Small Chicken Egg Oil
Sushi – Sashimi Riceballs

Easy farming and money hint:
First, equip the beginning necklace that you are given to be able to use your tool anywhere. You can later purchase the upgraded form from the sprite in the tree that sells items for money (next to the sprite to assign jobs). When you do, press and hold the touch screen longer to show the upgraded effect. The accessories effect will shows your tool’s effects anywhere on the map. Seeds, the fishing pole, and all tools can be used. Equip and select the map with the stylus on the touch screen. The map on the touch screen is the one that you can chop wood, break boulders, till plants, and water seeds at.

Next, select the map and ,on any “farm-able” land, you can use the sickle to remove weeds as well as till soil, plant, water seeds, etc. The direction you face is important later when you upgrade your tools and use them with the next level necklace. The tool’s effect will be as if you are facing the touched plot of land. Later, a special glove will allow you to “pluck” the item directly from the touch screen map to harvest crops without going outside. This allows you to easily fish, farm, etc, since time doesn’t pass while outside. You are able to use any tool to perform their functions without going outside. Combine this trick with the four different energy and fatigue restoring drinks that can be purchased from Van on the days ending in a “3” or an “8” on the second floor of the Inn to maximize duration.

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