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Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time Cheats

Dodging attacks:
To dodge enemy attacks during battle, press Attack for Mario or Luigi.

Mario – Jump: A
Luigi – Jump: B
Baby Mario – Jump: X
Baby Luigi – Jump: Y
Mario – Jump (extra damage): A (just before enemy)
Luigi – Jump (extra damage): B (just before enemy)
Baby Mario – Jump (extra damage): X (just before enemy)
Baby Luigi – Jump (extra damage): Y (Just before enemy)
Mario Piggyback Jump: X (just before enemy), A (just before enemy)
Luigi Piggyback Jump: Y (just before enemy), B (just before enemy)
Mario – Green Shell Attack: A (to start attack), B, A, B, A, B, etc.
Luigi – Green Shell Attack: B (to start attack), A, B, A, B, etc.
Baby Mario – Green Shell Attack: X (to start attack), Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, etc.
Baby Luigi – Green Shell Attack: Y (to start attack), X, Y, X, Y, X, etc.
Mario – Baby Mario – Green Shell Attack: A (to start attack), X, B, A, X, B, etc.
Luigi – Baby Luigi – Green Shell Attack: B (to start attack), Y, A, B, Y, A, etc.
Baby Mario – Hammer: X
Baby Mario – Hammer (extra damage): X (when hammer shakes)
Baby Luigi – Hammer: Y
Baby Luigi – Hammer (extra damage): Y (when hammer shakes)
Mario – Piggyback Hammer: A (when hammer shakes), X (when hammer shakes)
Luigi – Piggyback Hammer: B (when hammer shakes), Y (when hammer shakes)
Mario – Cannon Bros.: A (to start attack), ?, ?, ?, ? (where ? is A, B, X, or Y)
Luigi – Cannon Bros.: B (to start attack), ?, ?, ?, ? (where ? is A, B, X, or Y)?

Easy coins:
-To easily gain coins, in the Thwomp Volcano, there is a part where you
have to get 30 gems in order to pass. After completing it, go out then
go in again. Step on the Thwomp and say “Yes” that you want to play. Get
any number of gems, and if you do not get 50 gems you will get 20
coins. Repeat as desired.

-When you first enter the dormant volcano in Thwomps Volcano, go right one
screen (which you must do usually). When you have to spin your
babies, spin them and only them. Leave the older Bros. at the top. When
the babies reach the bottom, take the older Bros. back to the
beginning of the volcano (left one screen) and get the babies back with
the pipe block. Repeat this process, and each time you will get 70

-To get unlimited coins, go to the volcano after you
beat Mrs.Thwomp and go to the room on the right.

After the
babies hit the bottom, have Mario and Luigi go to the first room and
get the babies through the pipe. Return to the room and repeat again.

First boss strategy:
Instead of hitting him when he’s red, wait for
the Shroobs to get a Poison Mushroom. When the boss turns green, attack. The Cannon Bros. item does 52 damage, which helps a lot.

Bowser and Baby Bowser strategy:
Having plenty of
Ice Flowers is recommended. Once Baby Bowser uses his adult form as hockey item, use your hammer to smash it back to him or else he will continue to heal his adult form. If you succeed, Baby Bowser
will miss hitting the adult form and he will be alone for a small
amount of time. Use Red Peppers to increase your attack and Blue Peppers to increase your speed. Give the Red Peppers to
adult Mario and Luigi and keep using Ice Flowers, or
Green Shell or the Pocket Chomp. If used correctly, there should be a
signal that his defense is down. Continue using Ice Flowers (or if
you are out, a Pocket Chomp or Cannon) and when he gets back in his adult form, continue damaging him,
then use the hammers again and continue the process. Once Baby Bowser is
defeated, repeat the same process with adult Bowser.

Commander Shroob strategy:
When the battle begins, you will face
three Shroobs holding a large Shroob-like Bomb-omb. Destroy
the middle and rear Shroobs so that the front Shroob is crushed by the
bomb, making it roll
backwards and blowing up Commander Shroob, allowing you to attack him. The best attacks on him are the Ice Flower (to lower his stats,
and do critical damage), Copy Flower, and Red Shell, provided you have
good timing. His attack is mostly slapping Shroobs towards you, so defend
with your hammers. He has a lot of HP and eventually will summon more Shroobs with the bomb
again, so this battle is long. Repeat these strategies to win.

Mrs. Thwomp strategy:
She is only difficult if you don’t see the pattern. She usually jumps up on the top of the screen and spins. If she lands on Mario’s side, make Mario jump first, then Luigi, and vice versa. If
she jumps in the middle, make them both jump at the same time
to avoid damage. She will also spit out rocks at you, which when broken sometimes contain items such as Ice Flowers, Fire Flowers,
Coins and Mushrooms. Once you damage her enough, she will break
apart and have four mini versions of herself. Pay attention to which eyebrow
raises since thatt is the direction they will be going to. When they jump
toward you, smack them with the hammer. If they hit you a few times,
you will get dizzy and may miss a couple turns. Get a Red Pepper and use Ice Flowers to hit them all and possibly lower
some defenses. Continue using Ice Flowers until she transforms back
to her bigger self and continue the same strategy.

-When Ms.Thwomp is divided into four mini-Thwomps, look at their teeth and ttack the
one that has the same teeth as the bigger one.

The Piranha Plant strategy:

Keep jumping
on it and use Red Peppers. Once it is grounded to the floor, avoid the quicksand by doing multiple jumps. When he turns off the lights to get a Boo to steal an
item from you, smack the Boo with a hammer to prevent this from
happening. Use a Fire Flower or Ice Flower and keep hitting the boss.

Princess Shroob strategy:
either a Copy Flower or Trampoline on the shield to break it, then use Mix
Flower or a Red Shell because they are most powerful. She will then
attack you with orbs so time your jumps correctly. If she pulls out another shield or attack with lasers. See if the
lasers are pointing up or down. If she doesn’t pull out another shield,
keep attacking? her. Eventually she will get in her chair
and make another shield, then attack by going up and getting
four robotic legs. When she jumps above one of your characters and shoots
laser rings at one brother, jump immediately when the ring reaches the
brother’s head or lower if you desired. The princess will get straight
and try to sit on you, so counterattack with your hammer. Sometimes, she
will stop right above the brother, then continue her attack.

To counter Princess
Shroob’s teleport attack, jump over the orbs when she teleports in front
of one of the brothers. If she appears in-between the brothers, look at
her hands If she extends herright hand, she is attacking Luigi, then Mario; and vice-versa if
she uses her left hand. Occasionally she will attack from a ledge up high.
If she raises her left hand (facing you) she is throwing a ball at
Mario, or Luigi if it is the right hand.

Princess’ Twin strategy:

Give the Ulti-Free badge (bought in Fawful’s shop
for 90 Beans) to Luigi and the Shroom Badge A to Mario. Also, make sure to have
Super, Ultra, Max Mushrooms; Drops, and 1-Up Supers. Start by hitting
her as hard as you can with repeated Mix/Copy Flowers with Luigi every turn. Have Mario attack normally. When half her HP
is gone(3000 HP), she will appear to die, but instead turn into a stronger form with four tentacles and a cluster of tentacles at her
feet. Target her with
a Mix Flower and when the foot is destroyed, she gets shorter and you can target her crown. Destroy or knock off her crown so that your
attacks will work on her, then repeat this process until she is gone.

Sunnycide strategy:
Ignore Sunnycide and go for the five eggs until they hatch into Yoshis. Hatch the
five eggs while avoiding Sunnycide’s attacks and the Yoshis will launch a boulder at Sunnycide and knock him down. He is now vulnerable so attack him with everything you have while avoiding his attacks until he
stands back up. Repeat until he has been defeated.

damage jump in Piggyback mode:

Jump on an enemy with a Bro. and when
you would press the big Bros. button for the action command, press the
little Bro. or baby’s button. The baby will jump off and the big Bro.
will attack again, inflicting double damage.

Double damage hammer
in Piggyback mode:

Attack an enemy with a hammer and when it shakes,
press the baby’s button and the big Bro. will stand the baby up. Press the button again to do double damage.

Easier way to fire

Press every buttons at once so both of them fire at the enemy.

Flowers or Ice Flowers hint:
When using Bros. Flower
or Ice Flower, have the sound high enough so
you can hear when the fireball or iceball switches to the other

Santa Claus reference in “Holli
Jolli Village” :

When you first arrive in
Holli Jolli Village go into the Mayor’s house and hit him out of the
chimney. He will look like Santa Claus and say “Ho Ho!”.

Prince Peasley poster in “Peach’s

In Peach’s Castle (Present), go
into the item shop and walk up to the counter. Behind the Toad that
sells items is a poster of Prince Peasley from Mario And Luigi:
Superstar Saga.

Anger the dinosaur in “Yoob’s Belly”:
In Yoob’s belly, use the Baby Drill ability to tunnel underground. On
the top screen, Yoob will be furious and have steam blowing out his

Easy beans in “Yoob’s Belly”:
In Yoob’s
Belly, after the babies spring up from the first room, the second room
will be full of beans.

Gathering beans hint:
Once you’ve learned Baby Mario and Luigi’s ability to dig underground, each
time you see a small circle with an “X” in it, throw Baby Mario and Baby
Luigi by pressing X or Y. Then, press R, B(2) to go underground and move
underneath the circle with the “X” in it, then press B under it to get a

Stock jackpot hint:
must have first completed the game once (because there are only two
files). Use the second file to play, then delete the first file if necessary. When you start in Bowser’s castle, defeat all
enemies, hit every “?”, “M”, and “L” block, and also get a large stock of
items (1-up Mushrooms, regular Mushrooms, and some Mushroom Blocks). You must also be an expert on dodging attacks in order to use less items
in battle, also including a lot of coins. In the first level, where you
get the first Star Piece, do the same process like you did in Bowsers
castle. However, when you get to the point where you get the Hammers, collect beans. Sooner or later you will have a
large amount of Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and Drops, as well as some decent Bros. items. On the next area, repeat again. When you are in Yoob’s belly, it is best to search in
the pipes like other places. There is a 100 Coin and an area where
the Yoshis give you items. On the next area (which has the third Star
Piece), there are areas you cannot reach until you learn
the Baby Spin. Finally, keep searching every room and defeat every enemy
you encounter while hitting every block. Dig all the beans you can
find (which you can tell by the circle with the X on it). Try to find
the best outfits and items and gather enough beans to get the badge that
gives you unlimited Bros. items for no reason (costs 90 Beans).

Star of David:
Battle six Twacks or Wonder Twacks and look closely at the shape to see a Star Of David.


When you defeat Princess Shroob’s twin’s
uglier self, do not save when you are in the castle. Instead, save the game before the
great battle so that you are free to wander around the world, leveling
up and finding good items.

Slow babies glitch:
When going down
a large amount of stairs, jump and have the babies jump off at the
peak of your jump. Do this while still moving and the game should slow down
when the babies are coming down. If done correctly, it should take
awhile for them to come down. Note: This can only be done when climbing
to the observatory in Princess Peach’s Castle (past or present), or in
the Past Castle when climbing up the staircases in the area
shaped like Princess Shroob.

Hammer through wall glitch:

the level where you must fight Super Hammer Bros 3.0 and when you are by
the tree where the area splits in two, go to the right side then press R
and Y. If done correctly, your hammer should be moving through the wall
as you walk.

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