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Midtown Madness Cheats

Cheat Codes (player name):
Select the “New” option on the player selection screen, and enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat:

All airplane traffic1 – Jet Planes
All city bus traffic1 – Big Bus Party
All compact car traffic1 – Tiny Car
Faster AI1 – Warp Eleven
Police displayed on the map1 – Showme Cops
Select the Bullet in cruise mode to drive a generic light car – vasedanl
Select the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a generic car – vasedans
Select the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a green checkered cab – vataxicheck
Select the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a yellow cab – vataxi
Select the City Bus in cruise mode to drive a Diesel – vadiesels
Select the City Bus in cruise mode to drive a mini-jet – vaboeing_small
Select the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a delivery truck – vadelivery
Select the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a pickup truck – vapickup
Select the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a van – vavan
Select the in cruise mode to drive the bus with a new color – vabus
Select the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a black limo – valimoblack
Select the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a random limo – valimo
Select the Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a white limo – valimoangel
Select the VW Bug in cruise mode to drive a VW Rabbit – vacompact
Traffic drives in reverse – amizdA eoJ

NOTE 1: Scores will be disabled while this code is active.

Cheat Mode (in-game):
Hold [Ctrl] [Alt] [Shift] [F7] during game play in single player mode until a prompt appears. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

No damage1 – /nodamage
Enable damage – /damage
Airplanes becomes UFOs – /ufo
Bridge very quickly1 – /bridge
Cars in traffic have no friction1 – /slide
Traffic will not crash – /nocrash
Low gravity1 – /grav
Player’s car has no friction1 – /puck
Sky spins – /dizzy
Toggle police radar1 – /fuzz
Train becomes line of airplanes – /swap
Use horn to shoot mailboxes1 – /postal
Fast commentary – /talkfast
Slow commentary – /talkslow
Large people – /big
Small people – /tiny
Disable smoking tires – /nosmoke
Enable smoking tires – /smoke
NOTE 1: Scores will be disabled while this code is active.

Alternate police cars in multi-player mode:
Enter “mmloaf” as your a NetName use one of the following name and car combinations to have the police cars to appear as regular cars.

clint or dave – Mustang GT
DiegoAngel or eduardo – Mustang
TaxiDriver or ryanc – Cadillac

All Cars:
Press Y during game play in single-player mode to display a prompt. Then, enter “thecarsareintown” to unlock all cars.

All cars:
Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create backups before proceeding. The following trick will unlock all cars including the Panoz GTR 1 without winning races and playing as a Pro. First, delete all the user driver names in the single player menu, until told that you cannot delete the last one. Close the game and open the “Midtown Madness” folder. Navigate to the “players” folder. Delete all files (there will be two ) except the “chicago” folder and the “players.dir” file. All cars will be unlocked when play the game. However, if a new driver is created the cars will be locked again. Also, upon winning a game, the game automatically shuts down, making this only useful in cruise mode.

High flying truck:
Drive the Freightliner Century Class C120 (big truck) and go to the area around Dearborn Station. Drive at least 30 mph and hit a tree. If you hit the tree exactly in the center, you will fly up very high.

Hit building from bridge:
Take a good vehicle like the Panoz-GTR, Ford Police Special, etc. and drive about 140 mph when the bridge is lifted up. You car should be able to hit a building next to the bridge.

Saved by the bridge:
Select the Panoz Roadster in cruise mode and enable the /bridge code. Drive forward until you pass over the bridge and reach a nearby building on the other side. Turn around and wait for the bridge to come up. If it does not come up extremely fast, enable the /bridge code again. After the bridge comes up, wait about two seconds then drive as fast as possible towards the bridge. You should just barely make it up. Keep driving until you fall through the hole in the middle. The bridge should come down before you die, and you will land on it.

Land on boat in England:
In England, go to the castle near the river Thames. Drive very fast towards the bridge/ramp. If you make the jump, you will land on a boat. Immediately hit the brakes after touching the boat or you will fall in the water.

View damage:
There is a damage meter in almost all of the cars . You must have the view set to “In-Car”, with the dashboard showing. The meter has yellow to the left and red on the right. The meter goes up as you crash into objects. In most cars, except the Panoz Roadster, it will be in the lower left of the dashboard.

Overhead view:
Take any vehicle in cruise mode, and make the view any one of the three “C” views. Then, take the car off a bridge and land in the water. While in the air press V so that the view is in effect before you hit the water. When you are repositioned back to the start, press V again. The view will now be overhead.

Press V to go into the free camera mode. Then press [F4] to restart the race to get into overhead view.

Faster acceleration:
You can accelerate faster by holding S while in first gear with the Cadillac El Dorado or Mustang GT with an automatic transmission.

Backflip with car:
Drive the Mustang GT in cruise mode, then enable the /bridge code. Park the car on the bridge just in between the white lines at the bottom. When the bridge flies open, the car will perform a backflip. If you park in the correct location, the car will land on its wheels. If you park a bit further, it will attempt two backflips but will always land upside-down. If you park up too far, you will fall through the bridge. Sometimes a glitch happens when the car is doing the backflip and it may stay in the air for a long time then will flip fast. Note: This is easier to do with the /grav code enabled.

Overhead view:
Select any smaller vehicle. Repeatedly press C during game play until you cannot see your car. Press V, then press [Esc] to restart the race, then press V again.

Drive 999 mph:
Select single-player mode and choose a big car. Start the game, go to any alley, get wedged between two walls, and accelerate. If done correctly, you will reach 999 mph.

Secret area:
When you start the game, go down the red line on the map towards the Dearborn Station. Take a right on the dotted line and turn left on yellow line. Drive straight onto the black line and take a right. Look ahead and you should see a big gray square wall. Drive around the wall until you see a black part on the wall. Drive into it and you should now be in a quarry-type place.

See people’s faces:
Drive into a crowd. They will go against the wall. Get the in-car view to see the people’s faces.

Unlocking the Panoz-GTR easier:
Begin a single player game with professional. Drive a blitz race and use the “Disable blitz mode timer” glitch. Drive a slow vehicle such as the city bus and destroy the police in your way. There is a maximum bonus of 5,000 points per race if completed successfully. Drive two or three races to unlock the Panoz-GTR.

Drive any car in multi-player mode:
Go to multi-player mode and select a serial cable connection. Then, select “Host”. When the next screen appears, select “Cruise”. Go to any desired car, then go back. Next, select either “Blitz Race”, “Checkpoint Race”, etc. When the next screen appears, the game will display your net name and your car will be the same one that you backed out of from the car selection screen. If you want to drive longer, you can turn off the timer by going inside the car, looking backwards, and then press the camera change button.

Make cars crash:
When you are driving a cop car, find another one parked on the sidewalk. Park your nose up against the nose of the other cop car. Press [Enter] to switch on your siren. Any cars

that are driving in the oncoming lane will switch lanes or crash to get away from you.

Take any car and drive a speed above 100 mph and hit a compact car. The car will spin like a tornado and stop on the ground.

Make cars slide without touching them:
Enable the /nocrash and /postal codes. Then, use your horn to shoot mailboxes at cars.

Taxi message:
Crash into the back of a yellow taxi cab. If done at the correct angle, you will see the words “How am i driving” on the back.

Disable blitz mode timer:
Press [View] when a race starts to switch to the in-the-car camera. While inside, look back and press [View] again. If done correctly, the dashboard and timer will disappear. To start the timer again, enter the car and look back again.

Phantom sounds:
Go into the tunnel that goes into the garage when there are no cars in there. You will hear a honk, yelling, then a crash. If you look back, there will be nothing there. This also happens when you go to the road where it goes into the freeway ramp — you will just hear a honk and yelling. Note: This only happens in certain locations.

Drive on building:
There is a dotted square on the middle part the map. Go straight down the top dotted line and try to go around at top speed with a light weight car. There will be a ramp when you get to the end of the road. Hit that ramp and your car will jump very high. Try heading for the building on the left. If you succeed, you will be on top of the building and the background will glitch. This jump is possible, but difficult to pull off.

Drive bus on roof:
Drive the City Bus into McCormick Place and into the garage area. Drive up one of the ramps on the inside. If done correctly, you will be on the roof. Note: This cheat works best with the dashboard or external view.

Drive under bus:
Drive a Ford Mustang fastback and enable the /postal and /slide codes. Go up to a city bus by a tree. Push it while you shoot mailboxes at it. If done correctly, you will drive under the bus.

Invisible car:
Press [View] to select the furthest view. Then, press D to return to the in-the-car-camera. Type wvvww to remove the car, leaving only the shadow in the view.

Wheels only:
Select the Panoz AIV Roadster, then press D followed by V during game play. Press [Esc] to restart the race and only the wheels of your car will be displayed.

No wheels:
Drive to the mall section (the glass enclosed building with store outline inside). Drive through one piece of glass and park sideways next to the inside of an unbroken piece. Go to the external view and zoom to side of your car, as looking in from the outside of the unbroken glass. Your car will look like it has no wheels, as if you were floating on air.

Shrink cars:
In the tunnel with the garage inside, hit a number of cars on to the part of the exit where the hill starts. Make sure that half of the car is on either side of the slope going up. Go far into the garage/parking lot area of the tunnel and go back to the slope where you hit all the cars. If done correctly, one of the cars should be shrunken and its wheels should be bouncing as if it had hydraulics.

Fall through bridges:
Enable the /bridge code, then go to the middle of a bridge. Wait for the bridge to go up and you will fall through.

Disappearing ramps:
Drive the city bus to McCormick Place. Go through the garage part without going on any ramps. Then, turn left to go to the rusty ramps. Go to the ramp that is pointing in the opposite direction. Go straight for it and just when you smash into it, press [Esc] to pause game play. The ramp will disappear. You can do the thing same again to also make the other ramp disappear.

Strange crashes:
Select the Panoz Roadster and go to Navy Pier. Drive up the ramp fast. When you jump off, you will land on the cement, but it will say “Sleep with the fishes” at the top. During the next five seconds, your camera will be the chase/helicopter view.

When you are on the highway with low traffic with a Panoz GTR1, drive about 200 km/h then hit a small car. The small car will flip and tumble before finally landing on its back.

Enable the /grav code. Crash a car and it will rotate on the road. If that car hits the other cars, the other cars also will rotate. If you hit heavy vehicles you can push or carry the vehicles. Note: This does not happen when you hit police cars.

Pedestrians walk on water:
Enable the Warp Eleven and /big codes. Go near some water and hit the people. Drive your car near the people near the water. They will jump into the water and walk in it.

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