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Might And Magic 7: For Blood And Honor Cheats

Use the following combinations to create potions.

Red Potion = Cure Wounds
Yellow Potion = Cure Weakness
Blue Potion = Magic Potion
Red Yellow = Cure Disease (Orange)
Red Blue = Cure Poison (Purple)
Yellow Blue = Awaken (Green)

Expert potions:

Use the following combinations to create Expert level potions:

Green Blue = Recharge Item (Green/Blue)
Green Yellow = Harden Item (Green/Yellow)
Green Red = Bless (Green/Red)
Green Orange = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange)
Green Purple = Remove Curse (Green/Purple)
Orange Red = Haste (Orange/Red)
Orange Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow)
Orange Blue = Preservation (Orange/Blue)
Orange Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple)
Purple Red = Heroism (Purple/Red)
Purple Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow)
Purple Blue = Shield (Purple/Blue)

Master potions:

Use the following combinations to create Master level potions:

Green/Blue Orange = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Blue Green = Personality Boost (White)
Green/Blue Purple = Swift Potion (White)
Green/Blue Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White)
Green/Blue Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Blue Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White)
Green/Blue Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow Orange = Cure Paralysis (White)
Green/Yellow Green = Intellect Boost (White)
Green/Yellow Purple = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Yellow Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Yellow Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White)
Orange/Red Orange = Speed Boost (White)
Orange/Red Green = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Red Purple = Shocking Potion (White)
Orange/Red Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White)
Orange/Red Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow Orange = Accuracy Boost (White)
Orange/Yellow Green = Cure Paralysis (White)
Orange/Yellow Purple = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Yellow Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White)
Purple/Red Orange = Shocking Potion (White)
Purple/Red Green = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Red Purple = Might Boost (White)
Purple/Red Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White)
Purple/Blue Orange = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Blue Green = Swift Potion (White)
Purple/Blue Purple = Endurance Boost (White)

Grand Master potions:
Use the following combinations to create Grand Master potions:

Orange/Yellow Orange Green = Pure Accuracy (Black)
Green/Blue Green Purple = Pure Personality (Black)
Green/Yellow Green Orange = Pure Intellect (Black)
Orange/Red Orange Purple Pure Speed (Black)
Purple/Red Purple Orange = Pure Might (Black)
Yellow/Orange Swift Potion (White) = Pure Luck (Black)
Purple/Blue Purple Green = Pure Endurance (Black)
Purple/Blue Purple Green = Pure Endurance (Black)
Divine Restoration Red/Green (or) Blue/Orange (or) Yellow/Purple = Rejuvenation (Black)
Blue/Purple Flaming Potion (White) = Slaying Potion (black)
Red/Purple Cure Paralysis (White) = Stone To Flesh

Black potions:
Get a chunk of Erudine ore and take it to the Item Maker in Erathia. Use the ore and make an item. Do this as many times as it takes to get a Black Potion.

Easy gold:
This trick requires a Lich or Archmage with grand master in Fire Magic and a Priest of the Light or Dark with a grand master Merchant. Go to a weapons shop. Buy a weapon that is not already enchanted (with your merchant). Leave the store and use Fire Aura on the weapon. Put it in your merchant’s back pack and sell it back to the weapon shop. You now have made a 2000 gold profit on that weapon.

Enter the options menu and select “Always Run”. Run to the northeast of the Emerald Island (where the dragonflies live). Wait until the dragonflies fly against you. Then, run to the middle of the town. The guards will kill the dragonflies. Avoid shooting at them, as you may hit the guards. When all the dragonflies that followed you have been killed, search all the dead bodies for gold. Repeat this trick until you have enough gold as needed.

Easy experience:
To easily gain experience, battle a monster that is worth a large amount of experience points, such as a red or blue dragon. After killing the creatures, do not search the body for items. Cast Paralyze on the dead monster, to bring it back to life. However, it may be killed will one successful hit to collect its experience points. Repeat this to rapidly gain experience.

On Emerald Island, before you go into the Temple Of The Moon, send all your gold so you do not lose it if you die. Then, go in and kill as many rats, bats, and spiders as you can until you die. When you die and return to the game, rest to bring up your health. Then, go to the well at the end of the street between the Armorsmith and the Guild membership. Drink from it and it will give you 1,000 gold. Note: This only works for awhile.

After Emerald Island, go to Tatalia and save the game before entering Womthrax’s Cave. Enter the cave, then move to the left side of the doorway to rest and heal. You will have an encounter with some dragons. Continue forward out of the doorway and into the cave then quickly run left to the wall. When you are there, wait for five minutes to awaken the rest of your party, then walk next to the wall up to the doorway until the green turns to red. Make sure you can only see a bit of the dragon. Hold [Attack] and wait until all the dragons have died. If done correctly, the dragons cannot harm you.

Use the following trick to get unlimited money, skill points, and experience. Before you attempt this, make sure that you have a Cleric that knows Protection From Magic and is a Grand Master in Body Magic. When you reach the Land of the Giants, there is a well near Lasiter the Slayer’s home that has all kinds of adverse conditions. Cast Protection From Magic and constantly click on the well. The spell will eventually wear off — make sure you watch to see when this happens. When the spell wears off, cast it again. Continue doing this to get as much money, skill points, and experience as desired. This will require some time.

How to defeat the blaster opponent:
Get yourself a GM in Body Magic and a GM in Fire Magic. Go over to the well in the Land of the Giants that dispenses skill points and all sorts of bad conditions, such as Eradication and Death. Have your cleric cast Protection From Magic and have your sorcerer click on the well until you have enough skill points to give yourself about a level 40 in Fire Magic. This will take some time. After all this is over, have your cleric’s quick spell set to Protection From Magic and beef up you other party members with things such as Day Of The Gods, Heroism, Bless, etc. Face the blaster opponent. With each round, have you cleric cast the Protection From Magic and your sorcerer cast Incinerate. Between the level 40 Incinerate spell and your other party members, you should be able to kill him off in a few rounds.

How to defeat the dragon on Emerald Isle:
Just before you leave the island, it is worth trying to kill the dragon. Make sure everyone has the Bow skill, then enter the cave. Shoot the dragon a few times and run to the far end of the cave. Quicksave the game and continue. Keep saving and loading until you kill the dragon. It takes a long time, but it works. You can get plenty of treasure and gold from a dragon. Note: Sometimes the monster does not disappear when you collect treasure. If this happens, immediately save the game and keep collecting. You can get unlimited treasure if you save and load.

Shoot blasters quickly:
To shoot the blasters very quickly, you need to have either an expert ranking in Dagger, or a master ranking in Sword, You also need to have the Armsmaster skill. Put the Blaster in the primary hand, and either the Dagger or the Sword in the other hand. You need to have a very high number (about 30 or 40 ) in Armsmaster. The game gets confused and cuts the recovery time on the blaster from 30 to 0, and the firing rate is instant. You can fire four times in turn-based mode, or continuously in real time.

Easy relics and artifacts:
Wait until the end of the game before killing Wromthrax the Heartless. When you are able to kill dragons with ease, go to his cave and rest while the color around your portrait is yellow. After doing this about five times, there will be some green dragons along with Wromthrax. The dragons will only appear if Wromthrax is still alive.

First, kill a dragon such as Wromthrax. Go over to its body, and save the game. Then, click on the dragon’s dead body. It will probably do the normal thing and make a money sound, tell you the type of item, and disappear, However, it may do something different and special. It will make the money sound, tell you what kind of item you got, then stay there. When this happens, stop, save the game again, and click on the dragon. If you can do this to the first dragon in the game, the rest of the game becomes much easier.

Permanent zombie status glitch:
Allow any character(s) to die (i.e. the portrait at the bottom of the adventure screen turns into a tombstone), but no more than three at a time. Go to a temple at one of the following locations to resurrect your slain character(s): Deyja Moors, The Pit, or Mount Nighon. This will raise the fallen as a normal zombie (i.e. personality drop, mind immunity, “zombie” status, continual HP drop, etc.) Before doing the next step, its strongly recommended that you go to a bank and deposit all your money. Go out and let the entire party die. After the intermission sequence when you are in Harmondale, any character(s) who were not cured of the zombie status will be listed as in good condition without any of the negative side effects, but their portraits, voices, and inventory images will be those of zombies. The effect is permanent, and can only be remedied by loading a previous save.

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