PS3 Cheats

Mortal Kombat II Cheats

Disable throwing:
To disable throwing when you are playing against a human opponent, hold D HP on both controllers.

Play pong:
To play pong, play until you reach the 250th battle. You’ll receive a message that you are entering another dimension. Earn 7 points to continue the game.

Make opponent slide off the spikes:
To make your opponent slide off the spikes, while playing at the ‘Kombat Tomb’, finish your opponent using your character’s fatality move. When the music starts, hold DOWN on both player 1 and player 2’s controllers.

Fight Smoke:
To fight Smoke at Goro’s lair, play a match at ‘The Portal Stage’. When you see Dan Forden appear at the bottom of the screen and yell “Toasty!”, hold DOWN START.

Fight Noob Saibot:
To fight Noob Saibot at Goro’s Lair, win 50 matches in a row in Two-player mode.

Fight Jade:
To fight Jade at Goro’s lair, at the match right before the ‘?’ on the match chart, win one of the rounds using only low kicks and the d-pad.

Random character selection:
To randomly choosecharacters, have player one highlight Liu Kang and have player two highlight Reptile. Then press START UP.

Display top fifteen players:
Press Down during attract mode.

Dan Forden says Oh Wow! easter egg:
To hear Dan Forden say “Oh Wow!”, perform a stage fatality on ‘The Dead Pool Stage’, then hold Down Block.

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