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MotionSports Adrenaline Cheats


Bronze trophies
Motion Sickness – Use Adrenaline Boost 4 times in any one race.
Adrenaline License – Complete your first race in any event.
Risky Bidness – Successfully take the inside lane for all turns on a Mountain Bike track.
Trick Hop – Score over 50,000 points from tricks in a Mountain Bike track.
Window Cleaner – Wave off 20 weapon attacks in the Wingsuit event.
Windbreaker – Use an Adrenaline Boost in a wind zone in the Wingsuit Event.
License To Spill – Nail your opponent with a weapon twice in the same Kite Surf race.
Hot Dog – Perform 3 tricks in a single Kite Surf race.
Arachnosapien – Climb up 10 handholds in 20 seconds in Mountain Climbing.
Hardheaded – Use Adrenaline Power to protect yourself from falling rocks in Mountain Climbing.
Back in One Piece – Finish any Kayak track hitting no more than five rocks, banks or roll obstacles.
Wet Behind the Ears – Roll for a total of 500 meters in the Kayak event.
Rail to the Chief – Perform 3 tricks off of rails in a single Skiing track.
Trickster – Jump, trick

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