Cheat Codes:
Select “Configure” at the launcher, click the “Game” tab, and place a check in the box for “Enable Cheats” before clicking the “OK” button. Then, active the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

1,000 Dinar one time – Inventory – [Ctrl]? ?X
Upgrade selected unit one time – Party – [Ctrl]? ?X
1,000 experience points one time – Character – [Ctrl]? ?X
AI takes over your character – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?[F5]Restore health – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?H
Heal your horse – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?[Shift]? ?H
Damage yourself – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?[F3]Increase all weapon proficiencies – Character – [Ctrl]? ?W
See everything except hideouts – Map – [Ctrl]? ?T
Teleport party – Map – [Ctrl]? ?Left Mouse Button
Knock single enemy unit unconscious – Battle – Hold?[Ctrl]? ?[Shift]?and press?[F4]All enemy troops unconscious – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?[Alt]? ?[F4]All enemies zoomed into unconscious – Battle – [Ctrl]? ?[Shift]? ?[F4]Upgrade all available units to that path – Battle – [Ctrl ]? ?Left Click
Toggle slow motion – – [Ctrl]? ?[F9]
Easy Marksmen formation hint:

When you command marksmen to stand in formation, they will always stand in a single file facing the enemy instead of a single line. To avoid this, use the infantry menu and command them to stand in formation (regardless of whether you actually have infantry units or not). After the command is sent, the marksmen will move according to the more appropriate line formation.

Steam achievements:
Black Mace – Finish the Cossack Hetmanate’s main storyline quest “The Black Mace”.
Bomberman – Kill 50 enemies with grenades.
City Planner – Build three upgrades in a single town/castle you control.
Don’t Die Of Dysentery – Tend to your army’s illnesses, five times, by resting or feeding them.
Dress Up – Customise your mercenaries’ equipment using the mercenary camp.
First Steps – Start any main storyline quest found in the three main factions.
Grand Tzar – Finish the Moscovite Tsardom’s main storyline quest “The False Dmitry”.
Great Trader – You’ve made 1,000,000 thaler from using trade caravans.
Hunker Down – Build a wagon fort from the camp menu.
Knock Knock – Successfully blow a hole in a castle/town wall before a siege.
Lets Take This Outside! – Get in a bar fight.
Lock Stock And 3 Smoking Barrels – Using any firearm; kill 100 enemies.
Na zdorovie! – Buy drinks for everyone at a bar.
Polish Drama – Finish the Polish Commonwealth’s main storyline quest “The Deluge”.
Power Shift – As any faction; conquer the map and eliminate all other factions.
Return Of The Horde – Join the Crimean Khanate and eliminate all other factions.
Summer Fest – Complete the summer feast quest found in any village on the eastern side of the map.
Swedish Scourge – Join the Kingdom of Sweden and eliminate all other factions.
Trader – You’ve made 100,000 thaler from using trade caravans.
Velvet Commander – Keep 10 bundles of velvet in your inventory.
Wheeler Dealer – Earn 3,000 thaler in profit from a single caravan trade.

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