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Mushroom Wars Cheats


Bronze trophies
Theorist – Complete all Tutorials.
Lieutenant – Complete 25% of Campaign Mode.
Colonel – Complete 50% of Campaign Mode.
General – Complete 75% of Campaign Mode.
Extirpator – Complete Campaign Mode in 60 minutes or less.
Vanquisher – Complete Campaign Mode.
Gatherer – Gain 9 different rewards in Campaign Mode.
Amateur – Complete Skirmish on Normal or higher difficulty level.
Comrade – Play 100 Local Multiplayer Matches.
Torch-bearer – Keep 5th morale level for 25 sec in Single Player.
Escapee – In Single Player capture enemy’s village after all own buildings were lost.
Midas – Upgrade the village to the 5th level in Single Player.
Encourager – Send a surge containing 1000 units in Single Player.
Aggressor – Capture 2000 buildings in Single Player.
Blighter – Kill your 32000 units in Single Player.

Silver trophies
Napoleon – Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty level.
Collector – Gain 200 rewards in Campaign Mode.
Ace – Complete Skirmish on Hard difficulty level.

“Online” trophies:

Bronze trophies
Probationer – Become a Probationer.
Winner – Win an online game for 4 players.

Silver trophies

Master – Become a Master.
Fan – Win 100 Ranked Matches.

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