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Pokemon Pearl Cheats

National Dex:
To get the National Dex from Professor Oak, defeat the Elite Four. Alternately, complete your Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all 150 Sinnoh region Pokemon. Then, go to Professor Rowan’s lab and talk to him. Prof Oak will dash in and upgrade it.

Pal Park:
To access Pal Park on Route 221, get the National Dex.

To catch Agunomu, go to Aspiration Lake.

Aipom will evolve into Ambipom when it levels up and knows the move Double Hit. Aipom learns Double Hit at level 32.

To catch Araseus, go to Beginning Dimension.

To catch Azlef, go to Lake Valor after battling and capturing Dialga/Palkia.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Leaf Green in the cartridge slot and search for Caterpie.

Happiny can evolve into Chansey if it is happy with you and you use an Oval Stone on it. If it is happy with you, it will probably evolve into Blissey shortly after it evolves into Chansey.

To get Chatot early in the game, do the following. First, go to the grass in front of the Valley Wind Works and capture a Buizel. Train it to level 14. Then, go to Eterna City. Go into the building to the right of the Pokemart. There will be a boy at the table closest to the bookshelf. Talk to him and he will ask you to trade him your Buizel for his Chatot. Trade with him and you will get a level 14 Chatot.

Chatot Chatter:
Do some exploring and talk to people, and you will eventually encounter someone who says Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select “Chatot”. It will show Chatter along with a summary, switch, etc. Then, press A and record what you want it to say into the DS microphone. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry.


Chingling will only evolve into Chimecho if it is happy with you and it levels up at night.

Change Deoxys form:
If you have a Deoxys and, for example, have speed form but you want attack form, go to Veilstone City. Then, walk east, and go to a meteorite. Talk to your Deoxys and it will change form.

To capture Dialga/Palkia, you will need Rock Climb, Surf, and Strength. Start out with Fighting or Ground type moves; this will cause twice the damage and reduce its HP a lot. Then, use Water, Normal, Electric, or Flying type moves which only do half the damage. Use this technique to get its HP to the red, then throw Pokeballs at it.

You will encounter a Dialga/Palkia at some point in the game; you can find one at Spear Pillar. If you fail to catch him the first time, visit Sandgem Town. You will find Lucas standing in front of the Pokemon Lab. Check with him regularly, and he will tell you when Dialga/Palkia has reappeared.

To catch Drifloon the balloon Pokemon, go to Valley Windworks on Friday during the day after you have defeated Team Galactic. This can be done multiple times. Drifloon is a Ghost/Flying-type; Drifloon evolves into Drifblim at level 28.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red in the cartridge slot and search for Elekid in the Power Plant.

Meet at Trust Lake, then go to Shino and look in the grass. Emuritto will appear.

To get a Gengar, you will need another DS with a Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game. Get the Haunter from the top-left house in Snowpoint City for a Medicham. These are found outside Lake Acuity. Then, using both games, trade the Haunter for something else. When you trade, the Haunter will become a Gengar. Trade back and you will have a Gengar.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Emerald in the cartridge slot and search for Gligar.

To catch Hiidoran, go to Hard Mountain.

Meet at Full Moon Island, then go to Shino and look in the grass. Kureseria will appear.

Evolving Lickitung:
To evolve Lickitung, migrate one into Pokemon Pearl that knows Rollout; then level it up.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Sapphire in the cartridge slot and search for Lotad.

Riolu will only evolve into Lucario if it is happy with you and it levels up in the day time.

Lucario egg:
After getting a mysterious egg from Riley, you need to complete a couple steps for it to hatch. Clear your step counter and move 6,535 steps to make it hatch.


Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Leaf Green in the cartridge slot and search for Magby in Hard Mountain.

Transfer the egg from Pokemon Ranger; 2,560 steps to hatch.

Mesprit can be found at Lake Verity after battling and capturing Dialga/Palkia.

To evolve Feebas into a Milotic, raise its Beauty stat for the Pokemon Contests up to almost full. Use the best Poffins possible that raise Beauty. Then, level it up and it should evolve into Milotic. If it does not, raise its Beauty.

Mime Jr.:

To get Mime Jr., trade it from Pokemon Diamond. Alternately, talk to the person in the Pokemon Mansion after you get the National Dex. A random rare Pokemon will appear every day. One of them may be Mime Jr.

Mr. Mime:
Mime Jr. will evolve into Mr. Mime when it levels up and knows the Mimic move. Mime Jr. learns Mimic at level 18.

To catch Parukia, go to Spear Pillar.

Pichu with Volt Tackle:

To get an egg with a Pichu with Volt Tackle, breed a female Pikachu holding a Light Orb with a male Clefairy.


After helping Riley in Iron Island Cave and defeating the two Team Galactic Grunts, he will give you an egg. The egg will hatch after 6,391 steps and contains a level 1 Riolu.

To catch Shemei, go to Flower Elysim to catch Shemei.


Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Ruby in the cartridge slot and search for Solrock.

To catch Spiritomb, who is a Ghost-Dark type Pokemon with no weakness and immunity to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic type attacks, go to Route 208. Talk to the person with the headband just south of where you enter the route. He will give you the Odd Keystone. Go to Route 209 south of Solaceon Town. Place the Odd Keystone in the fissure in the ground that resembles a small volcano, which is actually called the Hallowed Tower. Then, talk to 32 people in the underground. Hikers will not count. However, you can have one friend with the game go into the underground, talk to your friend, go up, then back down 32 times. The Hallowed Tower will be restored. Go inside to catch a Spiritomb.


Bonsly will evolve into Sudowoodo when it levels up and knows the Mimic move. Bonsly learns Mimic at level 17.

To catch Unowns, get some Dusk Balls, and go to Solaceon Town. Head west up the top, then enter the cave. Enter and walk around to find lots of Unowns. Use a Dusk Ball to catch them.

Uxie is found at Lake Acuity after battling and capturing Dialga/Palkia.

Only female Combees will evolve into Vespiquen.

Have your Sneasel holding the Razor Claw item, which can be found near the back of Victory Road. Then, level it up. As long as it is holding the item, it will evolve into a Weavile.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red in the cartridge slot and search for Weedle.


To catch Yukishii, go to Wisdom Lake.

Pokemon available after National Dex:
After getting the National Dex, you can get the following Pokemon:

Magnezone (#462) – Catch or import a Magenemite, then get it to Magneton at level 30. Go to Mt. Coronet. Level your Magneton, and it will evolve.

Rhyperior (#464) – Get a Rhydon by leveling a Rhyhorn (Route 227 and Stark Mountain) or catch Rhydon (Routes 227, 228, and Stark Mountain). Then, trade it while it holds the item Protector. It will evolve into Rhyperior.

Magmortar (#467) – Import Magby or Magmar, or catch Magby on Route 227 or Stark Mountain with Pokemon Leaf Green in your DS. Trade Magmar while holding Magmarizer to get Magmortar.

Togekiss (#468) – Import Togepi or Togetic, or catch Togepi on the small island on Route 230 using Pokeradar. It is rare but easily caught with Max Repels. Use a Shiny Stone on your Togetic to get Togekiss.

Rotom (#479) – Go to Eterna Forest, and enter the Old Chateau. Find the television that is flashing, and interact with it until it asks you if you want to thwump the television. Do so, and Rotom will apear. There is only one, and it is level 15. Either bring low levels or very high ones, and just use Ultra Balls.

Heatran (#485) – After getting the National Dex and defeating the Elite Four, go to Stark Mountain. Go inside the mountain, and travel with Buck. Go to the end of the mountain, and he will take the Magma Stone. Exit the cave, and fly to the Staging Area. Go inside one of the normal houses, and talk to Buck. He will return the stone. Go back to Stark Mountain, and go to where Buck took the Magma Stone. Heatran will be there. It is level 70 and is a Fire-Steel type. Its final move is at level 96.

Regigigas (#486) – Import all three Regis from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Have all three in your party, and fly to Snowpoint City. Go into the temple there, and make it to the basement. Regigigas will be waiting there at level 70. It is a Normal-type and very strong, but has one major drawback. Its Slow Start ability cuts its Attack and Speed in half for five turns after each time it is switched into battle. Its final attack is at level 100. For Isgiga Impact, just buy the TM if desired. Go to the Move Tutor, and Regigigas can learn all the punches.

Giratina (#487) – After getting the National Dex and defeating the Elite Four, go to the Spring Path off Route 214 that opened up. Go into the cave, and find your way to Giratina. It is a level 70 Ghost-Dragon type with powerful stats and moves. It learns Lucario’s Aura Sphere for its final move at level 90.

Cresselia (#488) – Go to Canalave City, then go into Sailor Eldritch’s house. There will be a boy in a bed and a woman. Talk to both of them, and Sailor Eldritch will ask if you want to sail to Full Moon Island. Do so, then go deep into the island and look at Cresselia. It runs off, and you must use the Marking Map Poketch to find and capture it as if it were Mesprit. It is a level 50 Psychic type and has surprisingly good stats all around for a level 50. It learns three signature moves at levels 66, 75, and 84. Its final move is Psychic at level 99.

Phione (#489) – Hatch an egg transferred from Pokemon Ranger. Raise Manaphy, then breed it to get Phione. Phione does not evolve into Manaphy. It is a moderate Pokemon in terms of stats. Rain Dance is its final move at level 69. It learns many typical Water-type moves, being a Water-type.

Darkrai (#491) – Darkrai is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. Use the item, then sleep in some hotel. You will wake up on an island, and you then can try to catch Darkrai. This Pokemon is extremely powerful. Its ability causes one eighth health damage every turn to sleeping enemies. Its final move is at level 93, Dark Pulse; but its best move is Dark Void. It puts both enemy Pokemon to sleep with 90% accuracy.

Shaymin (#492) – Shaymin is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. Use the item to go to Flower Paradise to find Shaymin. You must capture it there. Shaymin has average stats but is a strong support Pokemon for duo battles. Its final move is Seed Flare at level 100. This is a moderately good Grass-type Pokemon.

Arceus (#493) – Arceus is only obtained through a hack or a special item from a licensed Nintendo event. If you get this item, go to Spear Pillar’s Hall Of Origin, and use it. It will produce a staircase. Save the game before you reach the top. Once you reach the top, you must battle. This is one of the highest level legendaries since Pikachu in Pokemon Red. It is either level 80 or 90. It has very good stats and is a Normal-type. Its ability allows it to change type, based on what Plate it is holding. For example, if it holds Dragon Plate, it is a Dragon-type. Its final skill is at 100, Judgment. Judgment’s type is based on what plate you have equipped. It does 100 with 100 ACC and 10 PP.

Get all Pokemon:
To get all Pokemon without using the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games, Nintendo WiFi is needed. In Jubilife City is a Worldwide Trade Station. Go in and talk to a person at the desk; say “Yes” to everything. You will then be in a strange looking place. You will automatically go to a computer where you can search for the Pokemon you want. However, you must to trade a Pokemon they want to get the Pokemon you want.

Easy National Dex Pokemon:

To easily get National Dex Pokemon, visit Lucas’ or Dawn’s little sister in Sandgem Town. Every day she will tell you where a certain National Dex Pokemon is swarming at a certain route. There is different Pokemon information every day.

Easy experience:

To easily gain experience, spend money on any desired item. Then, go to the Pokemon League and fight the Elite Four until you lose. You will have gained, then lost a small amount of money, but your Pokemon might have leveled up. If not, level up. You can buy a lot of Revives and Potions to use to get to the last of the Elite Four and they might just be level up.

Hatching eggs quickly:

If you have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability in your party, it will cut the hatch time in half.

If you have a Pokemon egg and are waiting for it to hatch, it will hatch after 10,250 steps. The best place to get a lot of steps is in Amity Square. By doing this, you are able to collect something from the Pokemon that you are walking after every 200 steps.

In Solaceon Town, get on the far right side of the path next to the Pokecenter. Then, ride your bike in the fastest gear up and down until you hit a tree or mountain and repeat. You must have done at least 400 steps each “lap” to get an egg to hatch more quickly.

Hatching female Pokemon:
If you hatch an egg in Floaroma Town, it will always be a female unless it is a male only or genderless Pokemon, like Magnemite and Tauros.

Evolving Pokemon by trading:
To easily evolve Pokemon that can only be evolved by trading is to use the Global Trade Station . Fly to Jubilife City, and go to the Global Trade Station. Talk to the woman at the counter, save the game, and enter. Select “Deposit”, then deposit the Pokemon that you wish to evolve. Request a Pokemon that is great such as level 100 female Piplups. Seek a desired Pokemon. Once you have found any Pokemon that you can trade for, trade it. After you have successfully made a trade, go to “Summary”, and take back your Pokemon. As soon as they come back, they will evolve, just like when someone trades them to you. This trick will work on all Pokemon that evolves by trades.

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