PSP Cheats

Pursuit Force Cheats

Deflective Armor:
To unlock the Deflective Armor, beat “The Big Game” mission against the Killer 66 gang and reach the “Major” rank.

Cheat mode:
Activate the following cheats by completing different levels in Career mode with an “A” rank. The more “A” ranks you have, the more cheats will be unlocked. Select “Options” at the main menu. Then, select the “Cheats” option to toggle the cheats. Enabling cheats will disable high scores and rewards:

Big Wheels – Big wheels and propellers.
Invincibility – Become invincible.
Iron Man (13 “A” ranks) – Half health.
Laser Law – All police weapons shoot blue lasers, others shoot red lasers.
Law Lord – Full Justice at all times.
Open Road – No civilian traffic.
Reoffender – Double the loss on all negative justice.
Speed – Increases your speed.
Sticky Feet – Cannot be thrown out of vehicles.
Wild Water – Water is always choppy.

Time Trial mode vehicles:
Unlock the following vehicles in Time Trial mode by completing the corresponding levels with an “A” rank during the Capelli missions:

Hampton Avenger – Rat Race level
Hampton Monte Cristo – Rat Race level
JME Marlin – Cold Contract level
JME Otter IV – Witness Protection level
KMT Seareaver – Cold Contract level
Zephyr ATS Law Enforcer – Don The Run level

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