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Puzzle Agent Cheats


Bronze trophies
‘Checking Out.’ – Overcame your fear of Scoggin’ hidden people and stay on the case.
‘The Cold Will Creep Right Up On Ya.’ – Talked to Scruffman after seeing the unseeable outside of the diner.
‘Yeah, I’m into some stuff.’ – Helped Steve with his shipping problems.
Crossword Double Cross – Thwarted Sheriff Bahg.
Hot Dish – Check into Valda’s Inn
Hvor er Olav Welhavven? – Took a transdimensional space voyage.
Your Tax Dollars at Work – Submitted a successful puzzle answer on the first try while in the field.

Silver trophies
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity and Madness – Completed the case and saw into the maw of madness.
Kicked the Habit – Completed the case without chewing a piece of gum.
The Professional – Closed the case with the rank of ‘Puzzle Agent.’
Thorough Investigation – Complete every puzzle in Scoggins.

Gold trophy
Perfect Puzzle Agent – Agent, you never submitted a wrong answer.

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