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Rune Factory Oceans Cheats


Bronze trophies
Island Raiser – Use the Plant Golem to raise an island out of the sea.
Salvager – Successfully salvage 10 times.
Veteran Salvager – Successfully salvage 20 times.
Master Salvager – Successfully salvage 30 times.
Rock Hard Riddle – Get to the bottom of why Sprout Island turned to stone.
Monster Slayer – Defeat 100 monsters.
Monster Destroyer – Defeat 500 monsters.
Monster Executioner – Defeat 1500 monsters.
Giant Slayer – Defeat 10 giant monsters.
Giant Destroyer – Defeat 20 giant monsters.
Crafter – Successfully craft an item.
Veteran Crafter – Successfully craft 300 items.
Failed Chef – Fail at cooking one time.
Insomniac – Stay awake until you collapse at 5AM and have to be carried home.
Angler – Successfully land a fish.
Veteran Angler – Successfully land 300 fish.
Jump Master – Perform a double-jump 500 times.
Trophies 101 – Listen to Marpudding’s explanation about Trophies.
Water Temple Cleared – With the help of Iris, lift the curse of stone from the Water Temple.
Fire Temple Cleared – With the help of Odette, lift the curse of stone from the Fire Temple.
Earth Temple Cleared – With the help of Lili, lift the curse of stone from the Earth Temple.

Silver trophy
Island Savior – Raise all of the islands out of the sea.
That Which Monsters Fear – Defeat 3000 monsters.
That Which Monsters Flee – Defeat 5000 monsters.
Giant Executioner – Defeat 30 giant monsters.
Professional Crafter – Successfully craft 800 items.
Most Popular – Draw the good will of many residents in the village.
Professional Angler – Successfully land 1000 fish.
Overmedicated – Consume 100 recovery drinks.
Undermedicated – Catch a cold 100 times.
True Hero – Win a battle in the colloseum.
Plant Golem Repairman – Find out what’s wrong with the Plant Golem and get it working again.
Native Giant Defeated – Defeat the Native Giant.

Gold trophies
Master Crafter – Successfully craft 1500 items.
Master Angler – Successfully land 2000 fish.
Behind the Mask – See the true face of the man in the mask.
Immortal – Achieve repeat victories in the colloseum.

Platinum trophy
Rune Factory Master – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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