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The Spiderwick Chronicles Cheats

Stray Sods:
There are three Stray Sods located in the field in Forest Road and five more in the Deep Woods. To catch a Sod, run circles around it to make it dizzy.

Cave Knockers:
Simon is the only character that can find Knockers. To get the first one in the cave at the Qaurry, extinguish the lava using you Splattergun. There is another one at the end of the Cellar Tunnels. Throw a Boomstone at the crystal to get the Knocker

Antique Saber:
To unlock the Antique Saber, go to the bars with the alternating currents when you have Thimbletack’s Jack. Go to the third bar, run to the left, and follow the platform behind you until you find a hook you can use to aim your jack. Swing to the other side to unscrew the Antique Saber.

After catching a faerie, you must paint it in order to record it in the Field Guide. There will be a time limit so do not spend too much time painting small details or else the paint will start to spread over it. After recording a faerie, you will not have to paint it again the next time you catch it.

The River Troll:
On your way to the Quarry to rescue Simon, yuou will encounter a River Troll who will not let you cross. Make sure you record the Will o’ the Wisp. In order to cross the river, feed it ten Goblins and it will fall asleep. Alternatively, you can turn it into stone by using Simons Splattergun to push it into the sunlight.

Tree Folk:
The Cypress Tree folk are located in the middle of the pond in the Deep Woods. It will teleport you to the Griffin’s perch. The Oak Tree Folk are also located in the Deep Woods. They are blocked by brown bushes that are guarded by a Stray Sod. It will lead you to the end of the Cellar Tunnels.

Redcap’s hat:
After defeating Mulgarath, you will need to bring Hogsqueal Redcap’s hat. To do this, switch to Jared and then talk to Hogsqueal. The Redcap’s hat is located in the kitchen.

Pond Skater Sprites:

To get the Pond Skater Sprites, after entering the Forest Road from the Mansion, continue straight until you reach a pond that is blocked by a log. You can catch the Pond Skater there. The other Pond Skaters are located at the ponds in the Deep Forest and at the bottom of the Quarry.

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